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  1. To be honest, people can tell you a certain Sant has a low or a high avastha, but until you experience Sangat of the Mahapurkh yourself and listen to their bachans, you will never know for sure so my advice, don't look for people to tell you what's right and what's wrong, go explore and experience Sangat yourself
  2. capital W for kanna uppar bindi capital R for pair ch rara
  3. http://www.mkhalsa.com/lit/fightingkaam.html http://www.patshahi10.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=338:the-significance-of-charitaropakhyan-and-sri-dasam-granth-sahib-ji&catid=34&Itemid=63
  4. the place you are talking about is nanaksar kaleran and is based in jagroan ludhiana, the asthaan you did darshan of is the bhora sahib of sant baba nand singh ji - the paath bheta of doing darshan was installed by sant baba isher singh ji nanaksar (hence perhaps the misunderstanding with rare wale baba ji and nanaksar wale) the paath can be done anytime during your life when possible (presumably before you die lol!) in case you don't remember, the bheta is as follows: 1 akhand paath or 2 sukhmani sahib paaths a day for a month or 10 japji sahib paaths a day for a month or 6 108 maaleh of moolmantar until nanaksar hosi bhi sach a day for a month or 40 108 maaleh of waheguru simran a day for a month or 80 108 maaleh of raam raam a day for a month
  5. I've heard several times in katha, that laavan da paath is specific for allowing bhoot-pret to attain mukhti there used to be a lot of bhoot-pret around punjab, but ever since the invention of microphones and speakers, a large amount of them have attained mukhti simply by listening to the paath through the gurdwara speakers
  6. baksh lao guru nanak dev ji maharaj

  7. the best way i was told: write the first line of each chand down on a piece of paper, then memorise each individual chand by reading 25 times, and if still practise putting them in order 25 times
  8. https://www.facebook.com/rihalharpreet this is baba nihal singhs garvaiee singh it would be best to ask him, i think it's every massia the amrit sanchaar but i might be wrong, best to ask him yourself
  9. no1 on this forum has any right to cuss bhai ranjit singh, no matter what his actions are, he still done mahaan seva for the kaum by punishing gurbachana narkdhari, pehla apne avgun dekho, then point fingers at others
  10. whenever your kara, kanga, and kirpan comes off you have to do a japji sahib da paath, and ask maharaj for forgiveness if its your kesh or kachera, then u have to go for pesh from panj pyare
  11. yeh whatever dude lol, you can try your best to bring baba mann singh jee down, but your nindiya is making them even more chardikala
  12. dnt try and defame someone who is actually doing more seva for the panth than me and you have ever done, your all capable of talking trash over the internet, but i dnt see no nindaks turning up to baba jee's programs question them about their 'actions? when baba mann singh jee met baba isher singh jee, baba isher singh jee told baba mann singh, to count all the leaves of all the trees around rara sahib, and baba jee said thats impossible, baba isher singh replied 'the number of leaves are gonna be the number of your nindaks, but there's no need to worry, because one day, all these leaves are gna dry up and fall off, and your nindaks will be gone, then then you will be in chardikala' as baba jee says, a 100 ruppee note, is always gonna be a 100 ruppee note, you can put it in your hands, on ur head, on ur feet, under ur back but thats always gna be a 100 ruppee note, in the same way, you can do as much nindiya of a sant as possible, a sant is always gonna be a sant if you got respect for baba thakur singh jee, then you will respect their actions, i got a video coming up on youtube of baba thakur singh jee doing full satkaar of baba mann singh at damdami taksal in 2003, watch this space
  13. so would a so called 'rapist', be given permission by akaal purukh to do kirtan at brahmgiani baba thakur singh's antam sanskaar? i have attached the picture
  14. seeing as you had the time to realize the kirtan comes on tv, benti to actually listen to what is being said lol, all prachar of sant baba mann singh jee is towards guru granth sahib jee maharaj, why would a so called 'rapist' and 'akhauti baba' waste their time doing prachaar of guru granth sahib jee? they would want to join people to themselves and not the guru, wake up and realize the truth with your own eyes and if you think who am i to do satkaar of baba mann singh jee, heres a list of those that gave/give full satkaar to baba mann singh jee: baba kulwant singh hazur sahib baba iqbal singh patna sahib baba gurbachan singh akaal takht baba trilochan singh anandpur sahib baba jasvinder singh head granth harmandir sahib baba isher singh jee rara sahib wale baba sheesha singh jee langara wale baba teja singh rara sahib wale baba thakur singh jee bhindranwale baba prem singh jee mata sahib devan bhai balbir singh damdami taksal wale others whose names i can't think of from the top of my heads
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