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  1. enough is enough noe1 reply to this topic pls it only gonna caus more trouble and debates
  2. lol damn i dnt mean too i dint wna carryy on i think seva is seva and dah seva seva wt did gnnsj was der best sorri i dnt mena to carry it on sorrriii
  3. its a fact that in the 2oth century that there was 99.3% wars and only 0.7 months of peace
  4. y is babber khalsa banned in u.k
  5. wa channel was it on cbeebies
  6. i fink the media wud b a gr8 help because then the police cn make an announcement fing and tel the ppl dah sikhs aint muslims
  7. y wen they du ishnaan seva in harmandar sahib y du they use milk and y du they du ishnaan u lot can reply
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