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    I am an expert in Barfi and Mithai. I can also taste the difference between a good Jalebi and a dry one. Don't use fake sweetner because it ruins the Ladoo. One more thing - I like good dough because I like my Gulab Jaman. My favourite activity is eating karagh prashad. I like doing lots of seva. I like serving prashaad, langar and feeding the homeless. :)

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  1. The first step is enlightening yourself with knowledge on how humans condition themselves and to understand false and true conditioning. The second step is to be conscious of both conscious and unconscious conditioning. We all have developed false conditioning behaviours in our lives without realising - start thinking about your thoughts and actions and why you have those ideas. The third is to move from 'thinking' to 'practicing' true conditioning, to live it, to form good habits and to be an example i.e. 'be the change, you wish to see in the world'. The final step is to teach and educa
  2. There are plenty of amritdhari girls in panjab - have you asked them all?
  3. We do have a rule book - the rehat maryada. It says hair is 'ang. It is not nonsense - what you are saying is nonsense that females should not keep their kesh. Why would the Sikh religion only ask its men to keep their hair. What kind of hypocritical religion would do that. You are clearly brainwashed and conditioned by society because you want women to remove hair. However your opinion does not count - Sikhi has made it clear that all sikhs - males and females must keep all kesh as this is the true human form i.e. saroop of all men and women. This is the most absurd statement I am yet to
  4. Your statement has so much sexism in it that I don't even know where to start. Women can not wield swords? Women cannot fight in battle? So who was Mai Bhago then?? Also you’re the one who is seeing difference between the two genders. The Guru never said there was ever a difference between the 2 genders. In Sikhi we are described as having a soul in the body of a man or woman and that we must not discriminate or be sexist to that vessel that carries our soul. You are a complete shame of a singh if you think only men carry 5Ks. Sorry but your the one who is thinking in a single dimension.
  5. This is because all Sikhs have been asked to keep kesh. It is not gender specific and that is why you cannot find it in reference to either females or males. Have you even read the rehat maryada - seems like you haven't and are simply going by your own opinion. In the rehat maryada it says all sikhs must not remove any hair on their body as hair is considered 'ang'. I did explain this above but it seems like you have not understood it. The Guru said women and men should keep their hair. He did not say women must look like men. It is your opinion that women who keep hair are trying to be lik
  6. I am a surgeon in the NHS and I wear my kara. As sikhs we are allowed to wear our kara - it is protected by law and you can sue the hospital for discrimination as they allow Christains to wear their wedding bands. Please be in touch with me and I can help you send a letter to infection control and if they don't listen we can take it to court. Normally when you mention that it is protected and that their policy is discriminating and how you will take it to court, they will leave you alone. About bare below the elbows - I show my elbows as I don't think we sikhs need to 'cover up' arm skin. Now
  7. That can be reported to the UK police and will be investigated. The court will have to then argue it out as to which 'act' it falls under. Either way punishment tends to be based on the context rather than which category it falls under.
  8. All Sikhs including 'converts' are protected. Discussions about religions are different from discrimination and racism. It depends on the context of the matter in question so without an example it will be difficult to say exactly.
  9. Hi, I am a female :biggrin2: So yes, in the UK Sikhs have unique rights and we should exercise those rights when faced with racism.
  10. In UK law the Sikhs are considered a race. Here is the court case for that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mandla_v_Dowell-Lee I am not familiar with the USA legal system.
  11. Racist speech is not allowed under UK law. There are many times I have set people straight. I never knew how to do it when I was growing up but as a grown professional if anyone tries it on, then they have chosen the wrong person to mess with - I will get them done for. Some of my friends cannot be bothered due to the amount of time and effort involved and so they will happily ignore it. However, it is important to stand up for yourself because it sends out a strong message. It is only by sending out messages that you will change societies attitudes. Ignoring people doesn't change anything!
  12. I already answered your question when I said 'I would 120% marry her'. I have not deflected. Also she is already married!!! I don't think we need to keep asking who wants to marry her when she is happily married and getting along with her life. I also know of her, so be careful. What I want to emphasise is that her hair pattern is due to disease. Most woman do not grow facial hair like that so she shouldn't be the poster girl for this is what females who keep facial hair look like. It very clearly says in the article that she has a disease contributing to an excess in hair. The article is ab
  13. You couldn't have said it better -I cannot believe the amount of girls/grown women in denial over the fact that they grow face hair too.
  14. You know this reminds me of when the suffragettes wanted women to have the right to vote so that they could work, have independent finances etc. Sadly at that time there were some women who were against it because, they had the same logic as skaur888 that, they were not men and they were not supposed to do 'manly' things like running a country or having a say in economics etc. The truth however is simran8888 also grows face hair but is in denial that all woman look like this. Its so sad when other woman will claim that those with hair are being men - when infact all women have hair. This is
  15. OK I get you - sorry! In that case you should have reported him straight away to the police and you get staff in the store to give witness statements. You probably don't know where he lives so its too late now. l think what would be best is to get witness statements from the staff now anyways and log them all into the police with a description of the 'shopper' person. Then when he comes around the second time to do his shopping - call the police and they will take him away and question him. Its important to log this event because he can get away and say it was a one off but if you've log
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