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  1. How about reading panth parkash and finding out then? feel free to "try" and prove me wrong
  2. What makes you so sure? This is an extract from the works of Bhai Rattan Singh Bhangoo from Prachin Panth Parkash Granth. Bhai Vir Singh also mentions this in Dasmesh Chamatkar. Panth Parkash is widely accepted so I dont know how you can make such a statement without a reason behind it.
  3. "Let us sing the praises of Nanak, King of kings of both worlds." - First Line From The Arti Of The Original Udhasi Sikhs! Akaal!

  4. "Let us sing the praises of Nanak, King of kings of both worlds." - First Line From The Arti Of The Original Udhasi Sikhs! Akaal!

  5. "Let us sing the praises of Nanak, King of kings of both worlds." - First Line From The Arti Of The Original Udhasi Sikhs! Akaal!

  6. I will not reply to your points for a few simple reasons. Although some points are justified (and i would like to reply back to them), most of your points I personally see as silly. Plus, until you can post with a certain level of decency without getting worked up (and using capital letters), I will not waste my time replying. You said that Sikhs share with love yet your back-chat type comments and clear sense of immaturity in your writing shows that you leave a lot to be desired. Akaal! :waheguru:Well thank you very much brother. I appreciate that a lot
  7. "The Gurbani you have presented is stating that we must not discard these religious scriptures without even reading through them and seeing what they say" - yet you completely contradict yourself as you clearly said in your previous post that these granths and scriptures were BANISHED! "If other religious scriptures were completely Akal Purakhs word, then Satguru ji would have not stated the above or even wrote Gurbani" - clearly you have failed to grasp my thinking and you have failed to anylyse my comments because no one at all suggested that other scriptures were completely akal purakhs word! "I'm ignore the hate comment because you clearly don't understand what is being said here" - yes run away ... "The soul is not separate from this world that does not get affected. A person becomes what he practices. The soul is directed affected by what the person practices. The soul turns false once the person continues on false paths. The soul in not eternal or untouchable" - again, you have failed to keep track of my line of thought because no one said that a person doesnt become what he practices and no one said that the soul isnt directly affected by that the person practices. The point im making is, hopefully you will see my train of thought this time, is that the soul does not have specifics. All paths do lead to the supreme being and those who manage that from other religions (even though it is far harder), will ultimately join with a sikhs soul. If other religions do not, then are you trying to tell me that Bhagat Kabir, Bhagat Ravidass and countless other non-sikh saints didnt reach Vaheguru? ... yet Maharaj saw their brahmgian and allowed them to write within Guru Granth Sahib?? ... "I know i took yout out of your comfort zone and your reacting out of anger and fustration, so take a deep breath and then reply" - understand you really did not take me out of my comfort zone and you still havent. Dont kid yourself brother. I have not acted in any way out of anger and frustration, however i could very easily point that finger at you and accuse you of the same, judging by your completely uncalled for comment on Sri Bhagauti Sahib and Guru Granth Sahibs parkash in harmandir Sahib! ...
  8. Do not say that the Vedas, the Bible and the Koran are false. False are those that do not contemplate them. (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji - Ang 1350) Clearly, Guru sahib didnt banish any scriptures. You say he banished such scriptures and religions, Yet Guru Ji many times instructs those from other religions to follow their religions properly. Its a Shame sikhs today think that Sikhi preaches hate against all other paths to the same Supreme Being. A Soul has no religion, All souls that are liberated, regardless of religion, will merge with the Same supreme being after death anyway. Yeah you say all other religions are inferior, yet Guru Nanak was pretty happy for Bhai Mardana to be muslim. You say all other religions are inferior, yet Muslims have passages within the Guru Granth Sahib. Last time i checked mate, Harmandir Sahib has 4 enterences to symbolize equality to people from all paths and walks of life. Last time i checked, Guru Granth Sahib is universal and for all of mankind. This kind of nonsense hate that you are preaching is exactly what extremist muslims preach, then you have the Taliban which try and actively inforce it. Shame on you! <br style=""> <br style="">
  9. Give the teachings of how to wage war, in this way you shall retain the name Singh. [Naveen Panth Prakash, pg. 1571, Vol. 3]

  10. Akaal Here is my personal opinion There is no reason why it should be "wrong" to marry out of religion. Think about it, a marriage is a unification of two souls. Souls are a piece of god and do not have a religion, caste, creed, race or gender. Any two souls can unite. Secondly, the idea of a marriage is to unify souls and then help your partner progress spiritually. There is nothing to say that a person can not help their partner progress spiritually just because they are from a different religion. Bare in mind that dharamraja will not judge you on your religion, but your kamai, karma and spirituality as no religion is inferior to another or "bad". If you are thinking of marrying a hindu, then it may not be such a problem as usually hindus do not mind engaging in all sikh practices. If your partner asks you to engage in hindu practices, and this is something that you yourself personally do not mind, then that is fine and okay. If however you object, you may need to talk that over with your partner. The issue arises with bringing up children. You will have to decide with your partner what you will bring your children up as. That is entirely up to you and your partner and for no one else to judge. Once you have decided that, I personally see no reason as to why you cannot marry someone from a different religion. Just make it so that you do not fight with each other in later life about how to bring up children etc. I myself know plenty of couples who are from different religions and everything is fine and completely normal. This is just my opinion, I am not particularly bothered if someone disagrees as every man is his own religion and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Anyone who disagrees has that right to do so. Akaal
  11. That does not however make everything wrong, even in the eyes of mainstream sikhs. Yes the Asht Bhuja-Dhuja was guru gobind singhs battle standard. More information can be found in Nihang Niddar Singhs book, but ov course it is up to you whether you consider it to be true or not. You can always get in contact with someone who can go to Hazur Sahib and ask directly.
  12. you have clearly missed the point. everyone takes their shoes off before entering the darbar sahib, that is not the issue. the point im making is that you can walk into a gurdwara wearing leather shoes! obviously you take them off before entering the darbar sahib. nobodys raising their opinion on whether you should wear shoes or not in the darbar sahib! choose your words more carefully next time mate.
  13. I seriously cannot stop laughing and some of the above comments! ... When you walk into Darbar Sahib, whats the tabla made of? .... What the Ranjit Nagara made of? ... What are puratan Shastar Miyaans made of? ... What are most small shastar handles made of?? (Animal Bone) ... What do you think was used to poison weapons?? (various goat/animal fluids) ... what is the Dilruba made of? ... What is the Sarangi made of? ... what is any puratan tanti saaj made of? .... what were shoes made out of in the old times??? ... what was some forms of armour made from??? ........ The answer is all leather! .... theres nothing wrong with wearing leather in the gurdwara or anywhere else for that matter! ... :lol:
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