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  1. VJKK VJKF, This is amazing! Baba Joginder Singh and Mehtab Singh at the same program. Cant wait! AKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLOO

    ur signature says that we dont have to beat them. just fight them. fight what and can you please explain fully.

  3. Crazy line up of Kathakaars, the Barsi is gonna be off the hook :D
  4. panj payre say NO to meat.... all u need to do is listen to THEM..... do not eat meat at all! Different Panj Pyare say different things, some may say no meat at all, some may so no halal, some may say only jhatka and some may say only jhatka in dharam yudh / survival situations. If we give people the whole story and not half truths its better for everyone, people wont get confused and can make up their own minds.
  5. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Does anyone know anything about why the Bow protest was cancelled? Why isnt the organisers keeping the sangat informed of what is going on, the communication is almost non existant. Please can the organisers or someone inform the sangat of what is going on and why was it cancelled. This is ridiculous, its like the 50'000 reward has been announced just to cover the committees <banned word filter activated>.
  6. Whats wrong with wanting the simple life? What really is success? Theres nothing wrong with what this Singh wants.
  7. Thanks for the notice. I swear we cant organise anything properly.
  8. Is there some chaunni in BC ?? BC is such a beautiful place, it is must for nihangs to set up a chaunni here. Any sikhs from BC who wanna build a chaunni ???????? Why dont u stay in India and join the Dal there? Simpler solution.
  9. Sounds like you should join Dal Panth and stay at one of the chouni's.
  10. Im pretty sure the stance of Dam Dami Taksal is the same but they will only do jhatka in Dharam Yudh. AKJs i dont know about, I guess their strict vegetarians in any case. Someone from the jatha may be able to clarify.
  11. The khrehit is eating halal, in Dal Panth and Hazoor Sahib jhatka is still done as per puratan times but in England theres no need to do jhatka or eat meat hence why the majority of Singhs / Kaurs are vegetarian. Personally I am vegetarian.
  12. Singhs in the Dal only use full length to tie their dumaala, they wont cut the material in half. I was once told off for this by Singhs who are well respected in the Dal.
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