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  1. Sant baba johhny singh ji di jay!
  2. Agreed. I have seen many small kids in the local gurudwara taking amrit, idk why but it doesnt feel right. In their teenage it will be extemely hard for them. I did so much dumb stuff in the past 2 years that if i had taken amrit i would have broken it. I feel kids should only take amrit once they are 16 or 17 plus. Before that will not be worth it, and sikhi will be a burden on the persons head. Furthermore, the nice thing I have seen with some moneh folks is that they raise their kids as keshadharis (not all but some i personally know)
  3. It will prolly stay within the family (the persons mum dad will call him by his old name) but in his legal documents his new name will be used if he decides to keep it.
  4. Looks like dhadri. I may be wrong but it seems like a parody of dhadriwala
  5. Its gonna have some effect but not a whole lot. UN is just another way to let the elites of USA, UK, China, Russia and France to rule, and have dominance over the world. The VETO thingy is stupid af. I have even heard many people saying India getting a chance to get VETO, but nehru declined or something along the lines
  6. im 16 but im gonna take amrit once my studies are over. I dont think i can handle paath and studies together. So i do some paath but not all the banis. But as a 16 y/o i deffo have decreased lust and anger due to paath.
  7. He probably dint even knew the meaning. His dad prolly made him say it. But yea still v dangerous.
  8. Hard Kaur is the most shittiest person i have ever seen. She supports khalistan but posts an digital art girl smoking while being naked. And if someone comments that should atleast take down khalistan posts, she says 'StOP MisoGynisT I wILL Do AnytHiNg I WanT'
  9. Acc to what i have seen is that american sikhs are not too religious if u compare them to uk or canada sikhs. Idk why but it seems like that. Some white sikhs are in chardikala over there. They are like muslims in iran pre 79: wanna be whities and wanna normalize what western culture geenrally normalizes (drinking, hookah, girls) n go to gurudwara for justa matha tek to show tht they are sikhs and then heading up to the local bars.
  10. Haha yea. I dont remember who but there was someone who did it. She was one of those feminist pro sander anti trump girls who blame brown culture and brown mentality for every issue they face in their life.
  11. This post and its comments were screenshotted and twitter feminists were calling us out smh
  12. Thats the sole reason we should have 3 kids. Look at the muslims, they have fertility rate over 2. In places like afghanistan it bumped up to 4! I think our fertility rate dropped during kharku period. Our kids were killed, the youth were killed, hence making the leftover people to bump up the fertility rate, which they couldnt.
  13. See @MuslimNeighbour idk what are u doing on our forum. Over that ur crying that 3hitty islamaphobic on real stuff. And instead of answering the question abt ur 7th century cult ur attacking our religion. U feel ur a pakka muslim answer my questions 1) Why did muhammad marry a 6 year old and had s3x with her when she was 9 ? 2) Why does ur cult say that if someone leaves it he should be killed ? 3) Why does ur cult say kill all pagans 4) Why does ur cult say a man can have 4 wives and beat up all of them while women cant have 4 husbands and cant beat up her man ? 5) U say quran is perfect preservation but one of the most respected muslim scholar and companion of muhammad ubayy ibn kaab say that no one should say that i have memorized the entire quran as more than 200 verses have been lost just from one chapter ? stop doing taqqiya brother, we all know that muslims like u and ur dawah gang openly in front of everyone perform taqqiya.
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