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  1. Thanks for that clear cut evidence GPS paji. Hopefully it should now be clear to all that we truly are all on the same side - the Gurus side. There can only be true ekta where we abide by Guru Jees Gurbani. Also Paji mentioned certain members posting on this topic, a small message to them : Hey "SouthallYouth" really happy to see your all grown up and now posting as "UKLondonSikh" (perphas you evolved like a Pokemon!), but to be frank a little disappointed your still chatting the same (scripted by your older buddies from your HQ back in the old country)crap as before. Hey always live in ho
  2. Letter sent to Comm from local Sangat in Southall. To the comittee of Southall singh sahba Gurwara. I write in reference to the cancellation of 'Principal Gurbachan' from taking the stage this week. We live in an age where we are all keen to criticise and reluctant to commend and praise. This letter is to praise the commitee for cancelling this man. We all remember the ugly scenes outside the Gurdwara when Gurbachan's close ally 'Dhunda' was in the country some months ago. The fear was that this would escalate in the same way. You, the committee have taken the responsible decision and
  3. Local Singhs have been working closely with the Gurdwara Sahib Comm. and have informed me that all prog of the "principal Gurbachan" have now been Cancelled. As Shastar paji suggested earlier the harmony in which we must all walk together has yet again prevailed.
  4. Shastar paji you are 100% right to state we should always debate in the right manner. After all everything in this world is open to debate and we are all allowed to have our own opinions, but bhai sahib surely when it comes to the doubting and belittling of Our beloved Gurus Gurbani (be it any Granth Sahib, Pothi Sahib or even Gutka Sahibs)there can never be any diplomatic debate, there can only be Acceptance. These are not writings in text books by mere mortals that we can cut and paste at our leisure; these Shabads are GOD themselves - Pothi Parmesar Ka Thaan.
  5. 'Principal Gurbachan' the controversial missionary is booked at Park Av and Havelock Rd Gurdwara in Southall this week starting Monday (today) 21st.There are thousands of demonstrators expected. All of his previous prog. in the UK have been Cancelled due his extreme views causing a rift in the Sangat. Please call and politely ask for cancellation so that we can avoid disturbance and trouble. Park Av 0208 574 8901, Sec for Bookings 07944 903730.
  6. You will be lucky to find 1 or two gursikhs in unis tbh i knw of two singhs at queen marys so u might wanna go there dont know of uni of essex kingstons sikh soc is quite active and hvning met some of their students very freindly
  7. Thats the first i heard that they never do chaur at patna sahib. I dont really believe u unless u show me evidence. Tbh even if u did i would say they should do chaur sahib there. At Hazoor sahib, taksal and nihung singhs chaur sahib is done. Im leaving at that and not going to comment further, i know that u dont believe that the same respect shouldnt be given to Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji as is to Sri Guru granth Sahib ji. Its up to the original poster what level of sharda he/she has on Guru Gobind Singhjis Bani to decide how/she should do prakash. He/she has heard from all sides Req
  8. Fair point Its amazing how people get hurt over little things.
  9. What i meant was that in the wording Sri Guru Dasam Granth ji or sometimes it is mentioned Sri Dasam Guru Granth Sahib ji that Guru Dasam or Dasam Guru refer to the 10th master. so the title means the Granth of the 10th Guru and Gurta Gaddi was given to Aad Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji in 1708. Mate can u reread my post a bit more carefully. The post is about prakash of Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji if it was about Sri Sarbloh Granth Sahib ji, the advice would have bee the same.
  10. Gurta gaddi wasnt given to Aad Granth Sahib in 1604 but Guru Arjan dev ji still did Chaur sahib, hukanmma was still taken and The Aad Granth Sahib was praksahed where Guru Sahib would have sat and the resting place was guru sahibs own aasan. So how is doing chaur sahib on Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji wrong? (Guru Dasam = Guru Gobind singh ji) To the orginal poster, keep the same satkaar for Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji as you would for Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Prakash of Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji is in the hazoori of Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. The same way Guru Roop Panj Pyare
  11. I got to have sangat of Sant Hari Singh this past summer in east london. Many times in Katha he said meat and jhatka is wrong. A singh from the sangat asked Sant ji in his room if jhatka at hazoor sahib is correct he said its manmat and put forth evidence including a historical document he has found on how it was introduced. I dont want to debate anything as i have been to hazoor sahib and dont like to dwell on controversional points.
  12. can someone put up the katha were it is mentioned that bhai mani singh did padched and any refernaces for puratan granths such sooraj and and panth prakash thank you im all for larivaar but this the they way a singh explained it. if i was to get ur mums arm and cut it up (which is wrong, exactly pad ched is) the bits that are cut up are still make up and belong to ur mothers arm (the panktia still belong(are) the guru). Funny and strange example but hey it made sense to me!
  13. to the original poster can u kindly provide evidence of Bhai mani singh ji was responsible for pad ched. My view is that larivaar format is the right way as this is how maharaj wrote gurbani. However i do not agree that u shouldnt do matha tek in front of pad ched sarroop and the saroop is somehow not the guru. There needs to be parchaar about larivaar and the youth need to start taking santhya in larivaar so we can make larivaar mainstream (allthough every historic gurudwara has a larivaar saroop prakash)
  14. gurfateh ji any one know the history of the bunga mastuana taksal which was i think was started by baba attar singh i think , correct me if im wrong any info will be great thanks
  15. hit the nail on the head no doubt do satkaar as much as you can even build manji sahibs for gutka sahibs like Baba Nand singh did but dont forget if the biggest level of satkaar is too actually read and implement what gurbani states otherwise then its like buying expensive clothes for your parents and not listening to what they are saying to you. whats the point
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