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  1. How do we know the jathedar of the Akal Thakat is not controlled by RSS?
  2. Totally agree with you confusingh. It is the Dereh creating these schools of thought. Its a brainwashing excercise whereby bramanvad philosophy is being excercised through these dereh and so called babeh which is then being exerted by these minorities (who wish to change the maryada in the guru gharr) and implemented in these guru ghar's such as the one you attend up north - and it is these rituals and bramanvad philosophies (one of which is repeating the japp ji sahib over and over again) which from my assessment most of our brothers and sisters on this thread follow! In my view - comments such as the one made by one poster above that he would rather repeat the Japp Ji sahib a billion time and not understand the meaning are ill founded and have no substance to them. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke fateh.
  3. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Why should the topic be closed? - because you cant debate!!! Your mind and thinking is too narrow and not open to learning the REAL philosophy of Sikhi - which is against rituals and braminvad!!! The bani condemns any kind of rituals and all you posting comments against confusingh seem to to be pro-rituals and bramanvad beliefs and philosophy??? I totally agree with confusingh on the philosphy of Sikhi.
  4. I'm sorry but if you guys can speak to me like this for expressing my opinion then what hope does mr bal have with you What's happened to freedom of speech. My parents read your articles last nite and were ashamed. They have lived in sloigh since the 80s and have known bal for years, they say mr bal has helped his community fir years and has been a approachable man. I am a regular goer at the gurdwara and know exactly what has happened in the last two years. Y did committee members leave the commitee....because they are chor and mr bal wasn't having it! I've read a whole blog on this and it sounds like one or two of you are the instigators and the rest just believe what you say. I think before accusations are made you should get facts.....as its a criminal offence to make such statements such as mr bal pocketing money. YoU say a majority of sikh sangat are against mr bal......this is incorrect.....I found out today from a friend another sikh youth that the majority of sikh sangat are for this. Also none of you answered my question relating to wheelchair users and the lady with parkinson. You say it is rare.....why do you think its rare.....I'm sure they don't feel like they can come because they can't sit......dontyou think we should cater for them. I don't what to argue and to call me a bacha is not mature at all. We should be able to talk constructively. Can you not even do that. Ok you say you are not causing trouble but some of the comments make me think it. We need to stop these comments. We are all guru jis pyare and its not right for us to talk to each other like this. I should be at gurdwara tmw so will try and c u all in the back. But I still suggesst you all need to sit back and listen to yourselves. We shoulnt be fighting our own, its not up to us to decide if someone is a masand or not. What mr bal done in 1984 was not the only thing he has done. When mr bal done what he done in 84 where were the rest of the sikhs....let me guess doing overtime at work!!!! You shoulnt just shrug off what he has done....he made a point!!!!not only that he has actively talked against human rights.....about what happend in 84 ......tO date he has been a community leader and being followers of bindranwala we all should be working together. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh
  5. msg being circulated. I will be there to support mr bal.... I'm sorry but don't agree wiv any of you on this Your getting people together to cause trouble in gurdwara ....is that what you have learnt? You call yourselves guru ji's pyare. Yet planning to get sangat together and cause trouble in guru ji's darbar!! .
  6. I read about this this week so decided to pay a visit to slough gurdwara. Can I firstly point out there are no benches at slough gurdwara so whoever has made this up? I'm a sikh youth myself abd has spent some time reading about sikhi.... My question is if you have a wheelchair and can't wAlk does this mean you cannot go upstair to matha tekh? Some time back I met a lady who suffered parkinsons and said she could not sit on the floor .....can we not consider people like these? To be honest I don't see what is wrong with it....the way u guys r talking only someone n good health wud be able to attend gutdwara. Also I've read a few comments made about mr bal.... Sounds like there are a minority that don't agree with him. My parents have known him for years and he is a honest sevadar of the sikh community. He is a true believer and follower of sant bindrawala.. Mr bal has for years worked to promote sikhi and I am ashamed to read some of the messages written by you on this blog. You all call yourselves guru jis sikhs but the way your talking makes me sick. I'm ashaned to say I'm a sikh youth. Before thibgs are posted on this you should get your facts right.....there are NO benches! Stop causing troubles spend your time constructively reading up on sikhi rather than causing trouble. Sikhi does not teach you to fight with your own. Your all a minority ......!
  7. Khalsaland, Firstly, no sikh can ever think of having any malice intent towards the Gurbani! To clarify please read my above comment which simply asked the question since when the literature of the dasam granth was called Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib ji. If the dasam granth is the writing of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji - surely this is literature because its in a written format? Please dont divert the questions I am posing by simply accusing me of any malice intent! Why dont you tell me the difference between the Bachitar Natak and the Dasam Granth? I thought i was one and the same? As for you saying that I am just copying and pasting the views of Darshan Ragi and Kala Afghana - this is not the case. I am in the process of learning and therefore posing very simple questions.
  8. No other body apart from the Akal Takht has the authority to excommunicate? Is that not correct? My understanding is that the Akal Takht is the supreme body and all other takhts are subsidiary bodies? Please correct me if im wrong. My understanding is that the procedure for excommunication is as follows:- Firstly notice must be given to the accused to provide explaination of his/her actions. Secondly the accused has the oppurtunity to appear before the Akal Takht to explain his/her actions or send a written explaination if it is not possible to attend in person. Did the supreme authority (The Akal Takht) authorise Takht Sri Patna Sahib to excommunicate Prof Darshan Singh? Did the Akal Takht not follow up the actions of Takht Sri Patna Sahib? Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji formed the Akal Takht in 1609 with the help of Baba Buddha Ji and Bhai Gurdass Ji - all the other Takhts are very respected histrorical places but they dont have the same authority of the Akal Takht.
  9. Since when has this literature been called "Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib Ji"? It used to be termed Bachitar Natak? Whats all that about? since when did we call Our Guroo Sahib's baani literature? With respect, the term literature is used for "writings" or something in a written format. But you have conveniently avoided my above query which is since when has the Bachitar Natak been termed the "Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib Ji"? My understanding is that Guruship was given to the Guru Granth Sahib Ji by Guru Gobind Singh Ji - and not to anything else?
  10. If you do feel the need to meet/converse, do so about Guru Sahib! That can be done through Gurmat Veechar or doing Keertan/Paath together. Hope that doesn't sound too extreme. =) Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khalsaa! Vaheguroo Jee Ki Fatheh! Of course that sounds extreme!! You need to get a life mate!!!!! Theres nothing wrong with a couple meeting before marriage - we dont live in the stone age!!! Sikhi is'nt about just doing path, and sitting with your eyes closed! We must evolve with the times and be mature about these kinds of issues in the modern day!
  11. Since when has this literature been called "Sri Guru Dasam Granth Sahib Ji"? It used to be termed Bachitar Natak? Whats all that about?
  12. so Guroo Gobind Singh Jee's Baani is lower than other Guroo Sahiban Kee Baani? Have you even read the Dasm Granth? Are you even familiar with its content?
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