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  1. 1940s before 1947 was a beautiful time to get sikh raj back. Various Sikh princely state rulers could have banded together and formed khalistan easily even without dr abedkar's consideration of 100 million+ dalits joining sikhism to boost our demographics numbers to qualify for a huge country. But instead the various sikh groups were divided between themselves, they couldnt come together and fight for the national sikh interest. Too many selfish Sikh egotistcal clowns wanted to protect their own seats in political power play that was going on. As for the tigers well reason for the defeat of hindu tamil tigers was the various countries implementing terrorism legislation's from year 2000 that proscribed them and cut their funding from the west. Another big dent to tamil tigers aspirations was when congress party ruling the indian establishment's betrayal. First they created and covertly supported the tamil tigers via the R&AW to leverage power of tamils against Sinhalese buddhist sri lankan govt then they betrayed them backstabbing and removed all funding and training and arms which left the tamil tigers to fend for themselves on the arms dealing black market for survival. The indian army even was sent in to "peace keeping" troops to try ensure the peace between buddhist and hindu tamil area's These troops ended up committing brutality against the restless tamils there, so the tigers feeling betrayed hit back and blew rajiv gandhi up before the Sikh militants could get him for his role in anti-sikh genocide. So we come to 2009 and the sri lankan government was better armed, had intelligence and weapons help from china and pakistan. It was no contest really and only matter of time before the sri lankan tamil hindu genocide happened there was protests in london while the sri lankan president was being courted by the british queen and government. The british establishment didnt give two f*ucks about the genocide of tamil hindus in sri lankan just as they didnt do the same of sikhs of punjab 80s/90s. They were signing arms deals with the sri lankan govt just as they did with india in 1980s before operation blue star. Sadly this is ground reality of real politics of the world. the rich and powerful only give aid to each other to oppress and persecute the minorities when it doesn't suit their geo-political strategic economic interests.
  2. indeed lol go along with their madness then slowly add more Sikhi and more Sikhi then before you know it they will be steered back into Sikh centric thing or go nuts at their own followers lol Theres a few christian convert punjabis with sikh names on facebook they will be fun to troll. This needs some planning though.
  3. Thats quite interesting, I always knew the royingha had militant group before their ethnic cleansing from burma but didnt know they started the violent attacks on the state authorities and on the Burmese hindu's. To be fair the royingha were there in burma land area before the british rulers got there and created the burmese borders, that land was always under nomadic hindu/muslim control and became part of british india with no proper defined fenced off borders this is why their claims to the land was easily dismissed by the majority buddhist burmese as the rohingya didnt establish their own nation state before and after british rule ended from what i read. The retaliation by the burmese army and police was pretty brutal I saw videos of villagers being shot dead chucked in shallow graves and then set on fire. The buddhists didnt waste no time in clearing and killing the muslims from that land. I guess they were pretty comfortable knowing no international army force would come to confront them and especially as their muslim neighbour bangladesh would not intervene since they they have their own problems to deal with and no match for the buddhist military dictatorship state of burma.
  4. I see what you mean, yes its all a clever game by the elites the ones of the top of the pyramids the modern day pharaohs. These guys are atheists they don't really have a faith apart from money and power and control. The elites have lost control of Christianity in the west apart from latin america and the evangelist minions of the bible belt. The average European white man has woken up and no longer believes in Christianity. So the elites are pushing christainity into africa and asia where there's more gullible people to exploit and control. The same elites are pushing islam into europe and using the violent jihadi's to use against their opponents all across the globe for geo-political strategic reasons. So they funded the chechen jihadis against russia they funded the afghan jihadis in afghanistan they funded the jihadis in liyba and syria. They even covertly funded the jihadi's in kashmir and india. Why are they not pro-hindu or pro-sikh or pro-buddhist? why do they always seem overtly islamo-friendly in the west? It's all part of the wider great game by the elites.
  5. We can use the pseudo christian Sikh clowns to our advantage. Make fake troll profiles of new punjabi converts to Christianity infiltrate their little groups and start pushing forwards a Sikh agenda lol To be honest Sikhs should have been doing this kinda trolling long time ago. Expose the craziness of their teachings just as their leaders try to push forward the anti-Sikh agenda.
  6. I don't believe its just about theology and spreading the religion for the sake of "saving souls for christ" campaign. I truly believe it is more to do with geo-politics and economics more than benefiting and saving souls of brown and black people. If you look at how Christianity began to expand, it was the roman emperor Constantine that really turbo boosted the fortunes of christainity after converting to the faith. He didn't convert for no reason he must have realised it makes more sense to worship one god than have thousands of roman pagan gods and temples all over the place with hard to collect revenue from them via the congregation. By establishing one God one church he was able to collect offerings from the congregation that fed into the roman empire and lead it to expand and conquer rebellious Jewish area's that were resisting the roman empire's invasions and rule over them. Everything eventually comes down to economics and geo-politics nothing at the top leadership is about faith and spirituality when it comes to real agenda they want push forward. Same with islamic dawahist's why do they go off to far off places to convert people? its to make that region that people more subdued and friendlier to arab expansionism with trading and politics coming shortly. Everytime a muslim gets in trouble they will know some muslim in far off places will support them and their causes against non-muslims similar is the case with christians. as it is with most faiths. The problem we Sikhs face when our Sikhs are in trouble we do not help them rather our low IQ idiots the langari's of khalsa aid go help the non-sikhs (like the 1.3billion muslims 50+ countries to their name ) without converting them for the sake of just helping them meanwhile our poor Sikhs in afghanistan and kashmir and pakistan get attacked killed rolled over by islamists and the remaining eventually get forced converted and we get net loss out of the whole endeavor not net gains for the faith.
  7. By heart I am pro-khalistan By mind I know khalistan's outright independence is not possible under present circumstances so majority of our people must bid our time living within the Indian Union. Our best chance for khalistan was in 1947 and in 1984 when the pakistani army could have crossed the border fought the indian troops aided by Sikhs of punjab and established an area for Sikhs to have autonomy but they betrayed the Sikh groups (dal khalsa, babber khalsa,etc) who wanted khalistan and enjoyed the mess that indian punjab was in from 80s to 90s. While keeping Sikh forces and Indian unionist forces busy in punjab killing each other they launched jihadi uprising operation kashmir, which was their real agenda to get. A more workable khalistan that could be setup within 1-5 years without bloodshed would be a Vatican style city state within the indian union which would have semi autonomous religious and political authority to safeguard Sikhi. I believe the anandpur resolution also called for such a thing? Also I have many issues with the current leadership of Khalistani's they tend to be hotheads, Low IQ, pro-islamist/pro-pakistan,etc. Real khalistani's know they can not trust pakistan nor work for their islamist agenda aswell as beware that forces in the india union are hostile to their cause too. Vast majority of Sikhs in india also support the idea of having a Sikh state to safeguard Sikhs but wont openly admit it because of the persecution they may face from hindians. So any pro-islamist khalistani automatically puts off vast majority of pro-khalistan Sikhs we have no time for them. It's like pro-christian khalistani's it would make no sense pushing a favorable christian agenda for a Sikh state likewise being islamophile khalistani makes no sense when they should be pro-sikhi all the way and denounce islamists whenever they are committing unjust acts of aggression on our community or others.
  8. We have to ask ourselves what is the end goal of christian missionaries in doing all this? The end goal of the british empire in sending missionaries was to subdue the native local brown and black people and make them less resistant to the agenda of the british white christian empire in exploiting their resources and land. So what benefits would they get if they managed to convert whole of africa or asia to christianity? It would be probably the same colonialist exploitation as of the former british empire. If you look at the language the christian narrator of that propaganda piece they produced in that video you can see that he was talking of the punjab of always being hostile to christianity and christian missionaries. But now they are finding it less hostile. Why isnt it as hostile any more and what do missionaries want punjab so badly? If we can answer those questions we can alert and awake up other Sikhs. White christians of the west who are not missionary or evangelist are a different kettle of fish they tend to be more peaceful and respectful of other faiths and let people be. It is the evangelist missionary types that are the real problem. Furthermore we wouldnt mind these evangelistic christian missionaries so much if they weren't deliberately misleading the tricking poor people into their cult. They also get new converts to renounce and denounce their previous faith and brainwash them saying the former faith was from the devil and that religion was satan worshiping and they must repent for following a sinful wicked religion and come to jesus for the right path. It's same thing what muslim missionaries do and this is why we oppose their evil and sly tricks in trying to groom and convert our most vulnerable people.
  9. All religion's are spiritual paths to the creator but are not equal. Every religion teaches humans to praise the creator however in Sikhi we do not view they are equal in value and equal in teachings because every religion contradicts each other in their scriptures. What is good for muslims is bad for hindus what is good for hindus is bad for muslims and so on and so forth. Sikhi speaks a common denominator truth to all people of faiths this is what drew many converts in. Sikhi is a common sense religion its a way of life it is a truth. It is an organized religion so its not just a philosophy. A philosphy can be followed without having loyalty towards the founder or creator of it. And if Sikhi wasn't a religion then it would be vanished into the books of history like most ancient faiths have been because they couldnt organise themselves in defence of more aggressive opportunist conquesting faiths like the abrahamics.
  10. What would you say are the big draws that you saw bringing non-sikh people come into Sikhi. What were their reasons and how can we capitalise on that so that we can create a solid foundation for others to share the same messages I would say the following: Meditation (naam simran) Yoga (even though it isn't part of Sikhi alot of new converts associate it with Sikhi and get drawn into Sikhi that way) Following a traditional way of life (strong emphasis on community cohesion and family values) Pluralistic teachings that reach out to everyone with emphasis to treat each other as equals Less commandments more guidance in Sikhi than abrahamic faiths Combination of the peaceful co-existence and yet martial teachings and traditions More emphasis on connecting with the creator than spending time chasing the materialist lifestyle
  11. Good initiative bro saw one of your videos i think tik tok maybe the wrong platform for this type of parchar as its mostly full of people making short sharp snappy entertainment vids. Youtube would be the best, facebook, instagram, twitter.
  12. Yeah various hindu kings and hindu empires like maratha's did their best against plugging the islamic invasion but it was ultimately left to the Sikhs after all the hindu resistance had crumbled and massacred. The Hindus at the time enjoyed empires and kingdoms while Sikhs were stateless and running around on fighting on horseback for survival but in that quest for survival they began doing hit and run attacks and ambushes on various islamic invaders. The islamic invaders knew they could defeat the hindu kings because they had the numbers and the determination to call a jihad and the defeat the divided polytheist pagan idol worshiping hindu kingdoms. What the islamics feared most was the Sikhs because the Sikhs had no nation they were like the modern day guerilla warfare fighters once the Sikhs got some breathing space they started to develop ownership and governance of the lands their occupied. And that land they occupied was like a blackhole or honeypot to attract all the invaders to come and try their luck and everytime they did they were frustrated that they could not exterminate the Sikhs. All their energy was spent hunting down Sikhs giving breathing space for the martaha's to recover and take on the british east india company invaders. Now imagine Sikhs were not there at all, after maratha's were defeated it would have been free reign for any islamic invader to come and ruthlessly crush the last remaining vessels of safe space for hindu's and hinduism. And if all of india was converted then by the time the british east india company had arrived they would have left just as quickly back to the rest of the british empire because islam indian empire would have been too strong and well established in india. There would have been no diversity of faiths there would have been only islam with the predictable shia and sunni conflicts breaking out every now and then.
  13. I think its fair to say we did in large save the hindu faith from being totally wiped out from northern india which would have fed down to central and eventually all of south india. If we look at india today most pockets of muslim demographics are largely in the north east and southern tips of india. Had there been no Sikh rebels harassing and tormenting the muslim invader rulers of the time then they would have had a free reign to forcefully convert rest of the populous to islam just as they did in hindu afghanistan and hindu sindh hindu kashmir,etc. the timescale of islamification was fast because they used the sword. It was only a matter of time had the Sikhs not plugged that gap in the north then they muslim invaders would have run rampant across rest of india. Only in punjab they met a crazy suicidal force of Sikhs that kept them busy and distracted so much so they went nuts and declared every Sikh should be beheaded. So they went nuts and we went nuts eventually we won through because our faith taught us to sacrifice and attain martyrdom fighting the enemy is the duty of all fighting Sikhs. They couldn't handle that fighting prowess of the Sikhs and eventually their dark rule crumbled and hindus and other minorities were able to practise their faith freely and without hindrance.
  14. I would say forget what others are doing, do what you can do that's in your own power. If you can bring back those Sikhs fallen for the tricks of christian or muslim missionaries then go ahead go convenience the fallen sheep to come back to the Guru but i would advise those who can betray the guru once can betray the guru and his sikhi again so lets not worry about those who have chosen their path they will do what they want when they want. It is better if you can expose the evil sly tricks of the missionaries then do that it is better to bring to attention of other sikhs to beware of these people. Instead of getting frustrated about situations you can take pratical steps by exposing those people trying to fool sikhs on social media. It takes work it takes sacrifice of time and patience if you ready to sacrifice if you ready to do your duty for Sikhi go for it. As for spreading Sikhi to non-believers only after fixing our own people first then again your welcome to do that. But to me thats like chasing bubbles in your mind you will have reduced Sikhi to an ethnicity to a nationality. Whereas Sikhi is about uplifting the humanity from the social ills of society and meditating and connecting with their lord waheguru. Why did guru nanak sahib ji speak to muslims? why did he speak to buddhists? why to christians? why to hindus?why travel all around the different lands? why not stay in punjab and preach there? Questions you might wonna ponder on
  15. True though we often forget had it not been for the hindu punjabis and jammu hindus offering their women for marriage to Sikh men and raising their eldest sons as Sikhs then the faith would have disappeared when we only had about 2000 Sikhs left. Largely the hindu's owe alot of debt in eternal gratitude in saving hindu women and hinduism from the islamic conquest onslaught on them from the north but also we should also consider how during times our ancestors had to hid out in jungles and hills it was the sheer numbers of northern hindu's who converted to Sikhi and boosted our numbers that we were able to get on the right path to survival and revival and then nationhood.
  16. Correct and this is why i was trying to convey on the other thread that todays world and societies have different needs. We see christian missionaries having converted nihung and other keshdhari Sikhs and telling them to keep that bana so that they can secretly convert other khalsa Sikhs slowly. So bana has become somewhat meaningless it doesnt necessarily show how much loyality or love for Sikhi one has. The key is Sikh spirituality and connecting the people to SGGS Ji. Once they are connected they will begin developing that love for Sikhi.
  17. Yes every Sikh on this platform should be producing Sikhi parchar material for different nations and in different languages and then see how the fruits of Sikhi spread out. And as for Alpha Sikhs they are produced by halata (environments) when conditions are ripe the tough alpha types will be produced, they will come when the time is right. Even the skinnest weakest person can knock out a beast built hench guy if he is pushed and gets mad enough. I've seen too many UFC and real life fight videos to know it can happen
  18. you know the buddhist empire took a beating from the islamic caliphate they lost afghanistan then india and now confined to sri lanka. burma and thailand. But they in a much better place than Sikhs we are at most 50 million if we add in tribal Sikhs of madhya pardesh. Buddhists are 500 million strong worldwide with a few countries to their name and do not take kindly to muslim demographics and their jihadi opportunists. Sikhs too must spread out, the abrahmics know numbers is the name of the game. Low IQ Sikhs are only learning now in democracies the numbers counts. 1940s Sikhs of india left us in a disaster because they thought they could rely on vintage old weapons and kindness of others to look after our affairs sadly they were proved wrong.
  19. Are you even Sikh? Do you not want Sikhi spread to non-sikhs? you do know its gurmat to spread Sikhi parchar to non-sikhs dont you? And never mind what other Sikhs do....... if they want to be fooled by abrahmic missionaries thats their choice we cant force them to convert back they will when they want to. What is in our power is to convert others to Sikhi. The missionaries will never stop trying to target punjab's Sikhs for conversion they been doing that since day dot when Sikhs were only confined mostly to punjab during Sikh empire days. So if you think if we stop trying to convert others the missionaries will stop you will be sadly mistaken
  20. what you mean by that? Sikhi is not limited to one group of people it is meant to be spread all over the world.
  21. There is alot of opportunity there to convert sikhi to latin america. The abrahamic missionaries are very good at bringing non-believers into their fold. What is needed is a revolution of Sikhi in latin america. Do away with pushing the 1950s SGPC rehit maryada narrative they need to be khalsa to be a sikh and instead rather push the narrative that focus the mind on gurbani and practise sikhi that way. Pull back the stops that hold people from connecting to Sikhi on mass.
  22. Rise of the easy access always on internet/social media and sheeple herd mentality bro. There's more distractions taking away our focus these days so easy to get distracted and attention span gets limited boredom sets in. The mind is like a drug addict it needs a new fix to keep it entertained. So its alot harder to go against the mainstream narrative of whatever is being pushed out by the powerful elites via their controls on mass media. Thats why in gurbani it says control the mind and you can control the world. If our own minds are not controlled by ourselves by brainwashing by years of institutional nonsense that made people think sikhi or religion in general was irrelevant in todays world. When in actual fact Sikhi is the most required in todays world of distractions, mixed messages and confusion. Sikhi is the pure and beautiful safe haven of the free and liberated minds away from the pollution and confusion of society.
  23. In todays world the shittars need to be methaphoric bro lol and words need to be assertive forceful but at the same time seen as guidance and done out of love so that the sikh brother/sister knows you're coming from a good place and not trying to scare them away forever from the right path. Too many hotheads end up causing fights and friction in the panth and that leads no where but disunity. Ankh in fighting mode should only be used against aggressors from other faiths and backgrounds who wish to do sikhs and sikhi harm. Love and kindness to the believers in Sikhi and ankh standing up to the anti-sikh aggressors
  24. Dont think she attacked the 105yr old singh bhai i think she was talking about the whole kaum that we become so spineless that we cant protect our most vulnerable from the clutches of anti-sikh individuals
  25. There is alot of interesting history between Sikhs and the latin hispanic american continents. In the 1930s the anti-british imperalist gadar party rebels were based in south america. Ecuador was the first country in 1986 to formally recognise the government in exile of khalistan and invited 20 million Sikhs to settle there if they wanted to away from indian state persecution. Belize had many khalistani based supporters. Brazil has a small but growing Sikh population Argentina has a small Punjabi Sikh community which has mixed with the locals and still keeping Sikhi alive there Chile has a small growing Sikh popuation Mexico has interesting history of 19th century punjabi immigrants who married local women and had kids many of them are now scattered and forgotten their roots and linage but there is now a growing native mexican latino Sikhs who are growing steadily.
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