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  1. "Seriously gupt" as you have decided to publicly name individuals on this forum and call them and other parbandaks and jathebandees "cats and cobras" its only fair that you reveal your own identity. All sangat have the right to question and get accountability from any parbandaks whether of the Mata Sahib Kaur Academy or other Gurdwara's. All Sikhs are to use your words "stakeholders" in particular regarding the Mata Sahib Kaur Academy Gurdwara as the parbandaks from this Gurdwara have collected so much money in the past year or two from the wider sangat across the UK not just locally
  2. Singho the criticism of the Sikh jathebandees and SCUK etc in this thread is not warranted a lot of work is going on behind the scenes including meetings with the authorities - statements will be made soon I understand
  3. The story is being discussed by Nihal on the BBC Asian Network this afternoon The interview by Kanwarpal Sandhu of Day and Night News with Brar shown on Sangat TV yesterday evening appeared to suggest Brar may be a frequent visitor to the UK and also the US where he said his sons live. I think the question we have to pose to the Home Office is why he was given a visa to visit here when clearly he poses a threat to law and order and security in our country given his controversial role in the 84 attack? As to the alleged attack on Brar, more information willl I guess come out in due course but Brar is clearly linking it to Sikhs in his interview on NDTV even going so far as referring to the June 84 rally in London. There is clearly an ulterior motive behind his words to discredit the 50,000 and growing cross section of Sikhs in this country who attend the rally to hightlight in part the atrocities committed by the army led by him. SFUK/FSO rally organisers need to counteract this with our govenement authorities and in the national media.
  4. "_sangat_tv_" You are clearly writing for or on behalf of the Sikh Channel. Why is the Sikh Channel not promoting the 1984 rally this year in its programming or on its scroll despite repeated requests?
  5. Parmjeet Singh Bheora's letter has been published in the Punjab Times this week http://www.punjabtimes.co.uk/PDF/main.pdf The reason why this has come to a head now is due to Balwant Singh Rajoana repeatedly making his allegation in his letters against Resham Singh Germany to which the others have responded but the long term issue between the Singhs in this case relate to the different approaches they have taken in their legal cases. It is a shame they were unable to maintain respect for each other and rise above their differences rather than becoming so fractured and publicly insulting each other.
  6. Amar Singh Chahal (lawyer and member of Lawyers for Human Rights International) has just been interviewed on Sangat TV and has said LFHRI has today made an application to the Punjab and Haryana High Court to dismiss the case/conviction in the Beant Singh case against Rajoana and all the other Singhs on the basis the whole case is tainted by unfair process and is unsafe as Rajan Malhotra the prosecution lawyer throughtout the case is not a CBI lawyer and was never appointed by the CBI in this case! The Court has ordered the CBI to respond to the application by 30 March 2012. Chahal was suggesting the conviction should now be quashed but could also result in a re-trial. I'm unclear whether Chahal was saying Malhotra is not a lawyer at all or not a CBI lawyer but either way this is staggering news. The information regarding Malhotra was obtained as a result of a freedom of information request from the CBI. Chahal also said criminal proceedings should be commenced against Malhotra. LFHRI is already involved in the case as it is currently appealing to the Supreme Court against the dismissal of its petition to the Punjab and Haryana High Court to stay the execution of Rajoana. The petition was dismissed by the High Court on the basis LFHRI had no locus standi to make the application. It is ironic that Malhotra was objecting to the locus standing of the Patiala Jail Superintendant in the courts as mentioned in the above report and for the LFHRI application when he does not appear to have any himself! The question naturally arises, if Malhotra was not appointed by the CBI, by whom was he appointed? For more infomation on LFHRI see http://www.lfhri.org/
  7. jagtar singh which birmingham mp's have the impression sikhs are not interested in the lobby? agree everyone should play their part in making the lobby successful by taking time off work to attend but as you are aware it is more difficult during this time of year hope lobby dates are fixed in advance next year as proposed for those of us who could not make it this time round can you feedback what update fabian hamilton gave on what the appg has done since the last lobby?
  8. have you all even listened to the programme? it was not "having a go" at sikhs it was a general and legitimate discusion of governance of gurdwaras and other places of worship the background to the debate being the closure/suspension of the daljit singh chicago gurdwara in this case the progamme was balanced as some callers like balwinder kaur saund were critical of gurdwara committees - probably too much she should know better to balance it - but others like gurmel singh more positive - even the infamous "jasminder" had at least something positive to say about his gurdwara along with his usual negativity if people don't like hearing criticism of gurdwara management committees they are better off starting with our own media whether it be the tv channels the punjabi press or even this forum as there is alot more negativity towards management committees by the contributors here than will even be heard on the bbc
  9. some points re the above – 1. ofcom is not stopping sikhs talking about human rights abuses in india or advocating khalistan on the sikh channel or anywhere else – what ofcom is saying is that as per its code which all tv broadcasters are subject to it is not the job of broadcast media like the sikh channel to be partial on such issues but rather give others the platform to voice their opinions - don't think its a good idea to start complaining to ofcom 2. sikh channel’s response posted above to ofcom’s findings appears to suggest the channel will show neutrality in the future on these issues – this is a change to its original response to ofcom and the argument it made previously re its role in the d-day protest that it is a ‘campaigning’ channel and will take an editorial stance and participate in the debate on sikh issues 3. sikh channel should have an editorial and broadcast policy and make it clear to the sangat – they are not prevented from raising any of the issues they have re india and human rights they just need to do it an ofcom code compliant way hopefully this will lead to more professionally produced programming on these issues in the future - there is nothing stopping the channel naming and shaming on such shows the indian high commission and the indian oversees congress party members if/when they are invited to debate the issues and refuse to attend like is commonly done on the bbc 4. blaming kam may help sikh channel in its appeal but is not fair on him in that he’s not the only presenter on sikh channel to present his own views during a show and in any case ofcom’s bigger criticism appears to be the channel’s failure to provide the footage on time 5. the complaints filed at ofcom were not only to do with kam’s show but also involved two other shows earlier that month – recall that this was the month leading up to the june rally when jathebandee’s were on the channels asking everyone to attend. anti sikh elements are clearly worried by the power of sikh media in galvanising sangat’s interest on the issue of India and sikhs - hope sikh channel finds out who made the complaints with a freedom information request if necessary and let the sangat know - what are the chances they are sikhs not hindus
  10. http://www.thestar.c...article/1066238 Bramalea-Gore-Malton: NDP’s Singh squeaks to win October 06, 2011 Chantaie Allick Jagmeet Singh For the first time in the riding's short history a New Democrat MP will represent Bramalea-Gore-Malton at Queen's Park. Jagmeet Singh won in a race that was too close to call right up to the end. “I'm extremely excited to start working for the people of Ontario. I had a strong feeling the community members were behind me and I'm honoured to represent them,” said Singh immediately after the win. While there were seven candidates in the riding, the ones most watched were the Progressive Conservatives’ Sanjeev Maingi, NDP’s Singh and Liberal incumbent Dr. Kuldip Kular. Bramalea-Gore-Malton, which straddles Brampton and Mississauga, was a key riding in the election. It was expected to be a three-way race from the beginning. In the federal election the riding, an 18-year Liberal stronghold, was won by the Conservatives, which left many wondering how things would turn on Oct. 6. In addition, Singh ran federally in May and lost by just 500 votes. He received 19,000 votes in the federal election. “A lot of those same people want to vote for me again and more,” Singh had said in the week before the election. “If everyone comes out to vote we can pull it off.” A poll conducted on the weekend had Singh ahead of his opponents at 35.4 per cent support, Kular with 31.7 per cent and Maingi further behind at 24.4 per cent. Singh, 32, a lawyer, is decades younger than his two primary opponents and it showed in his responses during a televised debate held in the riding. While the other candidates stayed on message in stilted, rehearsed sound bites, he was quick to answer questions and challenged his opponents on their record and platform. “The Liberals have had four years to fulfill this promise and they haven’t. So how can we trust them again?” Singh said about redevelopment of Peel Memorial hosipital. Maingi repeated the same sentiment shortly after. The Liberals announced new funding for the completion of Peel Memorial hospital in September, days before the election was called. Both Maingi and Singh questioned the timing of the announcement during televised debates in the riding. The hospital was closed in 2007 and has been sitting vacant since then. Clad in a grey three piece suit and black turban, Singh stood out beside his opponents dressed in box cut dark suits. Singh also tried to engage a younger segment of the riding’s population during his campaign. He was the only candidate on YouTube with a satirical video about him. Singh’s campaign was one run by young people. “We did it, we did it,” the young volunteers, who filled the hall at his celebration, kept repeating with claps and high fives. He says the success of both his campaigns “showcases what young people can do when they come together.” The area’s new MPP must now find ways to create jobs in the region which was hard hit by job losses in 2010, particularly in manufacturing. The riding is also faced with an exploding population and the many challenges that come with it, including a strained health-care system. It saw a 27.4 per cent growth between 2001 and 2006.
  11. just googled details of the event - http://www.euroindia-leuven.org good work by sikhs for justice however not sure whether belgium's universal jurisdiction law is still in force think it is was changed after their rawanda genocide trials and in any case kamal nath will have immunity as he is still a minister - the most that can probably be done is to stop him attending the event as with his london visit last year i doubt nath is going to belgium for just this event there must be bilateral meetings already set up with belguim/ eu authorities anyone got any details?
  12. great work by satkaar campaign - keep it up! surely this means there can be no more excuses for gurdwara's having party halls in the UK i think its now time for every jathebandee and organisation to put pressure on the parbandak committees to finally put an end to this beadbi jassa veer jee i think satkaar campaign UK will focus their press realeses about the UK issue to do with meat and alcohol parties regarding india issues the akal takht meeting praised all singhs for taking a stand but asked everyone to work together to prevent beadbi and put pressure on the government to register murder cases against guilty persons so it didnt get to the stage of singhs threatening to take direct action to punish the guilty like in udampur case
  13. ksingh82, it is no surprise that dal khalsa manmohan singh would support this event naturally given those who are opposing it - such is the friction that this demo has created that the dastaar issue itself and whether a demo was needed at this time has now long been lost in all the posturing on who is standing or not standing with whom prabkasimran, i am confused by your email to ofcom as you have not even cared to specify to them what bad language or slanderous thing was actually said on sangat tv as you allege - please do post the response you get from ofcom as they will write back!
  14. pyara, the statement by the sikh council has been released now due to it being repeatedly asked whether it agrees with the d-day and whether it would advise others to attend - the statement has not been released lightly and in an ideal world things wouldn't have got to this stage where organisations are having to clarify their positions but they are all left with no choice such is the intensity of this issue right now sikh council has not been in paralysis on this issue and had in fact made its position clear to bal a number of weeks ago. although in hindsight it should have been more forceful from the beginning, it has been working to try to resolve the issue these past few weeks culminating in the formula/offer made to bal on monday evening - it was bal's choice to walk away from the resolution aman001's post captures well the steps that have taken place on the dastaar issue these past few months around westminster - can even go further back to june 2010 and all the lobbying efforts of the sikh federation from that time which led to the swab trial being introduced at most UK airports in order to suspend the EU regulations in respect of hand-searches the information posted by aman001 is not new and is not hard to find if you're looking for it but overall do agree that communication must be improved on what our leading organisations are doing and perhaps this is the biggest lesson they can learn from this debacle. equally however the federation have these past few weeks actively requested including on this forum for sevadaars particualrly youth to join them in their new structure to assist with communication amongst other things - did those criticising them for not communicting the federation's message and activities put themselves forward to assist?
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