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    Bhai Jugraj Singh Ji, told it as it was from Sikhi perspective. He told 100% truth. What are you implying, huh? All the dawah guys -Imran, Hamza, Ali, Mohamed, Musa etc. Had respect for Bhai sahib, just watch the debates. What are you alluding? Bhai sahib never disrespected any faith. Have you heard of Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones, Rebel Media? Question - what about these guys on social media? They are out right insulting Islam and have been for years. They appear fit and healthy. Pls don't fall for stupid YouTube videos claiming look what happens to people debating Islam.
  2. Just to clarify they are not REAL brother/sister, just said they are.... Yeah clubbing, drinking, etc. not good.
  3. The price of gas would be effected by the tax? Mandir, church etc. langar chalondeh? Let me break it down for you, the gas (which is not the only fuel used in cooking langar), used to be taxed at domestic rates, now the gas purchased is being taxed at a commercial rate. When you eat langar, is there a menu? Are u charged? Commercial = commerce I.e. You SELL A PRODUCT!!!!! How can that be? Are we selling langar at a profit?
  4. Haha! Your comment is ludicrous, just admit when your point of view is wrong. I doubt there is a single kitchen on planet earth which consumes on the scale of Guru Ka Langar. My 5 year old knows the definition of a commercial business..... Never ever will Guru Ji's langar be a commercial enterprise... Can't win with some, if you actually understood the context, I bet you would be amongst the first to object. As it would be wasting sangat's chravah, if unnecessarily paying tax on something that they do not need to. In fact Guru Ka Langar, all taxable items should be tax free...
  5. Here's any idea, how about people stop jumping to conclusions. Instead use that time and energy and make an effort to learn about who they want to slander. All you have to do is type in Google and start from there. Alternatively Singh I nominate you to carry out this seva, as after reflecting it makes a lot of sense to have such a list.
  6. Oh, so without knowing what they are about you have based your opinion on one word 'missionary', I suggest you and your buddy Savinderpal Singh stop being so arrogant know it all' s and just do quick google search. Sikh Missionary Society UK was founded in the late 60's in UK, NO relation to that BS from the likes you mention created in 80's India!
  7. Please share the reason. Totally unrelated but have you any knowledge of Sikh Missionary Society UK? I understand the are gurmat organisation, I have been there many times.
  8. Ummh, I think I stated in the first page of this post, he can't accuse you of being racist as Singh is not a race. Please refer back to my post. Yes Jagsaw Singh is correct in UK only Sikh and Jews are a race /religion, but my lawyer friends will know just Singh surname does not imply you are a Sikh. Possibly it can be assumed someone with Singh as surname is Sikh, but not all Singh are Sikh, but all Sikh are Singh. Hindus used Singh many centuries prior to GuruSahibhan. Guys trying to look cleaver by answering questions with advanced google searches spending umpteen hours, it's quite clear some posters have no clue what they are on about, I can pm for example, no need to spoil the forum.
  9. Do we have any members from New Zealand here? Oh just remembered I know of one JSinghnz who always asks people in UK what they have done about issues. just recently about discussions on BBC Asian Network and asking members about participating in debates or what else they did. Well Singh you have a chance to shine, to do something practical as in the Christmas tree thread you are against Sikhs celebrating Christmas by having a tree and buying the kids presents. But look at this Sikhs in NZ in the Christmas parade wishing merry Christmas and also doing jaikareh! Singh please keep us posted with the results of the action you took to educate theses guys, I hope there kids don't end up messed up and confused marrying non Sikhs.
  10. Bani should be in Gurmukhi, but anything else should be in the language of the area, for example the article refers to DSGPC, and is referring to New Delhi so Hindi is fine why should it have been in Gurmukhi? I mean using that logic we should not post in English on this Sikh forum and everything should be in Gurmukhi!
  11. Paaji, you have a habit of reading a post taking it out of context and then putting your own spin on it and start asking random questions. Please oh please answer this I have asked many times but everyone just ignores my question which is - we celebrate Bandi Chor Divas for 6th patshah good deeds in realising political prisoners from Gwalior. But why did Guru Amar Dass Ji state Sikhs should gather twice a year At Diwali and Vaisakhi, again which we now celebrate due to 10th patshah and 1699. what was the reason then?
  12. No I never said that, I referred to it as the discussion highlighted the connection and so therefore I commented on it. Now be honest how many of you guys celebrate New Year on Jan 1st? Like will many of you see the new year in at Gurdwara Sahib? I think many members here do but I expect to hear no we don't, we don't go to Gurughar on 31st and see in 1st Jan and celebrate the new year as it will confuse my kids to celebrate something which has its origins in another faith. Those that do will marry a non Sikh. Also at this time of year due to all the sacrifices our shaheeds made we shouldn't.
  13. Sorry, but I had difficultly interpreting that? So To clarify I am being tight by buying present for my kids? I know in New Zealand they speak English, so makes no sense? Also is that the only thing You could pick up and comment on?
  14. If you stated your name as X Singh when you took the call, he can't say you were racist towards him. I think you can't be racist against your own, can you? Also Singh is his surname on account so how did he come to the conclusion, as Singh is not a race. Punjabi/Sikh is a race but legally Singh is not. But I think you need to involve your Union ASAP.
  15. Question - do the anti Christmas tree jatha aka let's ruin Christmas for my putt cos I'm too tight to buy presents, also disagree with Christmas cards? As I presume you don't buy cards for your kids to give to their friends but how do you explain to them it's manmatt to accept cards your school friends have given you? Don't even accept them and just throw them back in their faces as it is forbidden, cos you will have issues when you grow up, as your faith in Sikhi will be corrupted.
  16. Paaji, I am sorry to have responded to you in the way I did. It's no excuse but some people on here a wind up merchants and I fall for it every time and entertain them. I need to work on this. Now there is no need to be facetious. I never said anything bad about the movie! Just trying to make you look at your opinion in the same context. The movie is in no shape or form anti gurmat, but it is funded and made by patits. Just trying to show you not only Gursikhs are capable of good deeds for the faith. I responded to your post in adult fashion, why do people on this forum have to lower the tone TRYING to be sarcastic?
  17. Like seriously do you talk like a retard, as any English, speaker of English to say woman, they will say womun, which auto text will type as women
  18. again you use insults that are subjective I.e your opinion. Very good example and role model of a Sikh, especially in New Zealand where there are not many. So thanks to you kiwis will think Sikhs are like you. I use an app to talk which types the text, so if amereekaans can not understand English in an English accent, we'll there maybe typos . Sorry Singh but I will give proper response when I have time. Only thing you could pick up on was a typo? One letter incorrect? Wow great gursikh role model you will be for next generation, calling people names for that.
  19. A women would mean we did not know! But uh ohh re read the thread so we have a name. So this women, in the thread would mean the women named. Again fail.
  20. How can you be a Sikh if you have not taken Amrit? I thought you can not be born into Sikhi! You become a Sikh by taking Amrit. Please refer to my earlier response. Meat eating? How do you know? even when the rehit maryada does with definitive answer but you do! Meat is not forbidden only in some peoples eyes and off course this forum. Please explain? Makes no sense, as I was referring to the women in the thread. Please do explain as in England, the origin of the English language, it was grammatically correct. BTW yes I have a MSc, what year did you graduate? You will know by my qualification that you can not reprimand me on the odd grammatical mistake as I do not hold. MA.
  21. Btw quoted post, very egotistical of yourself to state someone is thick. That is your subjective opinion, whereas to prove someone's lies by objectively referring to their posts and highlighting they lie is different.
  22. I was not referring to this. But as you bought it up, bhadur shah begged for assistance which Guru Ji obliged. So re read the post I quoted. Your Fourth line to be exact. re read the posts you made, don't try to squirm out.
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