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  1. Thankyou everybody for your responses. much appreciated. Google me in the chiller!
  2. Greetings! Is it true that every human being who is inside the womb of an expecting mother, silently meditate or pray on the name of the one immortal God? If so, in which language are they meditating or praying? I ask this question because some Sikh people say that newborns are born as Sikhs because they are in their most natural form with uncut hair etc. Some muslims claim that all newborns are born as muslim (which I don’t believe to be true). Google me in the morning!
  3. @singh559- Howdy neighbour! Thankyou for the video link, The person talking is very intelligent and knows his stuff. Thanks. @only five- that was a wonderful verse from your scripture, the whole concept of reincarnation has got me interested in what all living things become in their next lives... @alias- Merging with god, to me, seems like the best idea of heaven compared to other religions. So what your saying is that hell is not a red devil with a fork burning people, its more like having to live again (through reincarnation) witnessing all the sad things on earth, kind of like a hell on e
  4. Please keep in mind im a non sikh (you can probably tell by my stripes) What would happen to someone like me when i die? im a vegetarian, i believe there is one god for every living being, i try to respect nature, i recycle. In terms of religion, i have not made a commitment to any faith, but i do talk to god in my thoughts and i do believe there are a few people from osome faiths who were touched by god... so with all this.... what am i looking at? heaven? hell? reincarnation? Google me in the evening!!
  5. Howdy hi neighboureenos! As im a non-sikh, my knowledge on the significance of certain practices is somewhat low... I wanted to know: Is it true or false that the holy food in your religious domain is stirred with the ceremonial dagger? If true, why is this done and is there any spiritual significance for this? Google me if you think im all that!
  6. howdy folks! What about Nandos Veggie Burgers? are they totally vegetarian? Google me in my behive!
  7. I managed to attend the freedom rally this year (by the persuasion of paneer monster!), i joined the crowed from picadilly circus area and everybody looked pretty serious. There was some sikhs shouting slogans in their language (which is fine) but for all my fellow white on-lookers who were watching, I think they were confused or curious as to what the march was about. I got a couple of 'curious' looks from them too! lol. I agree with more chanting in English and more BIG banners in English spelling out that Sikh people really are not safe in india. Perhaps if the Sikh community can bring alo
  8. I just wikipedia this Baba Deep person and... WOW! :khalsa2: I never knew Sikhs had such a couragous being existing in their history/faith after their Guru's/Saints. He was an old man when he faught the enimies, that is amazing in itself. Google me!
  9. I knew India had a death penalty but i didnt think they actually used it. How can a person be so evil as to appose death on somebody. Google me!
  10. im happy your enjoying the buzz! :D

  11. im happy your enjoying the buzz! :D

  12. @ Singhni- Anytime hun @ Balait- excuse me what an insult. i was a young buzz in India when i witnessed my grandpappa Buzbee zoom in with his wings and sting you. if my memory serves me correctly, you was crying for a whole week! :onfire: Google me!
  13. hello clairty. i am sorry if i offended you or said something wrong. I like the look of baptized sikhs (men and women) and I meant that I dont see a large amount of them out and about where i live. your "salvation on earth" sentance applies to me! :respect: Google me!
  14. Singhni :toohappy: all you have to do is type cartoon bee in google image search and you will see various pics of myself and my bee clan family buzzin around! be careful, you might get stung! lol Google me!
  15. what i like about the sikh community: From my own personal experiences i find Sikh people are generally very kind, polite and helpful. Baptized Sikh's in particular, to me, look very neat in apperance. i like that. what i dislike about the Sikh community: There isn't enough of you guys around!! :allears: Google me!
  16. Thankyou for confirming Mr Admin, ol buddy ol chum, mr varifyer of truths! I salute thee! :khalsa2: @sing559: Life for me is swell thanks! happy u r all good.
  17. oh behave! I wrote that when i was younger and living the fast life :fight: now i'm mature and i have quiet nights with mugs of Horlicks to keep me safe and warm :blush2: Google me!
  18. Singh559 :toohappy: its been a long time, i shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to, step to, st..step to, st..step to !! hows life? good i hope Google me
  19. Woah! The universe is so massive and wonderous, it makes me think; is there another planet earth with humans on it? hmm... Do the sikhs have any other writings in their holy books about the universe and planets? And do they touch on UFO's and stuff like that? It would be interesting to know. I might give paneer monster a call and ask him too (if thats ok with confused and floating)! :toohappy: Google me :bow:
  20. Admins can u please confirm i have no other accounts on this board. User: ConfusedAndFloating as wrongly implied that I am User: Paneer Monster :no: Users should not make such accusations just because i happen to agree with someone on this board. Admins please clear this up as i do not want other users looking at me with suspicious eyes as Confused Floater has. Thanks, Google me! :allears:
  21. Hahahahahahahahaha LMAO!!!! oh my sides! hahahahahahahaaa what a <banned word filter activated> head! hes proberly ruined his 'career' :lol:
  22. I dont know what Gudwara's do for the youth of today, but what i do know is the few gurswara's i have visited are in one word Beautiful. I like the whole 'take your shoes off' concept, not bringing in the dirt of the streets into the lords house, the covering of ones head showed humility and these alone later made me take a step back and think wow, as an 'outsider' as i fully understood why these are important actions in a gurdwara after going into the main section (where the holy scripture was) and seeing such a wonderful sight. I dont think any other religious place (church, mosque, sinag
  23. pahaha! no but seriously, im not trying to offend anybody, somalian bus drivers are dangerous, they try and portray some sort of 'swagger' when they drive... hi5-ing the next somali and salam-ing their 'sisters' who are all allowed free bus journeys, but they are dangerous on the road god damn it! Google me!
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