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  1. I think it's just a question of fashion. Eg. dumalla and gol dastaar (round-shaped dastaar) are worn both by women and men. So yes, a woman can wear the same style as men, and vice versa.
  2. i think what the topic starter means is how to tie dastaar (and keski) in a way that it can be "opened", so that the panj piaare can sprinkle the kesh with amrit. when i took amrit, i just tied it normally, though it took some effort to get my kesh uncovered and the dastaar ended up a complete mess after that, not that it mattered.. i have no answer to the question though, you could probably figure it out just by trying.
  3. I've ordered dastaar material from both places. If you're in the US, you might get it faster from gosikh.com since they ship from California. I ordered malmal from there once and it took ages to ship (it seems that they've improved on this lately though). And you could just ask for 10 meters. About sikhstuff.com... the first time i made an inquiry, i didn't get any reply and ended up not ordering. The second time they were extremely helpful and shipped everything really quickly. So i guess it all depends on luck!
  4. So far the only book I've found found on the language of Gurbani is The Sacred Language of the Sikhs by Christopher Shackle (he's also compiled a Guru Nanak Glossary with all the words used in Guru Nanak Dev jee's bani). You can find it on amazon most of the time. It's an academic textbook, so you need to know something about basic grammar terms and also know how to read Gurmukhi beforehand.
  5. There are some self-study books with audio, apparently the Colloquial Panjabi is the best one. You can find it on amazon. And yeah, if you have a punjabi speaking wife/fiance (or if you have friends who speak punjabi), get some book and read the lessons with her.
  6. I believe that a person of any religion (or even without any religion at all) can reach God and be liberated if they do simran (remembrance of the Timeless and Formless God)... In that sense all religions are the same. If you read the holy scriptures of different religions, and especially books and poetry written by the saints and mystics in different traditions, the core message is amazingly similar in all of them! So what you said seems 100% correct to me.
  7. Shaving, trimming, whatever... it's all no-no for both guys and girls. Let's cherish our beautiful natural bodies the way God created them.. why would someone want to remove something that vibrates with NAAM?
  8. The symbol is called the "Flower of life" and it appears in many different cultures (including India)... I doubt that the British illuminati put it there! here's the wikipedia article for it... http://en.wikipedia..../Flower_of_Life here's also a bit better image.. http://www.flickr.co...ket/1624296685/
  9. Gurbani makes it quite clear that wherever, whenever, however, whoever chants Naam it's always the better! As for dancing for spiritual purposes, there's a slight difference between dancing of joy while singing naam and a hindu woman performing a dance to please a stone statue.
  10. I'd be interested in that sort of thing too, but haven't really found out about any either.. i know that the 3ho has something like that going on in EspaƱola and maybe elsewhere, but i'd prefer something with more sikhi and less kundalini yoga. Here's the website for their ashram if you're interested.. http://www.espanolaashram.com/pages/ I wonder if there are any Gursikh communities like that in India? I'm thinking of a community where you could do agricultural or some other basic work in exchange for food and accommodation and have the chance to learn about Gurbani, Punjabi, keertan, gatka
  11. It can be a sign of lactose intolerance. Stop drinking milk and eating milk products for a couple of days and see if it helps.
  12. I don't understand how Sri Akal Takht could have based its view on Gurmat, since Guru Sahib says nothing about homosexuality. In my world, homosexuals have the right to marry and live just as anybody else. Sexual orientation is totally irrelevant if we view the marriage as a linkage between two souls. Gays and lesbians just happen to feel harmony with the people of the same sex. If Vaaheguroo made some people feel attracted to the opposite gender, and some people attracted to the same gender, then who are we to say what is right or wrong? Homosexual can change their orientation just as
  13. The only place where I've really had trouble was in Brussels earlier this year. It's the only time I've ever had to tie off my dastaar and keski, usually when i say that it's a religious wear, they are okay with it, but it didn't work that time.. maybe i could have talked my way out of it, but i was in a hurry for my next flight. They had some cubicle thing where to go, but i just untied it in front of everyone, as a protest, i guess. At Schiphol i've got my bags randomly checked, and the security people may feel your turban with their hands. All the other airports i've been to in europe hav
  14. There was a picture in a science magazine about what Jesus probably looked like, ie. average jewish guy with curly black hair. I've seen pictures of black and asian looking Jesus too, every nation wants to own him. In any case, he always has longish hair and beard.
  15. Here's a summary of the talk written by Bhai Manvir Singh Khalsa jee! http://manvirsingh.b...aur-khalsa.html
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