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  1. Well, I sympathize with you and understand perfectly the sense of outrage and anger that you feel, More than anything, I guess you feel letdown and disappointed by his actions as well as disgusted by his weakness and irresponsible behaviour, hopefully he can redeem himself in your eyes, maybe if he met a good woman with good qualities he would desist from this self-destructive path, Only with familial support and not abandonment and rage can he overcome this addiction and come to faith, Yet, since he is irreligious it is not particularly suprising that a man would behave like this as it is pretty universal regardless of culture for people with hedonistic mindsets,(though that fact probably won't help you) but please understand that there is nothing in his upbringing that could have caused this and there is nothing that a brother or sister could have ever said or done to have prevented this, it is simply a case of uncontrolled desires deep within him that are possessing him and driving him to act in this way. I guess it is just one of thos things where all you can really do is to preach against it and hope that he feels shame and repents or through his own experiences he realizes the pitfalls of such behaviour and changes, Obviously he's ashamed of doing this or he wouldn't be keeping it secret but to tell your parents would further drive a wedge between you and him , maybe some sort of intervention type situation with his friends etc might help? I've seen people with similar problems cured by family members talking to mahapurukhs, doing bani or akhand paaths, hukamnamas. But the bottom line is that he has to want to change deeply from within (and he probably does, you just have to coax it out of him) Guru's Grace
  2. Extremely elitist and non-visionary for sure, not to mention exclusionistic and revisionistic. any reason why non-amritdharis wouldn't be allowed to get married in there own place of worship? In the Ten Guru's time there was no such injunction so why dream that there was now 300 years latter?
  3. I believe there was one Puratan Bir of Dasam Granth that contained Ugardanti.
  4. A good discussion on this: http://www.sikhsangat.com/lofiversion/index.php/t42774.html If I'm not mistakan Sant Gurbachan Singh ji Bhindranwala started this maryada of chatkha to sugarcanes and coconuts as opposed to goats, I have also heard that Nihangs had done this earlier as well. Guru's Grace
  5. valli singh


    Brother, rest assured, as your grandmother was a religious woman, she was taken by angels to heaven, Yama's messengers only come for evil, athiestic or tamasic souls, amrit is not necessary for Swarg Lok--read the story of Ajamal in Sri Guru Granth Sahib, amrit is for final liberation--Sach Khand-- which is far beyond Swarag Lok and is eternal, while Gurbani says heaven is only temporary, you will see your grandmother in heaven Brother, have no worry in this regard, Guru's Grace
  6. Jathedar Baba Joginder Singh ji baptises people of all castes at Raqba, what other Dals do is not a reflection on him as he cannot be expected to be omnipresent, Nang Balbir Singh has kept the previous caste-discriminatory policy though he is not a member of any Dal.
  7. the human form is special because it is the only form in which we can realize God, God is real and the point of life is to become conscious of him while living, as the above posters have said it is best to contact a brahmgiani to answer such questions as only they truely know.
  8. Babaji's Website: http://derabababalwantsinghji.com/gallery.htm
  9. freewill is like a subjective security blanket that assures us of agency, bacause it is rooted in the mayavic belief that we are this body and mind as opposed to an eternal atma in Sikhism it says that man can do nothing, everything is preordained, whether freewill existed or not the system of karma is unfair, but if freewill existed how could God be all-knowing? It would imply that God is limited, if he created all beings and is omniscent meaning he knows everyones fate and future as Gurbani says He does how could there be freewill? if God knows the future it is preordained Milton's Paradise Lost is a classical text that supports freewill, the Sikh Gurus do not, if it helps one to believe in it that is fine, yes well the causer of it all is Kal who is permanently debarred from Sach Khand which I believe is a fitting punishment for someone who created karma and reincarnation, Sikhism above all encourages us to recognize God's will over our mind's will
  10. You are right, I agree completely, now philosophically I understand 'why' it is unfair etc, as we have been discussing here, but how could karma be fair? think about it, you do sins in your past life, you are punished in hell etc, you go through animal rebirths where you have no self consciousness and untold sufferings and then you are reborn as a blank slate human and you are basically a puppet on a stage being pulled by the strings of past acts that you have no knowledge of so that you are forever bouncing between pain and pleasure and being punished for seemingly no reason, it would have been much more efficent if we knew what we did wrong in the past, then if we got cancer, we could say 'oh, I got cancer because I poisoned that king in my past life, now my suffering at least makes sense' but we don't even have that. The reason karma is unfair is because it comes from Kal who demands an eye for an eye, whereas Dayal (Akal Purukh) actually gives mercy to his disciples and destroys crores of sins, mountains of sins in a single glance, so if you are under the care of a brahmgiani--life becomes fair so to speak because they are working for your liberation from this unfair system eternally.
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