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  1. Prime is referring to when people look their best, fittest, and are able to have the healthiest children. 18-25 is correct for women, lol. Older women are hornier than younger ones, though, definitely. (until menopause).
  2. Premi is a girl. Women are in their prime ages 18-25. Men are in their prime ages 25-35. Physicality, mostly, but other things as well.
  3. The Dutch may not like Germans due to past wars but they’re still Germanic. Dutch is low German and the German they speak in Germany is high German. Dutch and German people are similar as they’re both very practical and organised. However, Dutch are more stingy (cheap), blunt (in an intentional way unlike the Germans who are blunt in an unintentional way), and are known to be taller with more ‘northern’ phenotypes. There isn’t much of an hierarchy in Dutch businesses, bosses don’t see themselves as grossly superior to their workers. They’re calm and collected. Dutch are also more fit – pe
  4. In terms of beauty? Nordics and Germanics, without a doubt. In terms of cultural impact and output? Anglos and their descendants. In terms of behaviour and discipline? Germans, Dutch. (Germanics in general). In terms of religiosity and more traditional values? Eastern Europeans. In terms of coping with racism and bitterness at being second rate whites? Italians, Spanish, Greeks and Portuguese. (They are unironically more racist than ‘whiter’ whites). As much as I hate colonialism and the ill effects of it – I would say I am thankful it was the British who colonised Ind
  5. Alright, I will ask him to send in a complaint. I also saw this which I found interesting:
  6. What can an average man in his early 30s do? Do you think just because he's white, the radio hosts will listen to him?
  7. No, 'my' Dutch man is considerably more handsome and isn't 50 years old, lol. Anyway, as there has been a massive refugee influx in the past decade, expect these refugees to pop out a bunch of children and massive censorship to occur as Muslims gain influence by sheer numbers alone. It's called 'Islamophobia', lol. Sikhs will not have the same privileges. It's now cool to make fun of all religions except Islam because people are genuinely afraid to criticise Islam. How mental is that?
  8. Pretty sure if Muslims were protesting they would take it off the radio immediately. People are scared of Muslims : )
  9. The largest ethnic minorities in the Netherlands are Turks, Moroccans, and Surinamese. We can infer that ‘Timur’ here most likely has Turkish origins and isn’t ethnically Dutch. It is funny how he thinks making fun of someone else’s religion is OK. Would Timur be OK if the same thing was done with Islam?
  10. I was thinking about this a lot. I do feel that a lot of hatred is flung at Punjabi girls and aired about in public spaces but I just realised that a lot of communities don’t even care about these issues while ours do. For example, you’ll never find white American/Russian/British men complaining that their women are flaunting themselves in swimsuits in international competitions or whatever because at this point it’s an absolutely nonissue for them. They’ve ‘evolved’ so much. So I would like to thank men in our community for caring. Even though a lot of it is hateful, I feel it comes from a pl
  11. Uhhh? Do they do that to random men and feed them lies? She's literally heartless, lol. A lot of Eastern European women are USERS, facts. There's a reason why nearly 95% of all the women on these type of shows are Eastern European or Brasilian or whatever. It's just more acceptable in their culture to be that way. It's funny you're getting offended that I pointed out something that is very common in a certain culture but when the men on this forum rag on Panjabi females all day and call them slags and whores no one cares lol.
  12. Sure, Jan. Most are naturally like that, sorry to hurt you.
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