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  1. Hello, dont live in india. England acthally and have also attended these classes back jn the day before all the hype started. Our religion wouldnt be destroyed but your atma would have increased its joyt. Create stronger minded and loving beings rather then atick up for traditikns 24/7. Our religion is already almost destroyed as most gurdwara are a waste of time these days. Have a good day jac
  2. Its funny, ive been on sikh sangat for a while now and come back now and again, its funny most of the people on here are all new but the same rubbish still persists. Get over the rss/hinduvta crap and start doing naam. Memorising bani. Forget niddar. Shastar vidiya aint gna help you lot against daramraj. The sikhs removed dasam granth sahib ji from darbar sahib. Sort that out first and then worry about rss and niddar.
  3. Hi Jagsaw, very nice to meet you, your absolutely correct maybe a lot has moved on. my comments were mostly a rant and probably ill informed. You spent a lot of time going over it and completing your essay on it. Now that you have excercised your mind. Ask your mum to find you a wife lad, the boys now a man!!!
  4. Stop hating the afghan sikh community, every community in the world has bad eggs. The people who are ruining our own quam are all from a particular caste (feel like i have to say bcos its unfair others are being trampled here) Theres more important issues. <banned word filter activated> happenes, if anyone on this sight hasnt done something to be ashamed of once upon a time then fair play to. I recently came back from india, I traveled all over and the worst state out of all of them was punjab, the plp are tossers.
  5. Sorry mate, i dont think my post was clear when i said western influncers, i meant apnay, indian, sikh individuals who are promenant in the west. Lets just use bhai sukha singh as an example, he knows a lot about sikhi and used to be a farladhari yet with these knowledgeable gursikhs proper maryada is still not at the forefront in the western gurdwaray. P.s im not a fan of Christian Sikhi, however i do know what you mean...for those who dont, just turn on sikh channel, akaal channel etc.
  6. We need puratan maryada in gurdwaray in the UK and Canada etc. theres so many western influencers but yet proper maryada is yet to reach western shores. If they take the takhts they cannot touch us abroad!
  7. Nice post veer, any community that holds are gurus in there hearts are a good one. Akaal
  8. Fiba haven't forced nothing, it's the rules. The Qatar team refused to take of there hijabs and told fiba were to stick it. Two Singhs on the team cut there hair and were knocked out of the tournament a few games later. A joke. Don't blame sikh organizations, it's us we are a very weak people. Old days of bir ras have gone, we are sikh/Christians (you know our British blended hippie, Hindu hating sikhi). We need more bani in us not laws to help us be sissys The above is not a dig at you veer ji Akaal
  9. WJKK WJKF veer ji there is a singh from Canada on Instagram who is currently there and uploads picture etc. his username is kothaguru please contact him on Instagram and I'm sure he will give you some advice given he is there now.
  10. Fateh, what sikh girl are we talking about here. Just because someone has deep at the end of there name doesnt make her/him a sikh. How is this baisti,get a grip. Bet she doesnt consider herself a sikh but we do lol. Rosedeep, can you please name me 10 most popular wiskeys..yes no problem. Rosedeep, can you name me the ten sikh gurus..eeerm, can i call a friend...Moooh
  11. The event was brilliant, fateh to all, you done a great job. Can i ask if the kirtan that started after basic of sikhis katha will be available online, audio or video?
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