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  1. Waheguru Ji Khalsa Waheguru Ji Fateh Pakistan have bombed the pilot of India airline now India need to make war and they need to get the Sikhs involved guru Nanak was born in Pakistan does that mean he a terrorist no it does not he said to the world be harmful and not to fight why we doing this, why people like to fight each other we have all Sikhs let get involved
  2. You are correct and people should listen I love to work for sikhsangat
  3. carinder


    Breaking news!! For the third consecutive hearing at Faridkot, Jaggi was not been produced infront of the Judge. Once again proceedings have been adjourned for a further two week until 17 January 2019. Jaggi has been in prison for over one year and to date no evidence has been produced against him. We have seen delay after delay for all proceedings. It is becoming more evident that the Indian authorities are trying to face and do not want proceedings to commence. The Indian authorities believe Jaggi’s voice can be silenced however they do not realise that Jaggi’s voice is becoming louder each day. #FreeJaggiNow
  4. carinder


    Waheguru ji khalsa waheguru ji fateh i dont know if you all listen to it butt it was great
  5. carinder


    i only have this one and None of A other account how bad is that
  6. carinder

    American Sikh Sangat and Dhadrianwale

    I agree there no way to defend
  7. carinder

    Akhand karaj

    https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/m.tribuneindia.com/article/row-over-anand-karaj-at-ranveer-deepika-wedding/684882/amp What is your view on this ? Should Anand Karaj have taken place in Villa
  8. https://musliminstitute.org/freethinking/culture/zayn-malik-unlikely-muslim guys is this true that zayn Malik have left Islam
  9. read the frist of what guru nanak is saying health person is really wealth and kudrat is a movie not a teachings
  10. Yes I do It from our guru I listen to our guru not like some people disrespecting our. Guru teaching
  11. Listen just because someone have something right and do you know the meaning of mool mantar
  12. Let me tell you something he did nothing wrong I guess you didn’t watch the video if you did then you would understand what he was saying and second of nirvair Khalsa jatha and us we support all these sant

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