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  1. Jassu


    Would you ever date a non religious person? I am not speaking about an atheist, but more so someone who is not very religious. Let’s say they let you stay close to your religion & culture and are ok with passing down your culture/values to future children. Do you think that’s ok? I think I’ve met the perfect person however he’s not very religious. He belongs to a different culture however our cultures are similar and compatible. All of my values line up and they are extremely respectful.
  2. There are people that literally pretend to be Sikhs on the Internet, I met many Hindus and Muslims doing this. There was a Muslim dude who used to post on forums on how Sikh women are easy and he wants a Sikh woman to lose his virginity to bc they're easier than Muslim women
  3. Where do you get those photos? From what archive?
  4. I don't think Punjabi families are as toxic as other communities. ' However I noticed that our parents are too easy on sons. When men are strong and can propagate the faith, women will follow suit.
  5. Indeed. The next hub of massive population growth will be Africa and we will see insane emigration from Africa as well. There will be many Africans in European/American lands in the coming decades. As long as India will be a developing country, it will still have a growing population as the birth rate isn’t as dire as European countries. European countries are doomed. Does anyone have any idea as to why Sikhs have the lowest birth rate in India? Isn’t one of our main teachings to create a family? Just a couple decades ago, our grandparents were having 8+ children, smh. Sometimes I think modernisation is a big mistake.
  6. I don’t really care what anyone says. The main priority of every Sikh no matter in Punjab or overseas should be having as many children as possible. At gurudwaras they should be teaching and lecturing this. For most Sikhs they are just happy with one child as long as it’s a boy. That’s a joke. A lot of people say quality over quantity but see how that worked out for us? Most non-practicing Sikhs still favour Sikhi, even though they may have a hard time following it. With mass scale conversions going on in Punjab, random Hindu mobs attempting to lynch Sikhs, mass scale Sikh emigration, Punjab will be obsolete. I am not sure if anyone watched this documentary but feel free to watch it: They’re saying Punjab will literally become a registan (desert)! This is terrible news. Anyway, all is not lost. Even if a lot of Sikhs emigrate to the west, they should be taught to value family over money. Muslims have a tendency to be less educated. Not all Muslims are the same. Iranians, Lebanese, etc don’t have many children and are quick to assimilate. They’re highly educated as well. Some are barely even religious. However North Africans, Afghans, Somalis, Pakistanis usually have many children and tend to be more religious. These are the types inflating the numbers. There should be massive informational campaigns and awareness being spread like how certain orthodox groups engage in that encourage Sikhs to have children.
  7. How do we convince our people to have more babies? Why tf we gotta care about money so much?
  8. Brooo trust me they say even worse sh!t when the camera isn't on them. Blacks are really racist Actually I saw a lot of these videos too and a lot of black people keep saying Indian, in fact some other races like whites or other brown people were saying it too but kaleh literally would be super racist about it.
  9. Sikhs are not victims we literally belong to warrior culture and noble heritage. Why are we letting kaleh crackheads beat us up?
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