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  1. What is this? What is going on? Anyone got any more info?
  2. The west is not a great place to be right now and this looks like its getting worse.
  3. Vaheguru It is interesting how there are no replies or comments to this post! What can we do about this? Any ideas? It seems these days we are only interested in slandering one another and questionning Bani. When issues such as this arise we seem to ignore them. As stated in the above post this is our history.
  4. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is Jaagdi Jot of the 10 Gurus. It is all about the respect for them. I know you put a disclaimer in but I am offended by some of your terminology. For some an Akhand Paath is not a punishment and they dont "suffer" whilst listening to Gurbani.
  5. This guy has recently appeared on a stage just before or after Dhunda in USA. This does not mean there is a link. He was also in East London (UK) recently I think at SIngh Sabha Seven Kings. Maybe Barking. Also I understand "parcharak" supported by Tiger Jatha was at this same Gurdwara. Maybe there is a link. It seems these Gurdwara Commitees need to be questionned. Why are they allowing these types on stages?
  6. This picture was put on facebook by missionary types. I am friends with one these and he put it up too. All this is being created by these people and a few others just jump on board more than ready to take down a Baba.
  7. I terms of the Gursikhs I know, there jeevan was transformed by meeting Baba Mann Singh. One Singh told me he was a sehajdhari Sikh and someone gave him a tape (in those days not everyone had cd players) to listen to. He played it and couldn't get enough of the parchaar. He said I just was drawn by the simple kirtan. He kept his Kesh and eventually took Amrit. He then took it upon himself to encourage others around him to stop drinking and smoking and turn to Sikhi. This Singh has a lot more sharda and pyar for Guru Granth Sahib Ji than most i know. He puts this down to Baba Mann Singh and
  8. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh I know a few Gursikhs who only came into Sikhi fold because of Baba Mann Singh ji. The parchaar is priceless. Many love their style of Parchaar. There is not many trying to convince Sikhs to take Amrit.
  9. This is true. Very few these days understand that Panth comes first and Jatha after. Many like to blame another Jatha/Sant for the problems of the Panth. As if their own is perfect/faultless. We need to have love for one another and realise that we are part of the same Panth. Because someone has different views from you does not make them wrong, or a bad Sikh. Gursikhs will have and show love to everyone, but many of us are constantly looking to bring others down due to our own budhi.
  10. I understand there is another Gurdwara which caught fire in Punjab. Guru Granth Sahib Ji were caught up in the fire. Why do these short circutis keep happening? Should someone not be responsible for this? Why don't Punjabis take responsibility for the security of a Gurdwara?
  11. These false allegations against Parcharaks are done to create disunity. Look how it is working on us. The typical situation of a 'sevadaar' who turned against the Baba is becoming normal. There is always 1 who gets tempted by Maya or maybe feels he wasn't given the respect or position he deserved within that jatha. Maybe feels he has to do the lowly tasks (surely any seva is seva?) but this guy feels he should have been doing something else. Maybe wants to be called the Baba himself (thats happend a few times). Or he falls out with the other Singhs and decideds to go and make allegations even
  12. Guru Granth Sahib Ji is our Guru. We will respect them as Jagdi jot. Baba Nand Singh Ji taught us how to do seva of Guru Sahib. How do show Satkaar.
  13. I make you right. Problem is decent people won't step forward. When our Parcharaks do like Baba Ranjit Singh then we have just seen what happens. So you end up with these fools who will call Maharaj a 'book'. Last time they put forward Prof Darshan sio to question Baba Ranjit Singh. Look what happend to him. I hope Sikh channel and its 2 presenters dont end up like profs darshan sio. They had my support until they over stepped the mark on this occasion. The only way to put it to rest is for Sikh channel to come out and openly apologise. Also it would be advisable for sikh channel to not giv
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