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  1. SikhSeeker

    Painting/ Drawing Gurbani

    Thanks, but if i do have ones which i have created but need to dispose, is there a way?
  2. SikhSeeker

    Painting/ Drawing Gurbani

    WJKK WKJF I am interested in drawing / illutrating Gurbani but im a bit worried about what to do with it after. For example if i create some art with Gurbani on it how can I dispose of it, i dont want to throw it in the rubbish.
  3. SikhSeeker

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    With cereals etc, its what the kids eat so we feed it them, but im just conscious that the cereal has the halal mark on it.
  4. SikhSeeker

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Thanks for the info. So for example all Kellogg cereal even though its veg we should avoid?
  5. WJKK WJKF I have a question about "halal" food. I see foods such as special K and bread with a halal logo on them. The foods are vegetarian but still halal. I don't know what the process or if we can eat this food or not? Can anyone shed any light? Phul chuk Maff
  6. SikhSeeker

    Bhai Satwant Singh bullet in spine

    Thanks, Just in the katha i heard i thought it was Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Maharaj who presented the bullet to the family.
  7. WJKK WJKF I was listening to katha about Bhai Satwant Singh Ji. How Bhai Sahibs parents did Ardas for the bullet in his spine to be removed and Guru Hargobind Ji give Darshan and had the bullet in his hand which Guruji passed to his parents. Does anyone have any more info on this? Phul Chuf Maf
  8. SikhSeeker

    Is Ronaldo a saint?

    Hitler was known all around the world and the people of Germany seemed to love him at the time, and yes he was unique. So why not? Look at the Sants in Sikhi and then think would you compare them to these celebs eg Ronaldo?
  9. SikhSeeker

    Painting Gurbani- allowed?

    WJKK WJKF I was interested in painting Gurbani and wanted to know if this is ok? if i were to paint some Gurbani but it wasnt right etc I cannot just throw the paper away right? thanks
  10. SikhSeeker

    Looking to Move to Canada/ Sikh Schools

    Just would like to move it has appealed to me for sometime. But yea there are issues here which I would like to get away from
  11. WJJK WJKF I would like some info on moving to Canada. Im looking to move there from UK and wanted to know where would anyone recommend is the best area. I wanted my kids to go to a Sikh school so im basically looking at that as my main place to stay along with good Sikh Sangat for my family. Which Sikh schools are generally rated highly? thanks
  12. SikhSeeker

    Taking book with Gurbani in luggage

    Thanks for your advice
  13. WJKK WJKF I am going abroad and wanted to take a Sikhi book which has Gurbani in the book. Would this be ok to have it in the hand luggage. Im just weary if the hand luggage is placed on the floor in the airplane. Whats the right thing to do? Pul Chuk Maff
  14. SikhSeeker

    Depressiom Suicide Saddness

    Please think before you do anything like this. I havent been in your situation ill be honest, but I have been really down and scred for months with family issues. But first thing is to stop watching videos get off the internet this is fuelling the bad thoughts. Lke paaji said before go Gurdwara and do some seva or interact with other Sikhs. Its hard to do but just push yourself, being locked in a room by yourself infront of a screen doesnt seem like the best idea. Go out for a run and exercise, youll be amazed how much a run will do, no headphones just go out and go for a jog. It must be hard but Guruji is always with you and will make you stronger. Try doing more simran and Sukhmani Sahib parths. Contact me if you need to talk. Waheguru
  15. SikhSeeker

    what is rabb da bhana?

    Fateh, Do Ardas and and Hukamnama and see what Guruji tells you.

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