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  1. Because all of them had loads and loads of rulers. We just had 1 ranjit singh.
  2. only because of their birth rates. Hundreds of thousands of iranians and pakis arent actually muslims but they have to act like one so that they wouldnt be hanged. Most of their converts leave their religion after a couple of years
  3. I agree. Any communtiy needs a 2.1 TFR to increase their population, and a 2 TFR to have a stable population. Muslims dont have a 5.2 TFR. In the west they have a >2 TFR. Even in afghanistan their TFR is not close to 5.2. Its 4.6 there, and its common as many kids die due to lack of medical attention and war.
  4. sikhs arent even an ethinic group, then idk why do sikhs want to be registered as a different ethnic group.
  5. they are gonna keep jaggi in jail until hes really old and unable to reprooduce. this will benifit them in 2 things: 1) No kids for jaggi hence already declining tfr is lowered 2) free jaggi now will be old and everyone will forget about him and he wont be a hero in the west like he would be if hes released now. Like nowadays no one talks about Bhai rajoana.
  6. because many of them believe there are insects underground, and potato, onion, garlic are grown underground are for those insects. I dont believe in this cr*p but yeah. they do
  7. Its just politics. Punjab police was having a power struggle between Saini and another guy. That guy won, and no saini is in trouble. Its not that govt wants to deliver justice
  8. Afghanistan included most of pakistan. Because of sikhs they are confined in such a small area
  9. Brother, if we went on a muslim forum, and started disrespecting muhammad, then im sure they would block us. Its confusing the new members about sikhi (who dont know much) and can make them question reality. Even tho brothers and sisters have answered him, young gen would be confused. I hope @ADMIN blocks him.
  10. Im not the spokesman for everyone but gurus aint gods. And u can make it and ask us about it.
  11. So why are u talking with the sikhs if u wanna discuss abrahamic beliefs.
  12. Gurus werent god, but they had the power of god. Plus they choose to die. If they dint want to die, they could have chosen not to die, but they accepted what god wanted. Banda Singh Bahadur had such powers that he can make a person fly. But when he was captured, he could have used those powers, but instead choose to live by gods will.
  13. Previous? Whats previous here? According to muslim beliefs? U are talking about Sikhi, in a Sikh forum and giving an example of islamic prophets and teachings of god
  14. Flesh isnt what matters, soul does. Flesh can be killed, soul and thoughts cant be.
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