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  1. As far as reincarnation is concerned - I have an answer. But before I put that I want to say that , the above answers are 'very' good and true to the Sikh principles. I thank the writers of these answers for teaching a lot. I have written the answer in the form of a post on my blog so I wouldn't be liking it to type it here again. So you can follow the link - Sikh theory of Reincarnation.
  2. The above post isn't wrong but it doesn't explain why meat should not be eaten. I have many reasons to put - Why don't Sikhs eat meat? . I have already posted it at the blog and too tired to type it again here. Do read the reasons at the blog and give your views too. Why don't Sikhs eat meat?
  3. Thanks a lot for giving such a valuable information. My friend was searching for information on Bhagats but he didn't got much. So I decided to put put posts regarding all Bhagats at my blog. Till date with the Grace of the Guru I have been successful in putting posts regarding Bhagat Bheekhan Ji and Bhagat Trilochan Ji.
  4. I didn't get what you want to say by these lines ...please write in plain language.
  5. Bhaji, ONE question. Have you done your own research? It seems you are just copying the birth years from other (not-trustable) sources. The Bani in SGGS is not of Sheikh Farid that lived during the 12th century. But a Bhagat Farid that lived latter. One of the most learned persons in the panth, was Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha, and he himself has stated this. I am writing on this currently... As I'm not in India, I can't do certain things. But you being in India, should atleast visit the Gurdwara in Ayodhya where the Bhagats supposedly met Guru Ji (Bhagat Ramanand, Bhagat Ravidas and few others).
  6. I think you are not correct to the best degree. If not all, most of them were not Sikhs. In fact many of them have lived even before Sikhism was founded. For example- Bhagat Jaidev Ji born in 1170 Bhagat Namdev Ji born in 1270 Sheikh Farid Ji born in 1173 and many more . I"m trying to collect much information on them and then I'll put posts regarding them on my blog - Who Are Sikh? . I have already posted regarding Bhagat Trilochan Ji . and will also post in a day or so regarding Bhagat Bhikhan JI.
  7. lol

    Guru pyaareyo, follow only SatGuruji


  8. NavjeetSingh


    Well I'm just asking this to you out of nowhere. How do you feel of being a Sikh? You can reply me as a mail or message me to or put it here. Waiting your reply Amarpreet Ji.
  9. It's really interesting post. Highly inspiring. Thanks a log for putting it here. Do we have more of such posts over here?
  10. :nishaan_sahib_right: Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh the time is to unite the people and make the existing organizations stronger and stronger. But its just spliting up the people. If one organization is dead or inactive. New people can just take over it or the core members can be changed or altered on regular basis but it should be done under the same banner and same name. making another organization is not a good idea at all. TIME IS TO UNITE AND STAND TOGETHER. TRY TO MERGE THE EXISTING ORGANIZATIONS AND BE ONE BUT BECOME THE STRONGEST, STRONGEST AS A SIKH COMMUNITY.
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