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  1. Guru Gobind singh ji was a nihnag seems to be the truth which is not going down well with lot of people on here. believe what you want really, but look at what guru gibind singh ji told his fujis to wear and what he himself practiced as well. looks very close to what nihangs wear today. no? these days people have changed a lot in sikhism and i believe the stronest sense of what sikhi is can be found with TRUE nihangs. For instance how many people practice the correct ardas which is from Chandi di // or the one which was changed after 1947??? I know which a lot of true nihangs follow. Im no nihang but if i want to learn tradition or historical truths i know where i personally would go. I m talking in refrence to real Nihangs here not nangs. thank you.
  2. I think a lot of people have not been able to clue the plot very well so here is my version of how I think it happened and remember people this is my opinion only. As Parmer stated in his alleged confession the plot was by Bindawala’s nephew- who is alleged to be Indian government agent – hence why we/book/parmer state the government is behind it. The nephew approached Rait who got parmer involved. The plot was to blow up the planes on the run way when empty in London Heathrow. Never happened like that as we all know. When Parmer learns of the fact that Roda- bindrawalas nephew is an agent it’s all too late and parmer has been entered into a web of deceit. Parmer can’t make it public as cant rait so nothing gets said. This is why parmer states clearly that India government is behind it. Before Parmer is executed by Punjab police he venomously and vigorously lays the blame with rode and Indian government his confession is destroyed (due to it being true and blaming the government) or so everyone thinks until years later one of the police officers produces evidence of the confession. The confession has been accepted by the inquiry into this affair. So at the end of my plot the government has played Parmer. He knows this keeps quite but publicly states the Government are behind it. Always keep in mind he knew he was going to become a martyr when he came to fight in Punjab and take over as leader of BK. If he was compromised by the government into becoming an agent he would have lived some where and be around today! Like many others! This is some where around the truth of the matter- I think- no one can confirm apart from Mr Rode who is alive and well in Pakistan lets all go over and ask!!!
  3. Bob i always talk the truth you just like to see your version of events when they suit you, i like to think of myself as independent from all free from bias!!
  4. that makes the book true? it adds to plot i agree but thats all!
  5. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=n85fC5FY65U&...feature=related
  6. who had lot of money back then?? are you making refrence to india? please clarify
  7. tec9

    Gangster Sikhs

    plenty of punjabi drug dealers in UK,
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talwinder_Singh_Parmar
  9. got to say he is letting offf some nice 12 bores in video, all he needs to do is saw off the barrel
  10. I am in agreement that ajaib singh bagri made them comments- 50,000 Hindus to be killed- however he did work hand in hand with Parmer in starting up Babber Khalsa International and was a key player with Parmer. I can never recall any statements or speeches made by Parmer to distance himself. Parmer himself made many speeches stating anyone who travelled with the Air India was committing suicide (search on inter net he made them while in Pakistan to a news paper). The air line is owned by India goverment. I am sorry to burst any ones bubble here the reason that Parmer was not prosecuted was due to the fact that the phones taps were ruled inadmissible as evidence so they could not be omitted hence Parmer walking free. He and Rait had many incriminating conversations not regarding the flight but making the bombs that were used for the blasts. I agree that Sikhs did travel on air india but indirectly that money could contribute to funding for Punjab police. Even to this day if anyone travels to india do not use the nation air line as funding goes directly to the Indian government! You have to look at the book very carefully it states that Indian government did blow up the plane and blame Parmer but then says parmer is a bad person. Also keep in mind its pure speculation. ( if you put forward india blew up plane it means Rait is a agent as he admiited making the bombs tread carefully here LOL) I only state what I know to be facts, at the end of the day the law states there is no evidence against parmer. As there is no evidence against Indian government. The case remains open all we can do is put forward points of view based on speculation of a few available facts. Babber Khalsa Zindabad!!! Few more like Parmer we would have changed the course history!
  11. in birmingham he got bottled during a gig but not robbed, well if you want to play a gig in the midlands you got expect a bit of rough play. looks like he been training in his new video rambo rambo may be he should keep one of them shot guns with him that he letting off in his video!
  12. Shaheed Baba Jarnail Singh Ji did not advocate blowing up planes so please do not compare with parmar. Don’t go jumping the gun here mate! What I stated is that once bindrawal was called indria’s agent. I didn’t say anything about similarities of personalities or politician moments or motivations so don’t get excited for no reason. Many thanks. Think and read before you post! Veer JI.
  13. Soft target is pure theory. Some of the stuff is pure speculation. The fact is that Parmer had brought his nine bedroom house in 1973 before the movement had kicked off but lots of people make out he used money form the movement to buy his house(s). Why would the authors be invited? Also isn't hayer dead now shot dead for mouthing off too much? I personally think the evidence against Parmer being responsible for the bombing is present but nothing conclusive. Also I have read many speeches from when Parmers out fit started that they wanted to kill 50 000 Hindu's and anyone who travelled on air India was taking their life into their own hands. I don't think that is evidence that can bring a conviction but it does make you think. I think Parmer was a lion and as such he is celebrated in Canada as a hero. The reason he fell out with other babbers was due to the fact he was too hard core in his planned operations, at the end of the day he fought the war his way, as we choose to fight ours behind a computer. May his memory live on for thousands of years. The finger of being an agent has been pointed at many great martyrs of the movement if we believed everyone we would have non left to celebrate as heroes. Binderwala was made out to be agent for indria as well don't forget!!
  14. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=5TUAl_SfivE Guru Gobind Singhs gun as i understand he had sevral and used them in many battles,
  15. People learn your history before challenging someone’s post. Banda singh bhadar level the city of sirhand and left only the mosques standing. The whole village was slaughtered. Up until this point Sikhs did not write their history cause we busy fighting. The British (there to start east India company) who were in Punjab recorded the fact and witnesses the torture of Bunda Singhs and his men. Read any history book in regards to this. Also historical accounts of Sikhs for a period does come from moguls as well as the British. Parmer was a lion who gave his life fighting Punjab police who were killing innocent Sikhs. Parmer who was a resident in Canada raised fund and came over to Punjab to punish many an evil man. I can write a book and try discrediting many people. One book does not make some one guilty or innocent. At one point Sikhs murdered gobind rams son by mistake or deliberately make up your own minds many accounts are available. Before you bad mouth martyrs check your selves they have done seva where we sit at home behind PC’s. Babber Khalsa zindabad who have punished many. Jagtar singh is a babber as was Delavar singh. Sukdave singh babber another real lion. You question them who are now at god’s feet! Shame on you!! Think before you post many actions that have taken through out our history which at times have been called into question. I can post loads if you want to see just ask! Its called war and we are warrior race. Open your eyes. Oh and if any one want to air these views openly I am happy to send invite for you to attend my local gurdwara and inform some of MY local sangat what you think of sikh heros. One time Udham Singh was called a murder. Also was Indra Ghandi armed when they shot her?? LOL think first!
  16. A true lion of the panth may he be blessed with even more ways to do seva may we be given more warriors like Talvinder Singh Parmer! Who fought with furry till the end! Any of you who bad mouth them don't make the mistake of walking into my local gurdwara and repeating your comments I don't think my local sangat who take too kindly! Bunda singh bhadar slaughtered a whole village, read your history before posting many thanks. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=CqoodIQno0c
  17. Someone should start a tread on all the stuff narrow minded people try to ban due to their warped understanding of gurbani or for the simple reason they take quotations out of gurbani and try and spin them to meet their points of view. I have listed few before here some more; No tooth brush or paste –told use a stcik No deodorant- may attract women No garlic – plays with guys hormones (best 1 I ever heard) No bhangra – do nam simran only No communication with girls – apart from relatives No televison – too many dirty images People don’t give in to these Taliban wana be’s these are the people who alienate others from sikhi and give room for these sects do be born. I know you may think this is far fetched but thats what I believe when you make stupid stuff up these baba say look at them over there they have no understanding come to us. Just think about it!
  18. Kenpo not for the weak hearted!!
  19. Can any one show where it states in Sikhism no dancing please? Is this something made up or are there strict rules regulations on this?
  20. http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=TuHhslSu2cQ Mod Note: Next time you'll be given a warning for calling someone that.
  21. tec9

    Are Guns Allowed

    12 bore all the way!!
  22. Yea right mate it seem your very encouraging. Praise is normally nice one, good work, hit the nail on the head. Sharpanch saab we live in demarcate part of the world, feel free to express what ever you have to say. The Sikhs fought very hard in both world wars so we could have freedom of speech!
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