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    learning as much as possible about Sikhi.
    Listening to Katha, keertan, Gurbani Veechar.
    making like-minded friends
    Standing for truth
    Fighting for justice
    raising voice against society's evils and wrong practices
    Being what I am, and not what I am not.
    Begging God to never to let me forget HIM ever

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  1. Here is what Gurbani says Gur merai sang sda hai naale simar simar tis sda smaale guru myrY sMig sdw hY nwly ] gur maerai sa(n)g sadhaa hai naalae || My Guru is always with me, near at hand. ismir ismir iqsu sdw sm@wly ]1] rhwau ] simar simar this sadhaa samhaalae ||1|| rehaao || Meditating, meditating in remembrance on Him, I cherish Him forever. ||1||Pause|| and you might have read this too Tu kahe dole paraniya, tujhe rakhega sirjanhaar. Waheguru jo saadee mata de odar vich vee dekhbhal karda, when we are not capable of doing anything, why we get shaken by the tests of life. I know its easy to say for me now, as I am not going through tests. But believe me, I have got my fair share of pain and no guarantee that I won't see again. But only thing I usually pray for is that Guru sahib I know you will be ang sang always, just keep me on path and don't let me forget that you are ang sang when I am in good mental/physical states of my life and also when I am in not so good ones. Guru Sahib help me realize that its just another test and I will survive with your blessings and just don't let me ever loose faith in you.
  2. AmarjitKaur


    To OP, Veerji, I understand your situation is falling apart. But don't worry, things won't stay the same in few weeks, months. Just be patient and keep yourself connected to Gurbani to the max. You are in need of max connection to Bani and just do that. Guru Sahib has amazing ways of bringing problems to your life and then taking them away too. "Satgur sikh ka halat palat sware" Focus on this and have faith that above lines are 1000% true. The only thing us humans lack is to become the good SIKH. So you do your part of becoming a good SIKH, Guru sahib ne apna part aap hee kar dena. NO worries. There are no hassals in life for which Guru sahib don't have a solution for. What hurts today, may seem a hidden blessing tomorrow. You are in process of finding a new YOU, more you connect with Bani, more you will enjoy and like the new YOU, you will find. I have said it before, we are horses with shields. we only see whats infront of us. but Guru sahib knows the whole picture. There are new heights Guru sahib wants you to reach. So putting you through this fire, after crossing which you will find new beauty of life, of Guru sahib's leela. They say sona aug cho nikal ke hee nikhrada. So you are just getting your share of the fire. Don't worry, Guru sahib will make sure that you survive and you will tomorrow thank what you went through (many of us thank the fire now that we see the new us after the fire is over and you will too).
  3. jnu nwnku DUiV mMgY iqsu gurisK kI jo Awip jpY Avrh nwmu jpwvY ]2] jan naanak dhhoorr ma(n)gai this gurasikh kee jo aap japai avareh naam japaavai ||2|| Servant Nanak begs for the dust of the feet of that GurSikh, who himself chants the Naam, and inspires others to chant it. ||2|| Guru Raam Daas Ji Raag Gauree ang 306 jn nwnk dws dws ko krIAhu myrw mUMfu swD pgw hyiT rulsI ry ]2]4]37] jan naanak daas daas ko kareeahu maeraa moo(n)dd saadhh pagaa haet(h) rulasee rae ||2||4||37|| Make servant Nanak the slave of Your slave; let his head roll in the dust under the feet of the Holy. ||2||4||37|| Guru Arjan Dev Ji Raag Dayv Gandhaaree 536
  4. eh vee gal sahi aa ke lokee udon tak Gurbani da asra nahi lainde jadon tuk zindgee vich koi sut na vaje. Jadon hee koi dukh aunda, average human runs to Guru sahib directly or to some SANT/Baba inbetweeen. But now if this Sant/BABA is real, he will say Bani paRo te hamesha baNi dee gal karooga, eh nahi kahooga ke dere nu eh de diyo or edan karo jis naal ohda personally naam ucha hunda.
  5. Or people can make conscious choice and listen to only Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee and stop listening to the ones who say "jai ho babe dee" instead of saying "dhan dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib jee or AKal Purakh or Vaheguru, or Guru Nanank Dev jee or any other Gurus inbetween them or Guru Gobind Singh jee". Yes, Gurbani talks lot about doing sewa of Sants. But real question strikes again, who is real Sant? When in doubt, focus only on SGGSji. The babas who are into making properties, collecting money or any other materilistic things under the name of doing sangat dee sewa layee, definitely are to to doubt. Can't remember the exact line in Gurbani meaning that jihnu gurbani da ras aa giya, uhnu hor ras change nahi lagde. But unfortunately the so called akhautee babe khud rasan kasan vich paye hoye ne, inna ne sangat nu gumrah hee karna, Gurbani ras val thoRo lauNa.
  6. The question I would have for any of these people, no matter whose side they are, "Did any of them do their nitnem that morning or any of the days when they call themselves SIKHS"? Does anybody sitting in Gurudwara sahib knows what shabad Ragi Singhs read that day and what it meant? Most likely answer would be No. Then what for these people build religious places and for what they go there for?? Any point?? Gurudwaras are not Guru's dwaras anymore. They are social clubs, wrestling grounds, function halls, convention centers, stage to be a show-off what you possess and $1 buffet restaurant where even food is for show-off. Stop building these buildings under the name of Gurudwara when you don't even consider it as Guru da Dwara. Does anybody see Guru sahib live amongest all this? Whats the point then??
  7. I can relate to you too bhenji. But with guru sahib's kirpa, never felt weak enough to think of using modern technology to get rid of hair. Yes I have been suggested the same by friends and siblings. Guess what, I take it as a strong point to relate to my father "dhan dhan Guru Gobind Singh jee". I actually feel stronger when people giggle or give me looks. I think that I am committed and this is one way I can show my committment to my Guru. And at the end, as you said, whose happiness is more important, Guruji's or world's?? The answer to me always comes back is "Guruji's". So thats what my strength is and should be of each singh/singhni. Always remember "bhai prapat manukh dehuriya, Gobind milaN kee eh teree bariya". Baaki sabh adamber hai, maya hai, but at the same time, es sabh de vich hee prabh vasda hai.
  8. Well, this is how I like to think about it. There are 24 hours in a day for each and everyone of us. Now what we do with those 24 hours, that is up to us and that is where the solution or the problem lies. if we can just figure out how to use our time constructively, not to only to benefit us physically, mentally, socially, spiritually but to community as well, whole world will be at peace and world will be such a wonderful place to live in. Now you can compare "partying (and all the others things which come along with it e.g. drinking, dancing, gossiping, dressing for it, spending hard earned money on soshewaji)" and "reciting bani, understanding it and finally following it" side-by-side. You can figure out yourself, what will take us where.
  9. I have not read everyone's responses, so sorry if repeating the solution. I think UK people in general are too busy partying. We all work or study during the week and starting friday eve through sunday afternoon there is a time to relax. So people tend to organize parties or go to parties. IF that time of the week, somehow could be used to attract the youth towards listening to Gurbani, having discussions, workshops that could help. The idea would be the so called "who wanna help" should arrange for keertan darbars (could be small between their friends only) and then sit together discuss, or listen keertan together or watch Sikhism related movie together. Get those monkey minds to focus on Naam, bani somehow than bunch of beers at pubs or at parties where the mind would go on free ride and end up falling in wrong hands. Volunteer at gurudwaras and encourage your friends to come with you. Take on some special sewa (e.g. thorough cleaning of Kitchen of gurughar etc.) and encourage your friends to join you. Don't tie yourself to one Gurudwara sahib. Do the same at other Gurudwara the next month. Have a Sukhmani Sahib or 5 Japuji Sahib or any other bani to be recited together in a group at one person's home and encourage friends. And above all, when you see or notice some friend is slipping into wrong hands, be there for her and try to make her feel belonging to community. What I have noticed that lot of people are looking for that feeling of belongingness. Its this lonely feeling that makes them step in wrong directions lot of times. Do ardas for your friend or neighbour's daughter. A step by girl in wrong direction, is not only loss to her or her family, but to the panth as well. Remember, it could have been your friend, your sister or your daughter.
  10. AmarjitKaur

    Great Anger

    Here is what i can suggest. When you have these angry thoughts of doing something bad to somebody. Get on computer. Open a word document or open email with nobody's email address in "To" window or put your own address. Then keep typing all the thoughts you have. after some writing, either you will just think its stupid to even think of doing what you feel like doing or you would successfully take your anger out and then at the end either delete everything you wrote or just email to yourself. If you tend to read repeatedly what you wrote, then please do delete it permanently, you don't wanna go insane reading your anger thoughts. It has worked lot of times for me when I am mad at someone and I know by letting my anger out at the person I will spoil things even further. And its not at all healthy to keep your anger feelings bottled up inside you. Eventually, it will lead to some physical/mental problems. Yes, you don't wanna do what you think either, so this approach of getting the feelings out on piece of paper or computer screen would work. And remember, we do collect karma not only by taking bad actions but to some extent by thinking of bad actions too.
  11. To lot of problems (actually to all of them) the simple answer is ardas deep down from your heart and then have more than 100% faith that he is going to listen and solve your affairs. That's all you need.and then let Guru Sahib do its wonders. He always does. Its us humans who think I can do this or that. I can make things happen this way or that. That's where we lose, confidence on ourselves than having faith in Guru sahib.
  12. not that i can help you, but arenot you putting too much detail here. It won't be hard to figure out about you who you are and plan to hide money, if you already put so much here. Be careful.
  13. Thats shocking and sickening to take someones life in your hands. I don't know what could have led to decide to treat another human like this. But it is for sure, that GOD is not happy with whatever you did, whoever did it. Rest in Peace, Gagandeep Singh. May God give courage to family/relatives/friends to bear the loss of their beloved. My prayers go for the mother who lost a son, sisters who lost a brother, kaum who lost a sikh. No other human can fill that void which was created tragically. I just wrote another post, about saying "you reap what you sow". Whoever sowed this tragedy, are not going to reap a seat in Sachkhand for sure.
  14. Here is scenrio to imagine for yourself. Imagine you are a parent to a boy. he does something bad. Lets say he messes up your computer. He says sorry to you and then again few days after messes up again. You tell him I told you not to touch it and you did it again.And then you spent time fixing your computer. and he did it again and again.Now, I know being a human you don't have a patience. But believe it or not, GOD has unimaginable patience. Coming back to imaginary situation, you are being exhausted of fixing the computer and probably will just put it out of your kid's reach now. But kid will find something else now (as kids who are trouble makers, its not only one thing they mess or not listen to, its the attitude that have problem and they would mess up something else, as its their energy which needs focusing or need to channelize properly). So now coming to your real life situation (be it messing up with other gender, doing drugs, or anything else). God is not being hurt in this scenerio. But you are. God has lot of patience for you to get better. But if you don't improve, its you who are hurting yourself. Think it this way that if this imaginary kid of yours don't mess up your computer even if its infront of him, won't you just love your kid more now seeing that he cares about you, listens to you what you say, respects for your time and respects for the hard work you do to buy new computer or get it fixed. Thats how GOD is. GOD would just love you more, and will give you opportunities to grow in a constructive way, if you just learn how to use what he has already given you. No, God won't hate you. God won't keep grudges against you, but yes, your karma are the seeds you are sowing and they would bring the fruit based on what you sow today. Time never comes back, what you have done you have done and created a karma (good or bad). Based on that you will have your future. So then why not make a conscious choice and sow the seeds accordingly. I am writing above very generalized, as you have not put the exact situation, neither do you have to. So please apply accordingly.
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