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    You leave your house ........ then what?........
  2. you are allowed to swim as long as u have all ur kakaars
  3. Singhs worship weapons because some of our gurus did too. They said that The shasters or weapons were kinda like gifts from god to protect the weak and stand for whats whats right. Infact, Is dasam granth ( 2nd main sikh scritrure but not equal to sri guru granth sahib ji. We dont bow to them as gods or dieties, we bow to them just because the faith called sikhi is on this planet becasue of shasters. As a matter of fact, Khanda, the double edged sword was created before this universe. pauVI ] pourree | Pauri (Stanza of an Epic) KMfw ipRQmY swj kY ijn sB sYswru aupwieAw ] khanddaa prit
  4. Why cant you cut nail. the part we cut off is the part that died off. its like taking a bath and taking germs off our skin.
  5. One of the pracharik jatha went to this gurudwara in india and they felt something different there. They saw this nihang Singh that would come out this forest nearby, listen to Katha and go back, and he was old like DAAAWWWWMMM :excl: Singhs went up to him and did fateh and talked about stuff. then one Singh couldn't help asking 'How old are you, Singh ji? you have to be at least a 100 years old!!!' And The Singh laughed and said no, i'm way older than that. And then the other Singh said '200 years?' And the nihang said again 'no, older' Then the Singh said 300 years?!?!?! Nihang laug
  6. Just some notes for all of you. All of the avtars had full hair. that how they had so much power(ridhian sidhian). even Jesus ans Mohamed had full grown hair. I think one of the apostles of jesus had LOOOOOONG hair. and he was so strong that he fight lions unarmed and in wars like trolls. one day enemy found where he got the power from and cut all his when he was sleeping. then he was probably weaker than Mr. Bean
  7. Are you a guru's sikh or a SGPC sikh? Mod Note: Sikhsangat forum takes the stand that meat eating is against Gurmat, and that there is no debate on the matter. Topic Closed.
  8. 1.Isn't it 101 jaaps? 2. Also Whole SGGSji everything ( naam is everything too ) :happy: 3. There are only 2 margs : .....A) Naam and seva (and amrit ( .....B) Naam, Seva and Shaheedi (and amrit )
  9. Real cool to use and interesting. http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/ make sure you download This. it helps save audio in MP3 format.
  10. ask ur doctors for all the vaccination you should get and take a lot of sun screen and insect repellant. :lol: clothes for intense heat and rain.
  11. Why Recite Mool Mantar? Ans- Why Not? :lol: Sant giani sinder sahib ji did katha on just mool manter for 6 month and he had more to do but singhs did a benti tostart on japji sahib katha as at that rate, they wont be able to listen to the whole katha of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji! Mool - Basic. Mantar - incantation.
  12. thy should be told to do it out in the streets!!! :@ :@ :@ :@ :@ :@
  13. Benti to admin - pls make this a sticky pls.
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