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  1. Tie it with your gatra. i have a string attached to the kanga which is use to tie to the gatra. I wash my kesh separately from regular ishnan. so when i wash my kesh i tie my gatra around my chest.
  2. Niddar sio so called last Sikh warrior(he calls him self that) so called Shivji da bhakat( he does the shiva ji dance). RSS agent. basically a keshdhari Hindu. See below links. To @Koi it not the word, it the fact that you used it for someone who is not a Sikh and has been excommunicated from the Sikh Panth. Someone who is an enemy of the Sikhs and who no real Sikh would associate with. I don't care what words you use for that enemy of the Sikhs. You and your kind can call him whatever. He will always be a traitor of the sikh panth and a keshadhari hindu. Of course h
  3. Look at these people calling Niddar soo called nihung a RSS da banda -- GURUDEV ji. lol this is ridiculous. If Sukha Singh did some sexual abuse then that needs to be investigated. but beating up a Niddar Sios chella is kinda ok form my side. he probably asked for it by doing stupid <banned word filter activated>. Niddar sio so called last Sikh warrior(he calls him self that) so called Shivji da bhakat( he does the shiva ji dance). RSS agent. basically a keshdhari Hindu.
  4. "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" -Carl Sagan
  5. They are basically that. They also do havan's and their marriage ceremony are lavan around fire.
  6. The case of Naamdharis protecting cows is unique and it shows their true colors that they are just Keshdhari hindus.
  7. Gau Garib mean something else. Some Human who is not able to defend him or herself. Regarding that one Sikh who was forcefully converted. He was made to eat Halal meat. doesn't matter what type of meat. I believe Sikhs can eat whatever they can Jathka. Doesn't matter if it is a cow from USA or India. We are not hindus and cow is not sacred. I don't know how many times we have to mention this.
  8. Radhaswami chele so cares what they do. As long as there was no parkash of SGGS i dont care.
  9. True that person on the outside will have to walk faster.
  10. I just wanted to point out that person walking behind holding a palla control the person walking in front. just like how you can control an animal( horse). If you don't like the current Anand karaj maryada than please go ahead and get a court marriage.
  11. Having a hard time trying to understand how you can disregard the opinion of a Saheed's Family. But are OK with someone who is actively meeting and planning with the most ANTI SIKH force in India politics. Yeah lets be fine with someone who is OK with the BJP and their history of trying to eliminate sikhi.
  12. singhdalbir

    BBC agenda

    You would have so much free time to write all these long paragraphs yet you still don't realize that Blindian is just a another side way of trying to convert people. I this is not about black people just Christians. Black people can join Sikhi and marry any Sikh but most of them don't want to do that. the main objective of this blindian project is to convert people under the guise of being anti racist. You can keep on going on with your tangents into your dream world and try to teach others like you are the be all end of of Sikhism and that only you know Gurmat and one else dare question
  13. Here you go. and Listen to Bibi Khalras video and she says it straight that this guy is a BJP agent. and he is seen handing out with BJP leaders. Yet this is the guy who asks for khalistan but hes best buddies are BJP people. Really who stupid do you think people are.
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