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  1. Thanks buddy. Been trying to get hold of this vid for a while and find it on Sikhsangat of all places lol. The muay thai clinch for mma by anderson silva DVD is also very good.
  2. Interesting question. I dont really have the answer. But I suspect that it was nothing complicated or fancy. Certainly, wrestling, would have been part of the curriculum as many of the Sikh warriors of old, such as Hari Singh Nalwa, were great wrestlers. I suspect, that much of the training was bodyweight exercises such as dand (hindu push ups), baithak (hindu squats), twirling indian clubs, climbing ropes, and training with sacks of wheat and lifting stones. They certatinly didnt have commericial gyms and bodybuilding would have been considered a waste of time as it doesnt have any translat
  3. I think that it is a myth that some races are more martial than others. I believe that all humans have two arms and legs and that anyone can learn how to fight. I feel that one problem that some Sikhs suffer from is that they think that all they need to be good fighters is anakh, warrior spirit, or aggression. Sometimes this is reflected in their language, when they specify that they want to 'die for the panth' or sacrifice themselves or become shaheed. Clearly this kind of mentality exhibits a great deal of bravery and commitment to a cause, however, this is not the mentality with which battl
  4. vjkk vjkf Sikhs need to learn self protection and up-to-date, modern combative systems. The focus should be on avoidance of conflict and the use of verbal deterrants and controlling of personal space via a 'fence', backed up with a small but highly aggressive skillset to end violence quickly, as a last resort. The problem with Sikhs is that they dont take this kind of thing seriously. Even in Nottingham I have tried to run self protection classes but young people dont wanna know. There are two different kinds. Some just think that its not important and they dont need it. Others think that the
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!

    Keep up the hard work/training! Props from California, USA =]

  6. vjkk vjkf Great news to hear that Sikhs have opened up a new gym. Its great to see Sikhs training and doing martial arts. Keep up the good work. Lets take over Vjkk vjkf
  7. Cant blame kuriya for this. Its up to paghwale mundeh to sort themselves out, grow a backbone and behave like proper men. No point moaning about how life is so unfair and you cant get a job or a woman etc... Noones gonna give you anything on a plate, you gotta go out there and prove that your the best and if you dont marry a proper sardar you are losing out. Dont play the victim card. Lots of Singhs have no problems getting married and have beautiful wives and beautiful kids.
  8. dear pehlvan, Basically, as a non amritdhari but kesadhari singh, I have no problems training with kes and daaraa. When I train I tie my hair into a guth and tie a jura at the back of my head. i cover my head with a patka and wear some wrestling ear guards over the top which stops me from getting cauliflower ears and keeps my patka on my head when grappling. I keep my daree open. When I fight, I go into the cage with a french plat with my head uncovered and this does not come undone. I think it would be very possible for amritdhari singhs to train in mma. You can easily keep a small kanga
  9. vjkk vjkf Singhs, I am glad in one respect that you guys are debating about which martial art is the best etc, because its important to pick the right martial art for you. Often people ask me which martial art to do, and really it depends on what your goals are. For myself, I want to fight in the cage which is a combat sport, therefore I need a good mix of combat sports such as Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ with a good healthy dose of hardcore fitness training and weights. However, not everyone wants to dedicate their whole life to fighting in the ring and most just want to be able to defend t
  10. Vjkk vjkf My name is Subaig Singh. I am a mixed martial arts fighter (mma) fighter from Nottingham. I have been asked to post here and give any advice to sikhs who may be thinking about getting into mma. Firstly, it is important to understand that being an MMA fighter requires you to be competent in three ranges of combat. These ranges are: (1) Stand up striking eg. kicking and punching ala muay thai, karate, boxing, etc. (2) Clinch fighting eg wrestling and dirty boxing ( holding your opponent in a grip and hitting them) (3) Ground fighting eg. Submission fighting such as brazilian juji
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