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  1. So, umm, I'm lying to this board so I can ride over the hill and slaughter you? I'm not quite clear what you're even getting at here. Hopefully such a comparison sounds asinine even to you. For such a long message, you said very little, though, so it's hard to tell. I'm sorry I took Nanak's words about the unity of god and the unity of man beneath god as inspirational. Silly me, I guess I don't have the right to do that since I don't wear a turban and speak Punjabi. If you don't trust Muslims, that's your business I suppose. I've always thought the attitude "I was born into large heterogen
  2. Would the curiculum at a Sikh school be different? Or would it just be a similar school, but for Sikhs?
  3. Very cool. I'd like to know more about this guy.
  4. Oh man...If Pakistani Muslims do believe some of the stuff on that list, well, that's sad. Unfortunately there are many conspiracy-minded Muslims who have all kinds of weird theries about Sikhs/Jews/Whoever. Of course, we are not alone in this (I've heard some bizarre stories about Muslims in both conversation and the American press) but admittedly, it's a bigger problem in our community than elsewhere. I found the "If is Sikh pulls out his kirpan he/she MUST use it" a bit humorous because most kirpans I've seen weren't made for combat and would be useless for cutting vegetables, let alone bu
  5. LimeyGuptKuar Well, I'm glad that you showed me that Sikhs can be as stupid and pig headed as Muslims. I could point out verses from your own sources where Nanak himself talks positively about Muslims, but why bother? Don't want me poking around if I'm tentative about joining your little club straight off? Great to know. Really, you're a credit to your faith.
  6. And I already explained why it was a retarded thing to say in the first place. I looked at that site and I'm not going to go over it point by point (I'm here to learn about Sikhi, not to convert others to Islam), I spotted many misrepresentations, mis-attributions, and eye-rollers like "Muslims should consider themselves lucky to have such a beautiful path offered to them. It is for their own benefit to give up the incomplete and imperfect religion of Islam and adopt the Sikh way of life." But please do 'stand by' a statement that makes no sense and throw hatemongering propaganda my way. T
  7. Singstah Have I argued with anyone here at any point? No. I asked for my own edification because, duh, I don't know. Paranoid much? I do like that I've come on here with sincere questions and already had a couple of members accuse me of lying and plotting. See, Sikhs I've met in real life don't act like this generally, so I wonder if you're the minority or if it's just an internet thing, where people get mouthier and irresponsible as they have less and less accountability. For all the Americans who have called me a towel-head, savage, etc online, it never happens when I'm out in public even i
  8. UGK Look, I do not claim to be an expert on what the Gurus transmitted, but I have been studying it. I guess according you that means...I should be a Sikh now or I'm a rejecter or....I've heard the same excuse from Muslims who want to scream at anyone investigating Islam who doesn't want to dive right into it without exploration. I have my doubts to what extent you have studied Islam, because I'm so used to Islam-bashing Christians going online with a few quotes they got from Robert Spencer's website and claiming to be experts on Qu'ran and hadith even when they confuse the two. I see differe
  9. The same attitude is usually present in Muslims who talk trash on Sikhs. Every group has its "enlightened beings".
  10. That's the ceremony whereby one becomes a Khalsa, right?
  11. Peace I think this is probably more of a South-Asian cultural conflict than anything. While most Muslims, of course, view Islam as truth (as almost anyone does with their religion) I think the vast majority of non-Desi Muslims probably have no specific designs on Sikhs. I still believe in Muhammad's revelation but now I also believe in Guru Nanak's message; I would never try to convert you, I have enough to work out on my own If a non-Sikh reads Guru Nanak Dev ji's message (Gurmat meaning Guru ji's divine teaching) they will surely notice a vast difference in their own religious teaching
  12. Harmeet, Yeah, religion is not a gang/nationalist thing to me. I just want to make the most of this life and know god as much as possible, inshallah. Kharku And you as well.
  13. That's interesting. I listen to Hip Hop but it's usually pretty conscious stuff, not gats and bling type of stuff, e.g. Dilated Peoples, Brother Ali, Lupe Fiasco, Blueprint, RJD2, etc etc. In Islam maybe half the ulema say no music, several more say nothing with strings, some say only Islamic singing, a significant minority say music is okay. I knew Sikhs used music but was not clear to what extent it was okay to listen to non-canon music.
  14. Kharku Still figuring that out. I have heard wisdom from them as well and respect Gobind Singh as I respect all brave and principled warriors. Mehtab What does that mean? I don't know Punjabi. Harmeet, I am from San Diego but have lived all over the world. This happened in the Bay Area though. Don't ask me which gurdwara, I don't know :s
  15. I was just young and dumb and liked to travel and get in trouble (still do sometimes, but I'm smarter about it now). I ended up in a situation where I was not like, homeless per se but low on money and without a permanent place to crash, and I discovered a Gurdwara by accident when I asked a Sikh in a turban what the signifigance of the stuff he was wearing. He invited me to come eat with them and I did and, um, yeah. That was it. But it wasn't til recently I was willing to unambiguously embrace Nanak as a messenger of God.
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