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  1. i personally tie it around my waist, similair to a belt. I then twist the gathra and kirpan around so that the kirpan sits between the body and gathra, it is fully secured but yes as above have a smaller shri sahib.
  2. As someone who has trained in Krav Maga, only for short period due to injury i would recommend it as a pure self defence system, simple and very effective. Although i feel you will get more out of it if you trained in thai boxing first, to perfect striking using all your limbs and this will ensure when you do take up krav, you can strike properly and the journey to become an instructor level, as many Krav systems do not have belts, is alot quicker. Plus alot of the instructors have either learnt thai boxing or do it alonside Krav. PS i would highly recommend Krav Maga central, if your based i
  3. Gurfateh, My local Gurdwara are seeking to start up classes for Children’s self defence/martial arts and are looking for instructors who will act as role models first i.e. Gursikhs with the martial arts aspect following on. We believe having an amritdhari instructor will give the kids a role model to look up to and aspire to. The intention being that they will learn sikhi principles along with the self confidence not only to look after themselves and others but also the confidence in the sikhi saroop. We are looking for recommendations of such gursikhs in and around the Birmingham area, so
  4. Hi all, i personally did attend the exhibition and yes there was some very interesting artifacts there. The people undertaking the guided tours were very professional and articulate. It is just a shame that they were promoting sanatamism. The guide, many times made comparisons between hindus and sikhs i.e. a sikh can be there is no difference between someone keeping their hair and those that chose not to, he talked about the rituals performed at Hazoor Sahib, which many right thinking individuals know to be totally against sikhi, ey they stated that was what our Guru ji's wanted and what was
  5. PS I would also state on here what job you did or what industry you were in, you never know who is reading the thread and who or what they know.
  6. Wjkk Wjkf All the advice offered is very pertinent. I was in a similar situation some time ago (2-3 years ago) and am too based in the midlands. On a sikhi level, you need to have total faith in Waheguru and believe that you will get a job - when doing your paarth i.e. over and above your usual nitnem, keep your goal in mind. I, by the grace of God, managed to get a job which I knew very little about and started on a similar wage and level to my previous role, I was very lucky indeed. On a practical level I would not necessarily sign up to lots of agencies as the danger is your CV will b
  7. I think it would be a good idea to have the Union Jack along with the Nishan Sahib or other Sikh related signage next year for the following reasons: 1) the general British public will see the Union and be more inquisitive i.e. why are they walking with our flag? This will create greater interaction and interest from those watching and hopefully result in them wanting to find out more 2) it will highlight that we are not militants or terrorists we are British Sikhs living in Britain and proud Britons looking for justice in our so-called homeland/motherland. I believe this would show t
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