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  1. whoah whoah SRK RULES!!!

  2. Hey your picture is amazing. Love it!!

  3. lolz Jodhaa Akbar.

    Hi ji ;)

  4. LOL I didnt think there were other ways, sorry I forgot you must do yours the desi way with the milk bottle! :lol: Whats wrong with the milk bottle ? :rolleyes:
  5. hi

    sorry i hardly check these messages...lol

  6. Leh :D everyones getting in a tiff. Wear a sweat band over your kara or put it in your pocket. Only the person who does the actual action can tell the difference. From what we see it is Right or Wrong. We can reflect our views and tell the person. But their are some people who listen but dont act and some who listen and take the words to the heart. Do what you think is Right not wrong. :vaheguru:
  7. :lol: thought you said swear band is was lyke :o Yh i fink a swear band is fine
  8. Hey i actually do havv a sarbloh kara :rolleyes: leh " fat sarbloh one " lolz ...
  9. Bobby Friction as a young child was a good sikh boy with a gutti but then as he grew up he finally found out who he was an " asain british" <_< . His style is corrupted no offence but with this issue on him i fink he really needs to get a grip with his stupid spiky hair in all.
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