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  1. Thats scary that our Forum Baba got this right. Can you let me know who will win the Champions league this season as well?
  2. Does anyone have any suggestions of what to drink in the morning, to clear the digestive system and also loose weight well? I heard apple cider vinegar in the mornings Also anything for clearing skin or keeping skin refreshed/ ?
  3. Great, exactly what i was looking for!!
  4. WJKK, WJKF As we all get ill, I thought it would be good to have a thread of desi medicines we can all share. I feel Western medicine as good as it is, in some cases doesn't want you to get 100% better but just enough for you needing to go back for me ( this discussion is probably left to separate thread). So if we could write all the desi remedies we have learnt so we can share with the sangat, and also if the sangat does have issues they need a remedy for, this would be a good place to add! To start off with Hayfever I have been having couscous every morning
  5. Was thinking that as well, but would like it if it was all around the house, but might look into it!
  6. Can you connect multiple devices to a tablet/phone via bluetooth?
  7. WJKK WJKF I wanted to have Gurbani playing in the house at most times, when the kids are around, so they can have it one whilst doing homework or just in general. Anyone ever done this with an alexa or Google nest? Id rather not purchase one of them as i dont like the fact that they listen to you, there anything the Sangat does or is it as simple as a bluetooth speaker and connecting a phone? Phul Chuk Marf
  8. Beautiful and inspirational! Waheguru
  9. I watched 1917 that was good. Good story, makes you think how much them kids went through, in a war in a foreign country, watching your friends die. Compared to kids these today crying because they only get 3 likes on their Instagram post. If you enjoy that then Band Of Brothers is defo next. Prestige- one of my favs, with Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Scarlett Johanson, Micheal Caine David Bowie. Great movie about 2 magicians completing with each other and a great twist at the end. Fight Club is great, good spiritual message in that, well I thought so about giving up material wealt
  10. Its a protest but they turn it into a riot so people/media think its just black ppl stealing and looting causing violence. They basically inciting them to loot etc to put them in a bad light.
  11. Waheguru. I heard a story similar to this where 2 men went to a village to work. On the way back from work they stopped overnight. One of the men got greedy and deicided to kill the other man and take his money he had worked for. Years later the man got married and had a boy. The boy was constantly ill and couldn't get better. The man spent money on medicine etc to make his son better but to no use. When his son was lying on his bed ill, the man said to him that he's spent so much money on him but he isn't getting better. The son asked how much have you spent, to which his dad replie
  12. WJKK WJKF Does anyone have any recommendation on any yoga or Pilates routines? With no gym I was thinking of getting other forms of exercise and stretching etc. Has anyone got any recommendations on which to do or any you tube videos to watch?
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