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  1. Anyway, I am eager now for @MisterrSingh to provide examples of UK Sikh families living in complete isolation who showed the world how tough they are and gave him an opportunity to beat his chest.
  2. The fact that you think Americans go around driving through different states regularly again shows your ignorance. It is much easier to travel from the UK to various European destinations than it is to travel between American cities that are far apart. Also, I know what you meant by "Europeans" through your British lenses, but saying "most Europeans" don't easily move around from one separate nation to the next is actually kind of funny considering how regularly continental Europeans do just that. You are much more likely to see British Sikhs on holiday in various European capitals where
  3. DELETED (I hit "submit" too many times and the same post got replicated).
  4. By the way, I'm sorry I didn't recognize all of the UK Sikhs who live in "heavily mixed non-Sikh areas." It must be incredibly isolating not living in Southall, but instead living a whopping 5 miles away from it!
  5. The obvious reason why American Sikhs are unable to respond as a community to various things is staring you right in the face: no population density, nothing resembling a "community," and in turn no power or influence. But rather than accept the obvious answer, you want to take this opportunity to engage in some pointless chest-beating. Is there something in the water there that makes you people (who come from the same culture and same pinds) different? Let me ask you something about UK Sikhs. Why can't you do anything about the sorry state of Sikhs in France? No, don't tell m
  6. Sikhs don't have a "rich history" with "great contributions" to the Milwaukee area. Sikhs are not even a drop in the bucket. Nobody in America knows anything about Sikhs. Nobody cares about Sikhs, because how much power can a minority consisting of a tiny amount of people wield? There is no "Sikh community" in the US. Most of the posters on Sikh Sangat are from the UK or Canada and are completely clueless about the US. They think that everyone grew up like them, living in a neighborhood with thousands of other Sikhs, with a different gurdwara every 500 feet.
  7. It’s easy. Just be on the path to baldness (like me).
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LSDxjp6sWYQ
  9. jatt jatt jatt jatt From these songs, you would think that "jatt" is the most commonly uttered word in Punjabi. And maybe it is heading in that direction nowadays, thanks to this garbage music My impression is that this obsession with being jatt has gone into overdrive in the last few decades thanks to trashy Punjabi pop culture. Would you guys agree? Personally, I can't even recollect my parents using the word "jatt" when I was growing up. I always knew we came from a farming background, but they were somehow able to get that across without resorting to "jatt jatt
  10. I have been staring at this sentence for about half an hour trying to decipher what it means, and I am stumped. Can you please write coherently? Thanks.
  11. How do you know that they are jatts?
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