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  1. Why did you take my words out of context? I said: "At the end of the day, you have a haircut, so whatever you think or say is meaningless. Through your actions you have renounced the Sikh religion." This means, his actions show what he thinks and what really matters to him. It doesn't matter if I say something nice or say something that's not nice. It doesn't matter what you think or what I think or what he thinks. EVERY TIME he shaves, EVERY TIME he gets a haircut, he is renouncing his faith in Sikhi He has made it clear where he stands by his actions.
  2. This is one of the stupidest posts that I have seen on here. Sikhi is not restricted to one ethnic group. The privilege that you think you are entitled to, just because 150 years ago or whatever someone in your family was amritdhari, is disgusting. At the end of the day, you have a haircut, so whatever you think or say is meaningless. Through your actions you have renounced the Sikh religion. You can identify as whatever you want, but at the the end of the day, you are just another stupid Punjabi jatt (who makes me embarrassed to be jatt)
  3. Territory being "given" to a maharaja of a princely state and territory being "given" to India or Pakistan at the time of partition were two entirely different things. The arrangements that the British had with the princely states occurred long before 1947 (ranging from several decades to hundreds of years). Kashmir had Hindu rajas for 100 years or so prior to 1947. The parts of the British Raj that were awarded to India or Pakistan based on demographics were the parts directly controlled by the British (i.e. not the princely states). The British directly controlled most of Punjab (exceptions were princely states under indirect British rule, such as Patiala, Nabha, Jind, Faridkot, etc.)
  4. Why are the posts that I've been making not being shown? Are the moderators worried that that is too much activity on these forums? That we might start exceeding the standard of 3 new posts per week?
  5. You're talking about the doaba region. What did you expect to see? Someone actually wearing a pagh?
  6. Good post. The narrative among most Sikhs (who like to only see themselves as victims) is that we were somehow deprived in 1947 of a Sikh majority country (or, at the very least, separated from lots of land in West Punjab that should have gone to India instead of Pakistan). They always ignore the cold hard demographic truths. We were lucky to get as much of Punjab on the Indian side of the border as we did,
  7. Sorry, but this post makes no sense. I am guessing you are from the UK, so you don't fully grasp how popular basketball is in America and in many parts of the world. One could credibly argue that Kobe was the best basketball player ever (and an unbiased observer will have to concede that he is in the conversation). Can you name any athlete of Asian descent who is one of the top ten athletes ever in one of the most popular worldwide sports?
  8. Tarsem Singh Sandhu is not jatt? In any case, your general point still stands. Note that when Sandhu was fighting for his right to wear a path while driving a bus, it was an elderly so-called bhapa (I think his name was Jolly) who stepped up and threatened to set himself on fire in protest. This despite jatts always mocking "bhapay" for being cowardly (and various other things).
  9. Yes, this is true. But the thread poses a question about UK paghs in general, not just paghs worn by proper singhs. Anyway, the fact that most young Singhs in the UK wear a dumalla (as opposed to a nok wali pagh like the older generation) just shows how little the older generation did to pass on Sikhi to the next generation. Many young singhs in the UK got into sikhi on their own and therefore adopted the dumalla (perhaps the style most closely associated with traditional sikhi).
  10. Most Sikhs in the UK tie the Kenyan style pagh because most turban-wearing Sikhs in the UK are tarkhans whose family roots go back to Kenya (or other parts of East Africa). Note that tarkhans make up a majority of turban-wearing Sikhs in the UK even though in the general Sikh population (turban wearers and monay), tarkhans are heavily outnumbered by jatts. This just illustrates how pathetic jatts are. (Note: I am jatt.) The few young men from non-tarkhan backgrounds who do wear paghs tend to also wear the Kenyan style. This is because they'd rather fit in with their young peers who also wear paghs (most of whom are tarkhans wearing the Kenyan style) than look like the two or three jatt uncles at the gurdwara who wear Punjabi style paghs. (Examples: Jassi Sidhu, Jay Singh Sohal, etc.)
  11. When is the last time you saw a sabat soorat singh as the main character in a Punjabi film? And I'm not talking about people portraying a religious/dharmic/panthic figure. I'm talking about everyday protagonists. The fact is, people want to complain a lot of about Bollywood's portrayal of Sikhs, but the Punjabi film industry is just as bad if not worse. All you see is monay and stupid trimmed "Singhs" with barely any facial hair.
  12. There is nothing we can do. For every young Sikh woman who keeps her kesh, there are maybe 5-10 young Sikh men who keep their kesh. So except for the lucky Singhs who find life partners who have kept their kesh, most Singhs will be left with one of three options: 1. Try to convince a hair-cutting girl who most likely prefers a mona to marry him 2. Give up and remain single 3. Trim his beard and/or cut his hair Indeed, there is a problem with the community mindset. And this problem is only going to get worse with time. 99.9% of Sikh kids who grow up in hair-cutting families view Singhs as weird extremists and want nothing to do with them. Of course, there are the 0.01% from this group who will move towards Sikhi, despite all the odds. What about Sikhs who grow up in "keshdhari" families? Most of them will cut their hair and raise children who adopt the views of the children described in the previous paragraph. 90% of the boys will at some point trim their beards and/or cut their hair. And 95% of the girls from such families will cut their hair and only marry monay.
  13. Before you go around insulting others, you should learn how to write properly. Anyway, you are obviously hot-headed and immature. And I am not impressed by your bravado. Calm down a little bit and think about the situation carefully. There is a difference between doing honorable work protecting those who need it and getting mixed up in a world filled with moral ambiguity where you may be doing (or be asked to do) a lot of harm (in addition to putting your life on the line). My grandfather was a police officer, and things aren't as simple as you try to make them out to be. I am "interfering" with my advice because I'm not a teenager who thinks that everything in life is about having the "ballz" to do something or not. What is the point of potentially dying over something stupid?
  14. Where in my post did I say anything about individual police officers? All I am saying is that there is a better way of making a living than putting your life on the line for (in many instances) morally ambiguous reasons. This is more true of the military than the police.
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