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  1. This topic is not worth discussing. If anyone has GUTTS, answer this question of mine ????????????????????????? If an annoucement is made, anyone who converts to sikh faith IN HINDUSTAN and after that marries his own cousin will get 1 crore rupees, how many will do it ?????? ??????????????????????????????????????????
  2. India IMPORTS 70% of oil. THATS GAME OVER. The only hope for Hindustan is to LICK THE FEET of RICH BANKERS(THIEFS) AND DRUG LORDS(EVIL) OF USA AND UK.
  3. Newzealanders are quite similar to Dutch (Holland) people. They have a beautiful country which keeps them closer to God. I feel if the new-zealanders know the sikh history, battle of Chamkaur, Shaheedi of Sahibzadas, martyrdom of 9th Maharaj, they might even start becoming sikhs. New zealanders are ENVIRONMENTAL friendly people. Nihangs (not nangs) are the best environmental friendly IN THE WORLD.
  4. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur was a BRAVE sikh general. He never attacked anyone's religion be it be muslims or hindus. He eradicated the CASTE SYSTEM(which brahmins HATED), he eradicated ZAMINDARI SYSTEM (which rich coward people HATED). A devout muslim would respect Baba Banda Singh Jee for this. I have a strong intution that the chanakanys of early 18th century started to "worship" Baba Banda Singh Jee as kalki avtar of VISHNU. As a result, muslims got suspiciuos of ALL KHALSA. What chanakyans did in early 18th century COULD BE EQUIVALENT TO : RSS chief in 1982 ORDERING his COWARD DECEITFUL followers to "worship" Baba Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale as the Kalki Avatar of VISHNU. IT CAN ALSO BE EQUIVALENT TO : RSS chief of 2010 ORDERING his COWARDS to "start worshipping" veer bijla singh or veer singhstah or veer ladli fauj or veer talikhaak as the Kalki Avatar of VISHNU.
  5. In Sri Asa Ki Vaar, we read that "sache tere khand sache brahamand...). This creation is true. With Satguru Nanak Dev jee, this life is an illusion. When a mortal comes under the sharan of Satguru, this world becomes a wondrous play and automatically says waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaheee, GUROOOOOOOO!
  6. god wont 'look after' anyone - what is the point of us being reborn if we need gods intervention? this is a test, to see if we step up to the challenge and show the best of humanity within us, or to show if we will hide behind ignorance or apathy only to run like cowards when things are hot. if you start to help yourself, waheguru will multiply the results of your actions tenfold. if you cant sort out yourself, then why should waheguru? he gave you the chance. THats true. Pir Budhu Shah was a non-sikh who put his hand up to fight injustice and surrendered himself to Satguru. Dashmesh Pita loved Pir Budhu Shah so much that Baba Banda Singh Bahadur destroyed Sirhind as pir budhu shah was called a traitor by the sirhind government. Malerkotla nawab did something nice and even up to this day muslims in malerkotla are enjoying the blessings of Satguru. If non-sikhs can fight against injustice and governments, what has happened to Khalsa ??????? Khalsa is the epitome of the creation of God. Sikhs need to give up nirmala mind setup(which is what the coward deceitful GHATTIYA GOI wants) and shud inspire to follow the footsteps of Baba Deep Singh Jee, Bhai Rangreta Jee(Bhai Jeevan Singh Jee), Baba Gurbaksh Singh Jee, Baba Jarnail Singh jee Bhindrawale.
  7. Humans can neither save or destroy the world. Its all the will of God. At the same time, using dasvand smartly, helping fellow sikhs(and humanity) in hard economic times, is also the will of God. God enjoys His creation( vekhai vigsai kar vichar) and God enjoys fight of greedy and anakhi, deceitful and shastardhari, bamann and jatt. By jatt I mean any person( of any caste, creed colour) who is a bit raw, desi, straightforward, does dassan nauhan di kirat. By bamann I mean a thief who ruins the lives of fellow humans using clever deceitful tricks and the rich bankers are BAMANNS too.
  8. Dear Veer, what u wrote is very true. Thats why sikhs need to do lots of paath from Sri Dasam Granth. God of Sri Dasam Granth is GOD OF JUSTICE. Dashmesh Pita created Khalsa so that JAGG MEIN DEG TEG DOUU CHALAE i e. in this world, Khalsa shud strive that every human gets deg(deg here means roti) and teg( teg means justice). At present we have some nirmalaas like Harjeet singh who are preaching exactly the opposite of Dashmesh Pita. According to Harjeet Singh, bass whatever happens is God's will, if young sikh boys are starving to death, its God's will. Dashmesh Pita Himself came to this world to destroy dusths evil people and created Khalsa(which is His Khas Roop) to continue destroying evil greedy, hankaari, deceitful people so that humanity can be served with deg(roti) and teg(justice).
  9. Dear Veer, you are right that everything is in the hands of Waheguru, at the same time this world is a DYNAMIC(NOT STATIC) drama and keeping knowedge of events happening around u is not a bad thing. I just posted this so that sikhs in Uk can remain a bit vigilant that there might a tough economic/political time ahead. Rich bankers in UK are THIEVES and have ruined the life of middle class and now the middle class might get violent and come on streets. Alright, my bad then. If the aim of your post was just to inform your fellow Sikhs of "tough times" ahead then it's all good. It just seems like your posts are meant to incite panic. I guess I misinterpreted. :rolleyes: Are u people that DUMB that you will get tense, worried, panicked at posts of mine writtten in mediocre english in a bit immature and childish manner ?????????? You people lilsten to the stuf that politicians/BBC and other media(who are puppets of rich bankers, drug lords) and then u can get panicked by a cute DARVESS, saintly, innocent bachaa like me. You people live in a very practical western world and even act smartly with ur colleagues, relatives, fellow sikhs and yet u can be panicked by a childish SANT like me on internet. Instead of getting panicked, u shud sponser me to UK, buy me some land and a nice car and open up a deraa for me and do my marketing as the "saviour of burning world".
  10. Dear sis, If an amritdhari gives his dasvand to Gurdwara, I agree he has done his duty, at the same time there is a thing called BIBEK BUDHI and there is nuthing wrong in using that(especially when there is a tough economic crisis or chances of civil war or anarchy). Dasvand is an AMAZING AMAZING part of sikhi. It was the dasvand that Khalsa had weapons, banaa, horses, in 18h century. These days our dasvandh is being used to slander Sri Dasam Granth, used by touts like Navjot sidhu to help RSS stinky bhayas to live in Air conditioned rooms in Sri Amritsar Sahib, used by Badal to have a trip to USA(bringing his entire family with him), used by "sants" to drive cars worth 50 lakh etc.........
  11. Veer, my father told me that during the peak of sikh freedom struggle in 86, the GOI had planted/bought some sants in Punjab who used to do parchar that " bass sab kuch naam hai, naam ton binnaa dargaah vich sazaa he milde hai". I mean like these sants KILLED the spirit of people to fight for justice. If some bholla innocent youth got a bit garam and wanted to fight against oppression, these sants used to insult/critisize/ him in very CLEVER WAY " vaddaa ayiyaa dusthan nu maran vala, first japp naam and clean ur sins of past lives, then Guru jee will automatically tell u how to fight against oppression, ur useless aggression can spoil bhagti of ur fellow singhs". I am not saying that the present situation has any similarity with 86, but i just think sikhs need to be a bit more STREET SMART. If a tough economic time is coming, may be show strong unity in Gurdwara Sahib, use DASVAND SMARTLY to help families who lost jobs, teach gatka to teenagers and women, cook cheap and simple langar (instead of satifsyting ones jeeb). If the economic situtation gets really bad, buy some land about 50-70 km away from city and build one big hall for sangat and cook very very simple langar like daal, roti.
  12. Dear Veer, you are right that everything is in the hands of Waheguru, at the same time this world is a DYNAMIC(NOT STATIC) drama and keeping knowedge of events happening around u is not a bad thing. I just posted this so that sikhs in Uk can remain a bit vigilant that there might a tough economic/political time ahead. Rich bankers in UK are THIEVES and have ruined the life of middle class and now the middle class might get violent and come on streets.
  13. The only place where this guy will be safe is some area with majority muslim population and yes moving around is a good idea which he shud consider. Good point u made. But one thing is sure, wherever he goes, he and his family will be under continuous watch and they will live a life in fear. Moreover, moving out isnt that simple. I mean like you have ur house etc, large family and suddenly leaving all that and settling in some new area requires some money too. May be he shud ask some muslim body to give him financial aid for relocation.
  14. I dont champion his opinion and nor does his harward tag means anything for me. I just though that his harward tag might wake some of the sikh brothers from lazy lifestyles and realize the reality of this world. I also dont have time to read other books and I get complete khuaar reading books etc........ I feel his opinion is optimist. I am a DOOMER SANT. This guy is an academic guy with good IQ and with years of experience even this guy has realized that : duniyaa mukka da samae aa giyaa, bhajj lo paharaan nu, PYAREE JEEEE, BHaJJ LO PAHARAAN NUUU.
  15. Man, I have had enough of this "naxalite" sikhi of yours. If thousands of sikhs loose their jobs(which many have) etc will u feed them ???????????????????????? Will u support their young kids ? There is a thing called MENTAL PREPARATION. I had a junior who worked like donkey to get his degree and worked like donkey to earn money in MNC. Now he has lost his job and IS SUFFERING FROM DEPRESSION. HIS KIDS ARE CRYING and his wife IS HAVING AN AFFAIR WITH A RICH GUY. Will u feed his young kids WITH UR NAXALITE SIKHI ???????????????????????????????????
  16. I never said that "this guy is/isnot a terrorist". If u call him a terrorist, what shud he do ??????? He is not a brahamgyani or a sant. He is an old man who suffers from the 5 demons just as all of us. Shud he beg to feed his family ?????????? Shud he approach the RSS chief for help ???????? Shud he tell his daugther and 3 daughters in law to start watching bollywood films and start dressing in half nude dress and apply for cheerleaders at an IPL franchise????????????????????????????????????? WHAT THE HELL SHUD HE DOOO ??????????????????????????????
  17. I recently had an email conversation with a young muslim who works for kashmiri human rights. He is a nice young person with good education. By education i mean morals and ethics and no worldly degrees. He admits that many of the suicide bombing attacks are terrorist attacks. At the same time there can be exceptions he feels. He told me about a 70 year old muslim who lives in hindu dominated area in Jammu. He had 3 sons, 3 of which are killed by Hindustan army. He has one daughter and his son in law is regularly interroaged and tortured at local police station. His grand children are called terrorists by hindu kids in local school. The old muslim man runs a small shop to feed his family. People have stopped coming to his shop due to police fear or because they feel he is a desh-drohi and father of terrorists. The old man is a stauch muslim and does his namaj regularly. He will prefer to die than to beg for food. Now if this old man is approached by a militant outfit, granted financial security for family and is asked to become a suicide bomber to blow the local police station, will this guy be a terrorist ??????????
  18. http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/feb/23/p...nrest-recession Britain faces summer of rage - police Middle-class anger at economic crisis could erupt into violence on streets
  19. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/sto...ndrecovery/home There will be blood' Harvard economic historian Niall Ferguson predicts prolonged financial hardship, even civil war, before the ‘Great Recession' ends
  20. I personally dont like to use the word bhainnjee much. Sometimes I use the word bhainn for someone who is straightforward and honest kaur. In general, I like to call people 'tussin', 'singhnee jee', 'bibi jee' etc.... 'Didi' is a very nice word and I use it for my elder sister.
  21. It wont give them just a job, it will give them dassan nauhan di kirat which will help them greatly in spiirituality. It can start anytime we want. All we need is the will to start it. 5 sikhs shud be chosen and shud be made the joint Project Managers. They shud have a joint account. All the dasvand goes into the account. 5 singhs with advice from sangat buy land and then post jobs. I am ready to give my entire dasvandh for this project and others will have to do the same. Places like BC (Abbotsford) are like HEAVEN in this world which has become HELL. There are still some great places in USA which are good for farming and there are some very nice ones in Europe too. Are there any 5 young sikhs ready to start this initiative ??? Then we can buy land in Madya Pradesh and Mahrashatra and give jobs to VANJARA SIKHS AND side by side chakka them amrit and make them rehitvaan amritdharis.
  22. At present, it seems the dasvand of the sikh panth is used against the sikh panth. It goes into the pockets of dusths like badal, touts like sarna and sell-outs like ragi darshan sharma. We are going to enter a horrible period of energy crisis and food shortage in the future. The present economic crisis is only the beginning. I feel the best way to use our dasvand is to BUY AGRICULTURAL LAND. The land will belong to the Guru. Sikhs will do the farming which will give them and their families food plus the food produced will be given to sikh sangat at very reasonable rate. I feel this is the ideal way to use our dasvand. This idea is not that difficult to implement. The sikh youth (not the elders especially those born in India) shud take the inititave of doing this seva.
  23. All the occupations are suffering from economic recession (except the baba business). Infact economic crisis means greater tension and dukh for humanity which means more people will go to "babas". Jasleen Kaur was the one who tauned me as "prophet of doom" in October. Just 4 months later, whatever I wrote is coming true(because I am a real true sant). The only way Jasleen kaur bhainn can be forgiven for slandering a saint like me is if she prepares a separate website with my life story and photos.
  24. My story of keeping kesh is easily the most inspiring. But I fear that if I post my present pics, people might start gathering outside my house calling me sant jee or baba jee. Who knows sister jasleen k might become a chella of the prophet of doom......
  25. I feel that it was not due to the general prespective of the society. I feel Mata Sahib Kaur jee COMPLETELY ACCEPTED Guru Sahib as her husband( in her mind). It would have been impossible for her to accept any one else as her husband. She could have suffered from serious depression or illness if she was not married to Satguru jee. Dashmesh Pita knew all this and Satguru also knew that Mata Sahib Kaur was a very special bhagat sikh. So Dashmesh Pita just kept the honour of His sikh and made Mata Sahib Kaur jee mother of Khalsa.
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