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  1. There is nothing we can do. For every young Sikh woman who keeps her kesh, there are maybe 5-10 young Sikh men who keep their kesh. So except for the lucky Singhs who find life partners who have kept their kesh, most Singhs will be left with one of three options: 1. Try to convince a hair-cutting girl who most likely prefers a mona to marry him 2. Give up and remain single 3. Trim his beard and/or cut his hair Indeed, there is a problem with the community mindset. And this problem is only going to get worse with time. 99.9% of Sikh kids who grow up in hair-cutting families view Singhs as weird extremists and want nothing to do with them. Of course, there are the 0.01% from this group who will move towards Sikhi, despite all the odds. What about Sikhs who grow up in "keshdhari" families? Most of them will cut their hair and raise children who adopt the views of the children described in the previous paragraph. 90% of the boys will at some point trim their beards and/or cut their hair. And 95% of the girls from such families will cut their hair and only marry monay.
  2. Before you go around insulting others, you should learn how to write properly. Anyway, you are obviously hot-headed and immature. And I am not impressed by your bravado. Calm down a little bit and think about the situation carefully. There is a difference between doing honorable work protecting those who need it and getting mixed up in a world filled with moral ambiguity where you may be doing (or be asked to do) a lot of harm (in addition to putting your life on the line). My grandfather was a police officer, and things aren't as simple as you try to make them out to be. I am "interfering" with my advice because I'm not a teenager who thinks that everything in life is about having the "ballz" to do something or not. What is the point of potentially dying over something stupid?
  3. Where in my post did I say anything about individual police officers? All I am saying is that there is a better way of making a living than putting your life on the line for (in many instances) morally ambiguous reasons. This is more true of the military than the police.
  4. Exactly. Pannu is a complete fraud who is just trying to raise his profile for the benefit of his business interests. I feel bad that some well meaning Sikhs are gullible enough to be fooled by a two-bit con artist like Pannu. He is pathetic.
  5. This double standard exists because, for generations, it was the norm for men to wear dastars whether they were religious or not. Drinking has always been common among "Sikhs", even when virtually 100% of the men were Singhs. It only relatively recently that "clean shaven Sikhs" have existed in large numbers. So you still have a decent amount of men who wear dastars and are not particularly religious. Similarly, it was the norm for women NOT to wear dastars, whether they were religious or not.
  6. Sikhs for Justice is a scam It is an organization run by some two-bit "lawyers" who deliberately make noise to raise their profiles and benefit their own business.
  7. Please speak for yourself. Polish women are not particularly attractive. Anyway, are you married to a 1984 orphan? Here are some things I never see: 1. Canadian Sikhs who don't "act like they're black" 2. Anyone wearing a turban in the Doaba region 3. Sikhs raised in the UK who pronounce Punjabi names properly instead of adopting the gora misprounciations 4. Punjabi film actors who are portraying Singhs who have enough respect for the role to grow out their beards instead of wearing tacky fake beards 5. "Urban" Sikhs having trouble finding wives within their own community 6. Sikhs marrying people from other religions and bringing their partners into Sikhi 7. UK born monay who decide to become Singhs and then manage to die a decent looking pagh (Their fathers don't even know how to tie paghs, so who can blame them?) 8. A non-horrible Punjabi movie 9. Sikhs outside the UK who write "penji" and "pend" instead of "panji" and "pind"
  8. Why do you want to put your life on the line defending corrupt governments/systems?
  9. I really don't have time for people like Sarbjit "Singh". This guy spends so much time making videos and professing his love for Sikhi and concern about Sikh issues. And yet, he is so embarrassed to be a Sikh that he goes out of his way on a regular basis to remove his beard and hair so that he can avoid looking like a Sikh. Why should I take anything this guy has to say seriously? Why should I care about what a Sikh who is embarrassed about being a Sikh has to say? If he cares so much about the Sikh religion and Sikh community, why does he opt to look like a Hindu/Muslim/Christian/Atheist/Whatever rather than look like a Sikh? He would literally have to do NOTHING. How much can he possible care if he can't even do something that simply requires doing NOTHING? (Letting your kesh grow out requires zero work. On the other hand, removing kesh requires work.) He is a pathetic coward. People like him make me sick, and the fact that there are so many like him illustrates why today's Sikh community is so pathetic.
  10. I agree. Duleep Singh was deadweight. And his "change of heart" towards the end of his life was fake and misleading. His life was in ruins and he was desperate for money and status. Does anyone really believe he got into Sikhi and had a spiritual reawakening? If you do, I have a bridge to sell you.
  11. Why is there any outrage about this view being expressed in a Hindi film? 99.9% of "Sikh" women hold the same views. Walk into any gurdwara at a busy time, and 90% of the women under the age of 50 will hold such views. Why on earth are other people going to respect us when our own people don't? This degenerate thinking is now firmly entrenched within the Sikh community, thanks not the RSS, not to Muslims, not to any outside group. It is thanks to the monay Sikhs that everyone on these forums likes to defend so much.
  12. Oh no, there is a thread on these forums that is actually generating some responses! Let's quickly move this to a section that nobody looks at. Then we can get back to the usual rate of two new posts per week. Better yet, let's lock it! Locking lively threads is the best way to ensure that these forums stay completely dead.
  13. How do you know Jinda's goth was Dosanjh? I've never heard that. Also, I thought Jinda's pind was near Amritsar, and all Dosanjhs were from the Jalandhar area. Anyway, if those yodhas of the KCF were still around today, clowns like Diljit who spew poisonous garbage and make a mockery out of Sikhs would probably have met the same fate as Chamkila
  14. Yes, I know that monay have gained an acceptance inside Sikhi (and, in fact, dominate in most ways) But even though being mona is now the norm, that doesn't mean Singhs should accept monay making a mockery out of Singhs. It is a huge embarrassment for all Singhs that buffoonish monay like Diljit can go around masquerading as Singhs and making a complete mockery out of our saroop and get away with it.
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