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  1. I look down on hypocrit Singhs who get up to whatnot behind closed doors but outside they all "chardi kala" *rolls his eyes*
  2. Any living being, including us humans, can: - live without food for up to a month (Dharti = Earth, where food comes from) - live without water for a couple of days (Paani = water) - live without air..? Never (Pawan = air) So Guru Ji is showing the importance of Guru.. A Gursikh cannot exist at all without the true Guru. That's one translation of it.. I'm sure there are many that vidhvaan's amongst us can share with us.
  3. Hm so from what I understand: You feel a lack of motivation You compare yourself negatively compared to others Have you also: Noticed a change in appetite? Felt down for over 2 weeks? Find it hard to concentrate? Notice any change in sleep? If so PM me or see a doctor.. It could be something you can get fixed my fellow brother/sister
  4. Most people I've seen who seem slightly allergic to Rakhri etc are the ones who tend to rely on other for "quotes and references" from Guru Granth Sahib Ji.. - An observation (albeit slightly rude)
  5. You're right brother, we can't just blame genetics or body types or anything. The way forward is to stop making excuses and keep trying with good research and hard work!
  6. South Asians have a higher fat:muscle ratio. They also have smaller bones.. Hence South Asians have increased chances of heart disease etc ata lower BMI compared to others. Afro-Carribeans have a lower fat:muscle ratio.. ie: more muscle than fat and bigger boned. So at higher BMI's they have lower risk of CHD etc compared to that of Asians. Caucasians are like... inbetween So technically, we're born to be big and fat :\ Oh yeah, then you have the 3 body types.. Ectomorph (patla jeha) - find it really hard to gain weight Mesomorph (hatha katha) - can alter weight easily - athletic type
  7. Sorry.. Why does it sound like fordcapri is trying to analyse Guru Nanak Dev Ji like Muslims have analysed Muhammad? :S This whole "opinion on economy, socio-politics etc" reminds me of when Muslims say how Islam is "allrounded" by discussing things like that, whereas all they did was limit their ideology to their own logic. ..being the devil's advocate
  8. I don't know about anyone else.. I personally felt quite saddened by it..
  9. Isn't the above list of dwaars (doors?) whereas indirian are different..? 5 Gian Indrian and 5 Karam Indrian Gian: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, Touch Karam: Do not have a clue
  10. Ok this might cause offence but.. I actually felt good reading it .. :S http://www.badassoftheweek.com/email-sikhism.html
  11. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is the living Sikh Guru that no-one listens to. But Guru Ji is patient, he keeps blessing his Sikhs, and giving them the answers to all their questions, whether they listen or not. The least respected but highest of highest teacher
  12. It's quite amusing to see the "scientific" one is unable to spell properly in a serious topic Anywho.. Please read the baani "Jyon Jyon Naama Har Gun Ucharai, Bhagat Jana ko Dehura Firrai" Please read gurbani and please do some research before trying to advocate that Sikhi doesn't do this or believe that.
  13. topic started was about religious freedom but other ppl talking about freedom for anything regardless.. er... =S
  14. Revolutionary


    Once we stop limiting Sikhi to our literal logic then we'll understand
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