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  1. Vjkk Vjkf I am offering Tuition in GCSE Chemistry and Physics if anyone is interested. My A Level grades were - Chemistry A Physics A Biology A I am a retired medical doctor MBChB and have been tutoring for 2 years. References are available on request. I teach students in pairs and have prepared lesson plans with practice exam questions. If anyone is interested please message me for more details.
  2. IshR

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    You have been proven wrong, now you are trying to put words in my mouth and twist what I’ve said. You said -  Quote “So you want to risk your life in a fight by acting and behaving aggressively. End up in hospital or even worse Lose your life over some petty squabble with some Yob that has no life and probably wants to take someone down with him.” I never said fight for the sake of acting and behaving aggressively. Nor did I say fight over petty squabbles. You are digging yourself into a hole. This topic is about Sikhs not being able to stick up for themselves and Sikh youth being bullied. Like I’ve already said, use of violence is a last resort to defend oneself or another innocent, when all other means have failed. This it seems you now agree with me and have changed your stance as you said- Quote  “Obviously Sikhs need to stand up for themselves. Bullying only happens when we let it. Pumping weights is good. But should only be used in self defence. “   Im glad we can end this discussion in agreement!!
  3. IshR

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

  4. IshR

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    A true warrior is both mentally and physically strong. You say- ”use intellect rather then their fists” Guru gobind singh maharaj said when all other means fail it is righteous to use the sword. If an innocent woman or child is getting attacked on the street, you will use intellect how? A true sikh will destroy any aggressor there on the spot. You think a Sikh should hide away and call the police? No one is suggesting Sikhs should become ghetto thugs, but we should be able to face up to / defend ourselves or other innocents against such thugs using violence if necessary. Further more, true Sikhs accept death, they too have nothing to lose, this is a great quality, in fact guruji says before coming to him- pehla maran kabool jeevan ji schad aas first accept death and give up all hope of life Are you a follower of mahatma ghandi / non violence by any chance? You sound like a <banned word filter activated>
  5. IshR

    Modern-day singhs being weak.

    I agree khalistanyouth. Sikh kids are brought up soft, they are academics first and foremost. It’s important as Sikhs are supposed to be warrior saints, yet I’ve grown up hearing of Sikh boys being bullied especially by Muslims who are typically aggressive. The most effective self defence marshal art to get your children to learn is boxing in my opinion. I would encourage all Sikh parents to send their children boxing.
  6. IshR

    Can u catch spirit Or apparition

    ghosts can be very powerful beings. Only naam abhyaasi gurmukhs have nothing to fear from them. I don’t know if they can be caught on camera. Unless you have a solid jeevan and your naam meditation is continuous most of the day, I would stay away from playing with ghosts. i have known of people personally who have sought to make contact with ghosts and have suffered terribly as a result.
  7. Hanji that’s very true, all shastar should be made from sarbloh (carbon steel) Many get confused - carbon steel is basically a very pure iron with a small amount (1%) of carbon mixed in (not chemically combined) stainless steel is used to make display swords, they would break if ever used in battle. Coldsteel mass produce knives and swords, some models might hold up to some abuse and even cut well but not the same fit/finish and workmanship put into a handmade shastar. I still have a shastar as pictured above for sale. If anyone wants to make an offer please contact me. vjkkvjkf
  8. Still available if anyone’s interested.
  9. 100% look at maharaja ranjit singh era, his generals were bought out by the brits. They were not true khalsa. When the true khalsa rises, they will rule the entire world, khalsa raj. It has never been in the khalsa nature to fight for empire. I have been reading sikh history and it’s clear from it, that the khalsa take to the sword for defence of innocents and to uphold justice. Guru Hargobind Ji really did crush the Mughals like Babba Buddha Ji crushed an onion, but he never sought to establish kingdom.
  10. IshR

    How to attract people to Sikhism

    Quality not quantity that counts Yes maybe thousands of people convert to Islam via brainwashing, but how many true Muslims are there? ... Muslims who are truely devout to god and not just converting in ego to become a believer where everyone else is an infidel? Look at maharaja ranjit singh era, the Sikh generals were bought out by the British and sikhs lost their raj. This is because the sikh generals were not real khalsa, khalsa can never be bought by bribes. They were sikh in appearance only. Through preaching, Sikhs may increase in quantity, but not quality.
  11. IshR

    How to attract people to Sikhism

    Seeing is believing There are very few who truly walk the path of a gurmukh, but those that do, need not say a word. By being in their presence atheists and non-believers find the true path of Sikhism. Jinee naam dhyiaeeaa gae musakat kal nanak te mukh oujele kethi chutee nal

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