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  1. Why put the mechanical "priests" of the Gurdwaras down when no one really in the sangat seems to commit to doing the amrit vela parkash, asa di vaar, making the degh etc. It's all good and well putting the Granthi's down but why don't the "true" Gursikh alternatives then take the lead in the Gurdwaras...
  2. I don't get it!! After all the raula the guy turns out to be Sikh. Just a confused alcoholic I suppose... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2203242/Drunk-man-threatened-slit-pregnant-girlfriend-s-throat-Stanley-knife-unless-converted-Islam-spared-jail.html
  3. Dr Rami Rangar is also on the Committee for the Hindu Forum of Britain. Perhaps that's where the confusion lies, he's not sure what he should follow!! http://www.hinduforu...x?sID=834&lID=0
  4. This doesn't look right... Even Mr Malhi turns up to these events...he was there to be presented with a donation cheque
  5. My friend, Sikh Channel are present at Rangar's events. Have a look at the photo's and you'll see Jagit Singh Studio Manager as well as the camera crew. Ask Sikh Channel how they could support a Sikh Sanstha that promotes Manmat by allowing alcohol to be served under the Sikh banner. Let's see what they say....
  6. Well we can see what this organisation is really about from the pictures below. British Sikh Association Annual Bash 2011 http://www2.sunmark.co.uk/bsa_2011_web_album/content/index.html British Sikh Association members http://britishsikhassociation.org/Members2.htm
  7. Thanks for taking the time to write this, it's a great open letter and summaries many observations I too can personally relate to. Please do advise us on the response from SCUK.
  8. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2197143/BREAKING-NEWS-Manchester-City-starlet-18-held-crash-killed-left-teens-seriously-injured.html
  9. Waheguru.... Bhai Kultar Singh ji and his sister of Manchester were killed in this accident when they coming back from Gurdwara Sri Guru Harkrsihan Sahib Manchester after Deevaan. Two Sons Harveen and Ajmeet Singh are still in ICU. http://www.telegraph...d-accident.html Manchester City's Courtney Meppen-Walter arrested after two killed in road accident Manchester City footballer Courtney Meppen-Walter has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after two people died in a collision last night. The 18-year-old was arrested after a silver Mercedes and a red Nissan Micra collided in north Manchester, leaving a 32-year-old man and a 37-year-old woman dead and two teenagers, believed to be 15 and 16, with serious head injuries. They remain at Salford Royal Hospital. It is believed that Meppen-Walter was driving the Mercedes. The 32-year-old man was driving the Micra with the 37-year-old woman in the front passenger seat and the two teenagers in the back, Greater Manchester Police said. A second man, aged 19, who was driving a grey Volkswagen Golf, was also arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving. Defender Meppen-Walter joined Manchester City in 2003. He has also played for England's U-17 side. He is currently out of action with a knee injury. A spokesperson for Manchester City said: "This is a devastating tragedy for this family and also for the Greater Manchester community at large. "Manchester City Football Club offers its heartfelt condolences to the family and all affected by the events of yesterday evening. "The situation is subject to an extensive investigation by Greater Manchester Police and therefore we are unable to make specific comment on the incident itself at this time."
  10. We are certainly not an econmically weak community in the west, we spend thousands on our weddings, family programmes, getting our Gurdwaras out of debt etc. We must be able help and support our brothers/sisters in the widow colonies. Please don't miss this opportunity to help a fellow sikh.
  11. jinaa(n)h singhaa(n) singhbeeaa(n) nay dharam haytt sees dittay, ba(n)d ba(n)d kaTaa-ay, khopriaa(n) luhaaiaa(n), charkhiaa(n) ttay charhay, aaray-aa(n) naal chiraa-ay gae, gurdwariaa(n) di seva laee kurbanniaa keettiaa(n), dharam nahee(n) haariaa, sikhi kesaa(n) suaasaa(n) naal nibaahi, ttinaa(n) di kamaai da dhiaan dharkey, khalsa ji bolo ji WAHEGURU!
  12. During the 1980's the Ramgharia Gurdwaras in UK maintained a moral distance from the issues in Punjab. This was purely out of a lack of awareness of what was happening in Punjab and India to Sikhs due to the diluted connection as the majority of the Ramgharia Committees were of East African background. As time has gone on and the awareness has increased, the taboos around 1984 have disappeared and there is more understanding amongst the mainstream Sikhs of the political build up to 1984. You will find more of the Ramgharia Gurdwaras (Slough, Birmingham, Coventry, Derby for example) beginning to involve themselves more in political discussions around 1984 on the Sikh Channel/Sangat TV as well as accommodating speakers on their Gurdwara stages to discuss what happened in 1984.
  13. Those delusional Sikhs need to really see first hand how the mainstream Indian media truly sees 1984 massacres and Sikhs. The insensitivity of using butchers like Tytler's name in satirical comedy is just plain disgusting.
  14. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfoKI_KTsvU&feature=player_embedded This is no way Satirical but an absolute Mockery of the Sikh roop, the 1984 massacres and Fauja Singh! Warning. You will find elements of this video offensive, I certainly did!
  15. http://www.london2012.com/torch-relay/video/video=torch-relay-day64.html See above link from 1.18 mins
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk...00t69l8&t=false See above video link from 13.46 to 13.52 for Baba Fauja Singh's bit
  17. For those of you interested in participating today, see below: OLYMPICS LANGGAR 2012 POINTS: GREENWICH: 1. Cutty Sark spot (Calderwood Street Gurdwara. Contact: Nirmal Singh Kelley, Tel: 07944067324). 2. East Greenwich library (Ramgarhia Sikh Gurdwara. Contact: Gurdev Singh Rayat, Tel 07988163256)). 3. Royal Standard roundabout in Charlton Road (Guru Nanak Darbar Gurdwara, Belvedere, Kent. Contact Pyara Singh, Tel 07909527380) 4. Well Hall roundabout and the General Gordon Square in Woolwich (Representatives from all three Gurdwaras). TOWER HAMLETS: On the Mile End Road at the corner of Harley Grove (The Sikh Sangat Gurdwara. Contact: Jaswant Singh, Tel: 07904206838) NEWHAM: 1) On the pavement at the corner of High Street North and Milton Avenue (East Ham E6), , which is near a 12.03 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. (Singh Sabha Gurdwara Barking. Contact: Darshan Singh, Tel: 07737011168) 2) On the pavement on Plashet Grove between Katherine Road and Hilda Road (East Ham E6), , which is near a 12.10 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. (Mata Sahib Kaur Academy Gurdwara. Contact: Rupinder Singh, Tel: 07508821776) 3) On the pavement on Green Street between Upton Park Road and Ferndale Road (Green Street E7), , which is near a 12.19 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. (Karamsar Gurdwara. Contact: Palvinder Kaur, Tel: 07503210583) 4) On the pavement on Green Street between Kitchener Road and Studley Road (Green Street E7), , which is near a 12.22 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. Neville Road Ramgarhia Association. Contact: Baldev Singh, Tel: 07970874429) 5) On the pavement on Romford Road between Westbury Road and Palmerston Rd (Forest Gate E7), which is near 12.27 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. Singh Sabha Gurdwara Seven Kings. Contact: Palvinder Kaur, Tel: 07503210583) 6) On the pavement on Romford Road between Maitland Road and Tavistock Road (Stratford E15), which is near a 12.38 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. Miri Piri Gurdwara. Contact: Jaswant Singh, Tel: 07930508888) 7) On the pavement on Romford Road between Vicarage Road and Glenavon Road. (Stratford E15), which is near a 12.39 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. (GNNSJ Martindale Road. Contact: Sukhbir Singh, Tel: 07956236522) 8) On the pavement outside Stratford Local Service Centre on The Grove (Stratford E15), which is near a 13.34 marker ( if my eyesight is right), which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. Sri Guru Amardass Gurdwara, Clifton Rd, Southall. Contact: Daljit Singh, Tel: 07956660016) 9) On the pavement at the corner of High Street and the end of the Burford Road, outside the Bingo Hall (Stratford E15), which is near a 13.39 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. (Guru Nanak Darbar (Kabul di Sangat) , Southall. Contact: Harpal Singh, Tel: 07932623241; and Manjit Singh, Tel: 07932762538) 10) On the Pavement at the junction with Hunts Lane after High Street and before Bow Flyover, which is marked with a 13.50 marker, which is the estimated arrival time of the torch. (Singh Sabha Gurdwara , Reading. Contact: Gurpal Singh Tel: 07787002520) WALTHAM FOREST: At the junction of Francis Road with Leyton High Road at the County Cricket Ground. (Sikh Sangat Gurdwara, Leyton. Contact: Narinder Singh, tel: 07960957233) Participating Gurdwaras are: 1. Gurdwara Guru Nanak Darbar Kabul Di Sangat, 65-67 King St, Southall, UB2 4DQ 2. Gurdwara Sahib, Calderwood Street, Woolwich, London SE18 6QW 3. Gurdwara Sikh Sangat Leyton Francis Road, London. E10 6PL 4. Gurdwara Sikh Sangat, Harley Grove, Bow, London, E3 2AT 5. Gurdwara Singh Sabha Seven Kings, 722/730 High Road, Ilford, Essex IG3 8SX 6. Gurdwara Singh Sabha 100 North Street,Barking, Essex, IG118JD 7. Amardass Gurdwara, Clifton Road,Southall, UB2 5QP 8. Guru Nanak Darbar Belvedere Kent DA17 6AA 9. Ramgarhia Sikh Temple, Neville Road, Forest Gate, London E7 9QX 10. Ramgarhia Sikh Temple, Woolwich, London SE18 6EJ 11. Shri Guru Ravidass Sabha 28 Carlyle Road Manor Park, London E12 6BN 12. GNNSJ Martindale Road, Hounslow 13. Miri Piri Gurdwara, Southall 14. Mata Sahib Kaur Sikh Academy Gurdwara 15. Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Reading 16. Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha Karamsar For more information please contact langgar2012@unitedsikhs.org or call +44 (0)7709830442
  18. What's the equivalent of Guru Granth Sahib Ji owning a building in the UK? As far as I know in the UK this would not be possible, so I assume that's why our elders set Gurdwaras up as the trusts, charities etc in order to safeguard the Sangat's property. Interesting to check the property deeds of your local Gurdwara(s) and see who owns them. Is it a group of trustees or an individual? This is very important to know particularly if you are contributing your daswand to a Gurdwara, at the end of the day you may simply be building an individuals property portfolio as the Gurdwara building is not Sangat owned. You can see who owns your Gurdwara building/assets by requesting the property deeds on the link below http://www.landregistryservices.com/?gclid=CJXUjqPRnbECFRIjfAodsDMLeQ
  19. Some interesting and constructive points in your whole post, but surly there should be a standardised accepted platform of leadership in the UK to implement and promote best practice in the form of the directives from Akal Takht Sahib and in my view who better than the Sikh Council. Do we then let small splinter groups of Sikhs go around enforcing or implementing the directives? Because as dangerous as it is, that's what is likely to happen!
  20. The issue is, like all Akal Takht directives, who is going to implement this on the ground such as the UK? The absence of any interest from Sikh Council UK or any jathebhandhis in UK to get involved in these issues makes it another directive that is likely to get parked on the shelf. Is there any point in having an Akal Takht if the elite in the Sikh community put no programme in place to implement the directives! Apologies if this comment offends anyone.
  21. http://www.hindustantimes.com/Punjab/Amritsar/No-gurdwara-without-clearance-from-Akal-Takht-Sikh-clergy/SP-Article1-887863.aspx No gurdwara without clearance from Akal Takht: Sikh clergy HT Correspondent , Hindustan Times Amritsar , July 12, 2012 Mulling the issue of caste-based gurdwaras in Punjab, particularly in rural areas, the Sikh clergy on Thursday sent out a clear-cut message to the community that no gurdwara would be constructed anywhere in the country or even abroad in future without the permission of the Akal Takht. "Anyone who wishes to construct a gurdwara must approach the Akal Takht for prior clearance. No one will be allowed to construct a gurdwara on his own," Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh said while talking to media after presiding over a meeting of the five Sikh high priests held in Amritsar on Thursday. The issue of caste-based gurdwaras was taken up in last Sunday's episode of Aamir Khan's 'Satyamev Jayate'. Another pre-condition put forth by the Akal Takht was that the piece of land on which the gurdwara was proposed to be built must be in the name of Guru Granth Sahib. Only then would the Akal Takht consider any plea for the construction of the Sikh religious place. "We will not allow construction of a gurdwara on 'shamlat' (government) land or on land that is in the name of the village panchayat or is the property of any trust or committee. The land must be transferred in the name of Guru Granth Sahib for building a shrine," Giani Gurbachan Singh made it clear after deliberating on the issue with his fellow priests. "'Manas ki jaat, eko pehchanon' was the message of the Gurus and we all must abide by this," Giani Gurbachan Singh said. To dissuade construction of Sikh religious places on caste lines, Giani Gurbachan Singh announced that the Akal Takht would honour panchayat of village that had just one gurdwara."A certificate of appreciation will be awarded to that particular panchayat," he added. On the existing gurdwaras in villages and other places, the Jathedar suggested that panchayats should limit the number of such holy places to one or two, depending on the size and population of that particular village. The vacant places of worship could be utilised as community centres for the welfare of the villagers, he added. The Jathedar also asked the Sikh community to honour the Akal Takht edict that banned gurdwaras on caste lines. The edict passed last month would be enforced strictly, he asserted. The Jathedar also appealed to community leaders not to distribute funds for construction of gurdwaras on caste lines. Takht Keshgarh Sahib Jathedar Giani Tirlochan Singh, Takht Damdama Sahib Jathedar Giani Balwant Singh Nandgarh, Takht Patna Sahib Jathedar Giani Iqbal Singh and Giani Mal Singh, a priest of the Golden Temple, participated in the meeting, which also decided to promote martial sports, particularly 'gatka'. World Gatka Day would be observed every year on a specified date that would be fixed soon.
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