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  1. I never said anything about life for Sikhs in the UK in the 70s, I was talking about the present day. I understand and respect the struggles that you all went through to get to the position where you are today. But I hope you all don't lose sight of the fact that the freedom and status that Sikhs enjoy in the UK today is very far from the norm. Sikhs in the US today are fighting battles that were settled in the UK decades ago (and without the benefit of a population density that gives Sikhs in the UK at least some visibility and political sway). But forget about the US. You don't have to go th
  2. Okay, in what sense did they turn a blind eye? Are you referring to a failure to identify the grooming gangs as coming primarily from the Muslim community, or something more than that? UK Sikhs take a lot of things for granted because the mainstream British community has (at this point) largely accepted them, and because their population density makes it possible to have some political influence. In places like the US, the Sikhs are in a much more precarious situation. If you try to argue to someone that, for example, a Sikh police officer should be able to wear a turba
  3. I hope you realize that the "woke liberal sjw" people who you are are always railing against are the people who are most likely to defend the rights of Sikhs to practice their faith openly and freely (i.e., keep their kesh, wear dastars, wear the panj kakkars, etc., and be accommodated by their employers to do so). The "non-woke" people tend to think that fringe groups like the Sikhs should go back to wear they came from if they don't want to live like the "mainstream." But for some reason, people like you want to spend your time complaining about those who, whatever faults they may
  4. You guys are criticizing Sikh charity organizations for helping out people who are not Sikhs. But here is what you fail to realize: if those organizations focused strictly on Sikhs, they would raise only a tiny fraction of the money that they currently are able to raise (in particular, they would raise much less money from Sikhs than they currently raise). When an organization is seen to be helping all kinds of people, it makes others want to donate to it. When it is seen to be helping only Sikhs, it is viewed as a fringe organization supporting fringe causes. Anyway, regardle
  5. That sounds plausible It's not like the other things they were doing were in line with Sikhi
  6. Other "apnay" bullying him is exactly what I suspect. I've mentioned in other threads the tendency of monay kids to make fun of boys who keep their kesh. But some Canadians insisted that that was not possible, and monay in fact go out of their way to protect singhs (who allegedly can't protect themselves because they don't have the same fighting spirit and bravery that monay do --- not because they are children who are hopelessly outnumbered). Edit: Here is the post from the Canadian guy
  7. This is not true. I have been to a lot of Sikh weddings. The tradition is for the groom's family to pay $500 to some guy who recently arrived from India to tie a red turban on him.
  8. How is it possible that he was bullied in Abbotsford? Aren't there loads of Punjabis there? And (according to various Canadian monay on here) don't monay go around defending helpless Singhs and making sure they are not picked on?
  9. Vague? I've never been vague about it Have a laugh at that if you want, but I'm out of the gene pool now and that means one less Sikh family in the future. When your grandchildren are forbidden from wearing dastars by the government of whatever country they will be living in, I'm sure the monay who haven't had a singh in their family tree for 100 years will help them.
  10. Why do British Sikhs always brag about their blue collar-ness? (Don't get mad, just having a little fun )
  11. By the way, who is Jaskaran Singh? I like some of his tweets.
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