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  1. every one including the guy u r refering to has right to is own pov.but the matter is are we going for ghetto -isation of our community , what way do we think we can expand our faith? our faith teaches to respect all ideologies yet we do not, our Gurus tell us we shuld discard casteism and gendre discrimination , we do not ; what direction we are taking? omg so many ways of not following the way our gurus taught us , still we are sikhs
  2. first thing first Racial or any kind of discrimination is not allowed in sikhi tenets Hence the commonity should not take any opposite stand on this count nor the parents Next , the boy is yet to take amrit , the girl wants to convert to sikhi for the sake of continuing relationship and the boy does not want to force his views on Girl, both are taking a stand which should be appriciated by all . why not go for the marriage , as your pov about each other is so understanding, study the sikhi togather and then take amrit togather , or take time to learnabout sikhi togather ,go for amri
  3. TO run into married life one should be emotionally and financially strong , further look for other compatibilities like thinking, family background, language etc if you both feel the same way about so many things , only age shouldnot be the main issue thanks
  4. thanks for comments ,i always try to first give what gurmat & gurbani states about the question then add own pov , so ideas are always Gurbani & rehat maryada , i only try to put before sangat We shoulD really thank our great Guru Sahiban for giving us guidelines about a wonderful Way of Life any way thanks for yr appriciation FATEH
  5. as per sikh rehat maryada anand karaj is performed between amritdhari boy & girl ; meaning you should have married an amritdhari girl, in present case let her take amrit in theorthcoming Amrit sanchar , thereafter go for any kind of physical .further try to make difference between gristi dharm and lust( kaam- which is overindulgence in sexand becoming slave of lust ) . our faith forbids us from overindulgence of all kinds
  6. Sorry friend, in the name of amswering the questions raised in my post , we are revolvin in circles without getting to the root cause , weall follow those teachings of the gurus we find paletable according to to our mind set folliw and ignore those which are not liked by us ,the youths seeing our hypocrisy tend to go their own way , so what i meant to say is , follow the teachings of the Gurus in letter & spirit [ not selectively ]only then will we set example for the next gen , if we are not ready to shed caste system , why blame the great /gurus? are we teaching this to our kids ?
  7. I have been reading the responses, all going away from the problem, only trying to show holier than thou attitude why not address the problem and surfing around :- 1 Is intercast marriage is allowed in Sikh faith ? yes , why then parents oppose it ? that is the big question . 2 Is bride & groom's consent is compulsory in nupital matters ? yes according to rehat maryada the Granthi before starting the Anand karaj proceedingsasks both Bride & groom to bow their head befor SGGS if they agree to the relation only then he proceeds further - then why parents become adamant on their choi
  8. reding & reciting gurbaani is not just a ritual, it aims at reading , understanding the meaning and following the teaching in real life . Our great gurus have stated their teachings in common mans language so that any one and every one has access to their teachings , so please carry on, try to understand & imbibe the teachings in case of doubt at any point consult someone well versed and with practical experience in living according to the tenets as laid by the Great Gurus best of luck
  9. seems to be signed by some addanshahi ( followers of bhai kanhaiya ji school of thaught , also called sewapanthis)will get back with full translation
  10. as essence of our faith lies in accepting the body as a gift of Waheguru , we should try to preserve as it is, further for making tatoos , body hair are to be removed which iself is kurehat , hence we should desist from it THE TOPIC IS NEVER IRRELEVENT TATS THE REASON I M POSTING MY VIEWS FATEH
  11. suggested read sikh reha maryada published by SGPC from where my post has been quoted
  12. If You are planning to visit india , our family would welcome you as our guest , send PM if interested
  13. I am Quoting chapter XI article XVIII of Sikh rehat maryada wherein instructions regarding anand sanskar is laid down Anand Sanskar (Lit. Joyful Ceremonial : Sikh Matrimonial Ceremony and Conventions) Article XVIII a. A Sikh man and woman should enter wedlock without giving thought to the prospective spouse's caste and descent. b. A Sikh's daughter must be married to a Sikh. c. A Sikh's marriage should be solemnized by Anand marriage rites. d. Child marriage is taboo for Sikhs. e. When a girl becomes marriageable, physically, emotionally and by virtue of maturity of character
  14. coming to India , welcome to be our family guest , can send pm for further interact
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