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  1. Saying enough is enough and time to stand up, as 3 girls have been brain washed in to islam i replied with vote bnp it wont be passing this tx on i deleted it.
  2. photos lead to idol worship. we have no idea if Guru sahib looked like that most of these pictures look the same. people making money out of blind faith.
  3. "Religious people and leaders of Religious institutes never really tell the sangat about real Sikhi, cos if the sangat knew rea Sikhi these people would never make any money"
  4. Other than prove that many Sikh guys are dunce when it comes to debate. How did the guy make the brother look dumb? People should REALLY be careful when using Janam Sakhis as historical evidence. I bet the guy said something like, "if he moved Mecca, how comes no one else noticed?" Muslims place a big thing on miracles like that as evidence of God's presence. Had Guru Nanak really did that, I think many of the people there would have recognised him as a holy man. Dr Niak didn’t make the brother look dumb he did it himself. I have scene many of Dr Niak talks. I have always wanted a Sikh t
  5. More than a scholar a student of comparative religion. He can quote from various scriptures. I saw a Sikh Brother, ask him a question about Guru Nanak at Mecca , he replied with, its possible he went to Mecca, in a chup charp manner (quietly not drawing attention) Dr Niak didn’t say Guru Nanak was a Muslim. It was the brother showed himself up in front of a few 100 people when brought up the kaba-moving story. Dr Niak is highly educated but cunning and sly , like say don’t trust them nor get close to them.
  6. U.k and U.S are one i have to follow my country. Anti war prostesting should be banned.
  7. interesting video examing a similar thing http://youtube.com/watch?v=J1qmFEujEtk
  8. Following the reports of Malicious, Profane and Decisive Programme aired on ZeeTv network defaming SIKH panth and its followers, WORLD KHALSA YOUTH ORGANIZATION requests all GURU SANGAT to Boycott ZeeTV from their subscription packages. Above mentioned resolution against predisposed, abusive and debasing attitude formulated in the programme "DESH DROHI" (TRAITORS) is justified in accordance with GURMAT. Preposterous & vituperative statements were used throughout the program in attempt to malice the image of Sikh people throughout the world . Sikhs living in other Indian states were bran
  9. One word lacking in the thread above, "God Conciseness"
  10. yeh but i think we should be far removed from the word asain as poss.
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