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  1. Gurfateh ji There used to be a sewa provided by one Taksali Singh (Baba Thakur Singh ji da chela) where santhiya instruction was provided through Skype. Is there anybody doing such seva nowdays?
  2. I may be a bit late, and you are probably already in amritsar- but the shop i recommended is at "13a bhram bhuta mrt" and has been renamed "DEEP KIRPAN STORE" Rab rakha
  3. Behenji If the only problem is your not being a sikh, then that is something that can be easily overcome by conversion. However it is extremely unlikely that that is the only problem. There may be a caste and racial element to this scenario that we are not aware of.... if this is the case, then sikhi and becoming a sikh of the Guru would help you more than anything else could, but you will still have to face the fact that the family wont want you. This would be overcome by the presence of a child a few years down the road. If you feel connected with this marg then ignore what i am about to say..... but if you do not feel an honest, sincere and genuine and connection to the path that is described by the 10 Gurus, then please do not fold to the oppressive pressure of others to conform. Believe it or not, that is absolutely diametrically opposed to the teachings of the Gurus in the first place. Guru Tegh Bahadur ji Maharaj died to allow hindus have the right to remain hindus- so if you dont feel like sikhi is something you would want for yourself then respect yourself and the message the gurus brought, and just be yourself. No matter what you choose, understand Behenji that we will support you. To thine own self be true.
  4. Find Bhai Randeep Singh (aka Chotu) sahebs shop.... it used to be called JK Gift Store..... he is the most reputable, accomodating and honest vendor in amritsar. He has a new shop which i believe is at the entrance of the Darbar saheb where Guru Ramdas Nivas is. He will go the extra mile to help people out, and puts singhs in contact with blacksmiths etc that wont rip you off. Havent been there in a while so i dont know where the new shop is exactly- but it is worth the small effort to ask people where the shop is.
  5. 1013 Be very very careful of certain famous (or infamous) sword makers if you do not know your shastars All that shines is not gold (or wootz/zor in this case).... take the hint
  6. _singh_ji..... you are in a cycle at the moment that is undoubtedly having a snowball effect. The only way to get out of it is to just make up your mind to attempt something and stick to it. Its hard, but just try not think about the past and get back up on the horse and give it another go. If the normal full-time student gig doesn't suit you, then you could always think of a different way of studying, ie an apprenticeship in a trade or part-time/night college (assuming that studies/upskilling is what you wanted to do). You may be plagued with doubts about life Singh saheb, but just know that the world is your oyster:- and there is no doubt about THAT.
  7. Sangat Ji, Using the internet, I have been doing a bit of reading up about the various deras/branches of the Nirmalay Sants recently, and noticed that each dera/lineage seems to have its own specialities or focus. Sometimes the internet’s reliability is not that great, so I thought it might be a nice addition to this site, and source of information for people, if we made a list of Nirmalay Sants. Would Sangat Ji please be so kind as to put down the names of different Nirmala Sants/Lineages that they know of (personally) and a brief description of their history/speciality/et cetra, and whether or not they focus on traditional task of engaging the texts and theologies of various other traditions (eg vedas, advaita etc). For example: Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal Walay, and Nirmalay of Seechewal. These days they seem to have a focus on environmental protection and regeneration. I am not sure of their scholarly theological interests, but the Baba seems to travel the world preaching to people, and I have seen kirtan sessions from places such as philipines. For an example see this video http://www.nirmalkuteya.com/PlayVideo/holywaragainst.asp There are other such videos in Punjabi and English on the website, and a history of the lineage, aswell as biographies of the Head Sants of it. I have heard of a number of other sants (eg Baba Jeet Singh of Nirmal Kutiya Johalan, Baba Ram Singh from Nirmala Ashram Rishikesh, Nirmala Ashram of Lopon lineage), but I do not know about their special practices. If anyone could give info on these or other lineages that they know of (eg maybe a local Nirmala Baba that stays at their ancestral pind) that would be a great addition to the thread. Rab Rakha
  8. I do not believe so, but this website is associated with his ashram http://www.amritnam.com/ Islamic law is not one unified code, but it is accepted by most fuqaha (islamic jurists) that in dar ul islaam (islamic territories) people of non-muslim religions should not be allowed to build new temples or religious centres, and those that were created prior to islamic rule should not be maintained or fixed. As a result it is unlikely that there ever was Gurdwaray in Saudi, since the state has been run along strict salafi (literalist/fundamentalist) islaam for the last 150 years or so. But that is just speculation based on dogmatic lines; maybe there was a few somewhere at some stage and a blind eye was turned to. However, it is possible that there are a few in the United Arab Emirates (especially likely in Dubai).
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