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  1. Fateh ji Yes I’m sure I can arrange that for you
  2. Very cheapest I can do is £180. If you went to baldev Singh nihang & son direct this shastar or anything of a similar size will cost you around £300. i know this is pricey compared to other makers in India but baldev singh shastars are heat treated (heated and hammered) to make the blade stronger and edge sharper. So is of higher quality. To give you an idea of cost, I bought a small pesh kabz from him a few years ago for £180 (only had a 5 inch blade) Feel free to have a look at baldev singh nihang shastar Facebook page and contact him for prices.
  3. Besides the point. In many puratan saroops ragmala comes AFTER the kachi banis I mentioned. To make this crystal clear for you .... the order of compositions in these puratan saroops is: mundavni - kachi bani - ragmala In these puratan saroops, if ragmala was gurbani surely it would come before the kachi bani (like mundavani) and not after? ie mundavani - ragmala - kachi bani The only consistent finding in every single puratan saroop, is that mundavani is present before ragmala. Kachi bani mentioned will never come before mundavani. This is because mundav
  4. There are puraatan saroops that include other compositions AFTER Mundaavni (but BEFORE Raagmala), such as: Jit Dar Lakh Mohammada, Siahi Di Bhidhi, Ratanmala, Hakeekatrah mukam, Praan Sangli, Rab Mukam Ki Sabk, Baye Atisb Using the same logic, why do you not believe in any of the above compositions? Or do you? One must always seek the truth. Without love for the truth it will not be found, the ultimate truth is god. What is the truth? In court the truth can be proven through evidence, facts, reason and logic. As a human we are
  5. It’s made in Mehta chowk ... higher quality. Do you want delivery (£4) or will you collect from Birmingham?
  6. I have a 9.5 inch taksali kirpan made in mehta chowk (higher quality then the average taksali kirtan) if you’re interested ji
  7. I think you meant “You can’t change historical accounts” A “fact” is by definition the truth. Not all historical accounts are true nor indeed accurate. You can find many accounts written in very recent history which state the earth is flat. Many delusional individuals today still believe the earth is flat! These individuals continue to write literature stating the earth is flat. These people are just like you. They believe what they want to believe and call it ‘fact’. Bhai chaupa singh rehatmaryada states women are not to be baptised from panj pyare. Does this make i
  8. I had two of these shastar. One sold, still have one available.
  9. Lol Not in UK. Generally, most Keshdharee sikhs / gursikhs are family people here, they are professionals who stay away from violent confrontation. They have comfortable lives. I think the moneh who are involved in crime / drugs have more fighting spirit. Even in Punjab, sikhs aren’t what they used to be. Look at the battle of saragarhi in recent history....21 sikhs vs 1000s of afghans. Sikh children often get bullied at school. I encourage all parents to send there children to jiu jitsu, boxing or thai boxing (these are most useful / practical in street fights
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