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  1. Its just politics. Punjab police was having a power struggle between Saini and another guy. That guy won, and no saini is in trouble. Its not that govt wants to deliver justice
  2. Afghanistan included most of pakistan. Because of sikhs they are confined in such a small area
  3. Brother, if we went on a muslim forum, and started disrespecting muhammad, then im sure they would block us. Its confusing the new members about sikhi (who dont know much) and can make them question reality. Even tho brothers and sisters have answered him, young gen would be confused. I hope @ADMIN blocks him.
  4. Im not the spokesman for everyone but gurus aint gods. And u can make it and ask us about it.
  5. So why are u talking with the sikhs if u wanna discuss abrahamic beliefs.
  6. Gurus werent god, but they had the power of god. Plus they choose to die. If they dint want to die, they could have chosen not to die, but they accepted what god wanted. Banda Singh Bahadur had such powers that he can make a person fly. But when he was captured, he could have used those powers, but instead choose to live by gods will.
  7. Previous? Whats previous here? According to muslim beliefs? U are talking about Sikhi, in a Sikh forum and giving an example of islamic prophets and teachings of god
  8. Flesh isnt what matters, soul does. Flesh can be killed, soul and thoughts cant be.
  9. Muslim neighbour is downvoting me, but aint answering. probably asking hijab for the answers
  10. @MuslimNeighbour answer me. Did ur prophet order people from other tribes to drink camel urine?
  11. Cow gives us milk. If the mother dies, the baby is fed either cow or buffalo milk. Its really nutritious. if u wat beef, it produces the most amount of toxic gases in the air. Plus u can get more nutrition from almost every meat than beef. Btw u prophet ordered some tribe members to drink camel urine. Im sure u know about it.
  12. Veere sorry if ur hurt but i dont believe in things like this. It can be easily corrupted. If it was in dasam granth, then i would have believed, but bachans are hard to believe, especially these types of bachans
  13. where is it written? in SGGS? In dasam granth? In panth parkarsh?
  14. That's the prob with diaspora. They want khalistan, bt when someone gives a way to make raj, they reject it. What plan do u propose? If being a gursikh gave someone khalistan then we would have gotten it in 80s, 90s. I agree being a gursikh is imp, but just being a gursikh is a problem. India isnt gonna give u punjab because someone decided to hold a referendum. India is worlds 4th largest military power, even if 25 mil sikhs are against it, they can still beat us. Think logically. I want raj too, but rallies, referendums ain't gonna work. we can't even get our political prisoners out, and ur talking abt khalistan. If u want raj, its a long term plan. Not a 3 1/2 year plan of continuous rallies outside UN Head Office
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