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  1. Waheguru, just keep going ....... dont be distracted by it, embrace it ......
  2. Beafcouf ....... (Have not used that word for ages put it was perfectly fitting)
  3. I hope you do have kids, bring them up to be lions and lionesses ....... To my sisters, when you find out you are expecting then the duty starts. Get the Jaap Ji Sahibs and Sukhmani Sahibs going as many as you possibly can repp them out, and get your Singh involved too he dont get off the hook that easily. The logic is simple. If you have an experiment where you have a bowl of water and you put heavy rock music full blast the water crystallizes in an dispelled ugly format. If you get another bowl of water this time put medative music it will crystallize in a beautiful formed shape. Now imagine when you are doing paat, imagine what that water will be formed. Now the baby is surrounded by water while its being developed. Now imagine both Singh and Singhni are both rehetdhari and amritdhari. What sort of crystallization will be happening around in your baby. When Nihang Singhs find out there Singhnis are expecting they hang up Shasters on every wall in the house, where ever the singhni looks at Shaster it inpacts the baby. I have heard of children from a young age who can recite Sukhmani Sahib at the age of 4 (punjab Radio) as thats what his mother did throughout the pregnancy. I have heard of children whenever nindiha is done they just walk away ....... This experiment was tried using emotions with water ....
  4. WGJKWGJKF Bhenji - Im no good with any advice, but turn to Sri Guru Granth Sahib to sort his advice via hukkumama and meditate on that, also I know some Singhnis who may be able to help clear things up just personal message me and I give you the contact details. Must admit the advice on this forum is good.
  5. WGJKWGJKF, Thank you for the post ..... In the home there should be no difference, but please do not confuse Panajbi culture with Sikhi. No it's not a curse to be born a female, only a female can reach into sach kand and give birth to warriors. Every body has a set of challenges females and males. Males tend not to talk about these but they do have there own issues and deal with them accordingly. I understand what you saying about rapes, parents should teach there sons how to respect a women - Seeing others as daughters, sisters and mothers with exception of their wives ... Parents should also teach there daughters dress up appropriately and do not leave anything to chance. In a perfect world nothing would happen - but we are not in a a perfect world. When you get males on drink and drugs they are like a pack of hyenas completely out of control, then you the ones with the bad intentions. Unfortunately the only language they will understand is the language of the sword. So my sisters, arm yourself with knowledge - dress appropriately, do not go out on your own, if you have to make sure you tell someone where you are going do not get into situations where you are out of control. Finally, be the daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - Don the 5 k's - If this sister who was had terrible things done to her if she had 5 k's those thugs would have thought twice and maybe she still would have been around today. The people who did this crime are to blame 101%, but my sisters play the safe card do not chance it we are not living in a perfect world ... and that's the reality.
  6. Do not dwell to much in the past, it's the actions of this life that count and determine where you go next so make the most of it ...... bani, banan, simran, seva and shaster .... thats where its all at ......
  7. If its mandee (starch) waleh dastar then you are asking for trouble .......
  8. What Naked Sahdus juming into the Ganges - Not my thing really, stick to Gurdwhara Sahib and Bani ..
  9. Have you been to Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, do an ardass and then taken Hukkamama - then have you understood and applied to your life then the answer will come to you. Personally i think this is a common problem, the more banis you do the attack of kaam is going to get stronger the vices are trying to cling to you and keep your attma away from pramatama. If you have a smart phone download the Sikh FAQ app and in one of the sections it goes into exactly what you are going through ..... there some solutions there as well ...
  10. Waheguru Ji - i believe Gurbani focuses on where you should be going getting your attma to prattma. you accept vaheguru hukkam of what has happened and has happened for a reason ...... from my limited experience of Gurbani Maybe some knowledgeable Veers can elaborate on the question above.
  11. Listen to Sach Pita Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. What does he say ..... We have two fathers our Wordly Father and True Father (Father of all, Fathers of Fathers) Your world father will one day depart on his own journey. You need to follow Sach Pita P.s this does not mean you disrespect your worldy father, you still have a duty to both fathers as a son. Hope that helps. WGJKWGJKF
  12. Waheguru, If you need someone to talk to then please personal message message I know a lot of GurSikhs that can assist. Please do not think you are on your own. WGJKWGJKF
  13. WGJKWGJKF ... Personal message me ... maybe we can talk off line. WGJKWGJKF
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