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  1. aww thts an amazingg pic....i wish i had taken my camera too...instead i had to try capturing the atmopher on a dinky lil fone...but tht was my second rehnswaii and it was absolutely fantastic!!!!!! deff wana go again....worth every second!!!! love bibi mansundar kaurs simran....waheguru!!!!! :WW:
  2. kirtan darbar in southampton....there will be a lil vichaar in punjabi and english....naam simran (heavy) lol please try making it if ur free this will take place on the 12th May 2007...saturday...6.30pm onwards (10 ish) hopefully the youth will also be doing the rehras sahib so please come and help out with seva. will be most grateful! wjkk wjkfateh jio poster.doc
  3. i need 'mera vedh guru gobinda' as soon as possible...does ne1 have this file? pleasee u'll be doing me the biggest favour
  4. sukhsimran penji....can u please contact me, or i can contact u somhow. i wud realli lyk to tlk to u bout this. cnt reali say nefink in public, bt in private som how :D wjkk wjkf
  5. um interesting topic....i personally believe tht khalsa is going to hve to start from outside khalistan and then move in. well thts the view i've always been taught. i believe the 'western' will develop purity before and take it into our 'land' and show them. lyk already said...we need to become khalsa ourselves before tryin to turn others into khalsa. bhul chuk maaf wjkk wjkf!
  6. for me amrit sanchar is being reborn into the khalsa family. lyk veerji's have said above it brings death into it. its jst a feeling tht u can not overcome. wjkk wjkf!
  7. is it rong to go to church if ur amritdhari? its jst i go to a catholic skoool and every term begining and ended it is compulsory tht we sit through a mass in church and listen to the gospel of jesus....is tht rong? i mean its ok if u jst remeber waheguru rite? same q. for mandir's....can u visit them wid waheguru in ur mind and not bowing dwn to the statues? or is jst goin there rong all together? bhul chuk maf and sorri if this topic is pointless wjkk wjkf!
  8. baba ranjit singh ji and giani thakhur singh ji both soo clear and easily understood. soo inspirational i like sant maskeen ji bt i cnt understand his therefore i dont reali favour his katha...he's beyond my limits... wjkk wjkf
  9. wjkk wjkf! im not realli uptodate wid this forum so i dnt know wher to post woteva...but i just wana say we've booked a langar di seva at singh saba gudwara in southampton cranbury avenue/road....i fink jagowale gna b singing and kirtan by the kids....everyones invited hope to see u there. if u need more info mail me on miss_perfect4u@hotmail.com (dont larf at the mail addy its quite old) wjkk wjkf! its jst i wud love to see gursikhi sangat here in soton...cz well we have very little. tke care
  10. wjkk wjkf hey penji, jst wanted to say i was in the same position as ur m8, altho my rents are proper amritdharis...bt not lettin me take it. so i jst did many ardass and listened close to the hukumnaama's i got and realised lyk khalsa ji said above...its more of value to please and b eternal wid waheguru than earthly parents altho u shud respect them totally. but yeh tell ur friend to folow her heart :lol: bhul chuk maf wjkk wjkf!
  11. we are taught tht we as sikhs ave 3 gurus....guru granth sahib ji obvi is the first then our parents are our 2nd. this is because they mould us into who we are and become. and 3rdly is our sangath...our sangth teaches us wot we know sayin tht ur rents mite marry u off to som troll...altho i know it wasa joke...wudnt actually happen, because through ur rents waheguru wud allow u to live out the destined life waheguru has writen for u. therefore arranged marriages can work very well.. on the other hand, u may meet 'the one' within the sangath u chill with....it doesnt have to b a kaam filled
  12. is there nefink rong wid wearin long skirts? or are we jst sayin tht skirts shudnt b worn all together? cz i have a couple of long skirts tht hide my legs from b4 i took amrit bt i havent worn them cz i dnt know whether we're allowed to or not. cud sm1 please fill me in on tht. bhul chuk maf wjkk wjkf!
  13. wjkk wjkf thank you for the sites. i think as veerji said, its more about practise and correcting mistakes from the begining rather than learnin how to tie one and realising afterwards that its a bit lop sided lol newayz thanks again. i'll start my mission of learning. wjkk wjkf! bhul chuk maf :TH:
  14. wjkk wjkf ive jst taken amrit recently and i want to learn hw to tie a dastaar. but i cnt find any videos or pics showin how to tie one. and well in the area i live in, there isnt anyone to teach me either if anyone has nefink tht will teach me how to tie on can u please let me know thank you wjkk wjkf kirandeep kaur xxx bhul chuk maf!
  15. veerji im quite upset to hear that our sikhis show gurbani so little respect. and its all well that you've shared this with us, im grateful, bt wot can we do about it? is there any way of putting a stop to it? can we write into the papers and say gurbani shouldnt be printed? will they listen to us? becoz i cnt see much more that we cn do, we cnt travel the world and tell each individual not to thrown newspapers into bins and etc becz well most people wud b lyk well 'y not? wt am i gona do wid thousands of papers?' people wont see the logic of burning it (cremation) if u have an idea of put
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