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  1. IPD is just taking credit for anything anyone does. Why have IPD not spoken up now or Dhumma? Politics OR Ego is main reason Panthik Jathaa have not come together "osingh" this will only get worse soon after the election. Dhumma needs to take a stand like Sant Jarnail Singh would have and not sell out. Did Bhai Dhumma speak out when Badal was to be Honoured With Panth Rattan Fakr-E-Qaum?
  2. Sant Samaj under Dhumma is now in same party as Badal. It is sad to see pictures of Dhumma with this Nazi - leaves no faith in Damdami Taksal or Sant Samaj.
  3. What do people think about Sant Samaj, they seem to be hitting headlines all the time yet in recent panthic protests I have not seen the head Dhumma. On the other hand Baba Baljit Singh is always arrested by police for leading Gursikhs.
  4. I would really compare economic Punjab situation to developing African countries. This clip is just shocking!
  5. I find the new make up of SGPC astonishing, how can the DamDami Taksal “Jathedar” could give siroppa and now be in bed with Badal and BJP. Dhumma and SantSamaj should have spoken up against Badal becoming Panth Rattan – bring on a new election but not just people of Punjab but why not make it international!
  6. kabaddi I agree maybe ok once every month - I wouldn't mind as much if the people playing had Sikhi Saroop but majortiy always monai.......
  7. Why are SWAT and Sikh Channel not working together?
  8. Ok now watch this interview harsimrat badal on sarpanch slapping teacher
  9. I have dry scalp and was hoping someone can tell me what oil is best to use or anyone knows different oil's I can mix?
  10. can anyone do this? What if we live in Scotland, or Bradford?
  11. the complete story: why the teacher was slapped the poor teachers including the lady teacher varinder kaur wanted an audience with harsimrat badal. the burly thuggish sarpanch did not want them disrupting the clean image he wanted to present to his supremo sukhbir badal's wife. the teachers however perhaps mistakenly believed they live in a democracy and so will be able to get through to harsimrat. that did not happen. finally when the sarpanch tried to push her away she said how would you feel if your daughters or womenfolk were also getting whacked by society like we are. that did it for t
  12. During the camp there was an issue between some female campers and a young female Sewadar. The issue was that girls, aged 16 and 17, were saying that their female Sewadar cuts her eyebrows and how it is wrong considering as she representing the 'Gurmat Camp'. On the morning of Saturday 31st August, the female sewadar decided to 'punish' the girls for asking her why she cuts her eyebrows by making them clean the toilets. The girls were given bleach to clean the toilets. Not having done this before or used bleach before, they began using the bleach to clean the toilets as you would any other c
  13. It was during the Nagar Kirtan, not during yoga.
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