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  1. Brooo trust me they say even worse sh!t when the camera isn't on them. Blacks are really racist Actually I saw a lot of these videos too and a lot of black people keep saying Indian, in fact some other races like whites or other brown people were saying it too but kaleh literally would be super racist about it.
  2. Sikhs are not victims we literally belong to warrior culture and noble heritage. Why are we letting kaleh crackheads beat us up?
  3. Yea my mum would say don't talk bad about others, don't talk about those topics. Idk maybe this is just Desi mother mentality?
  4. I know why you disagree. You come from a different time period where whites were the absolute majority and the media wasn’t hurling PC nonsense at them. Young desis are saying other minorities are actually more verbally and physically racist with them now.
  5. I wonder why Muslim women put on tonnes of makeup and tight clothes then wear a hijab. Make it make sense pls
  6. I have seen a lot of desi men call desi women ugly and they say they like Iranian, Turkish, white women lmao
  7. Yeah Iranian, Turkish and arab females are the worst when it comes to plastic surgery. They get entire facial reconstruction surgery pretty much. Nose lips etc. and then you have thirsty apne guys putting down sikh females for being ugly and thirsting over literally fake girls lmao. So cringe. Pakistani girls are getting into plastic surgery too now
  8. The whole ‘Indians are like Jews’ meme had some thought put into it. There must be a reason why india a5selicks Israel lol
  9. Idk but European accounts said Hindus were very cowardly however cunning and swindlers
  10. I really doubt we are going to make Khalsa raj when we have own blood brothers out there scamming each other.
  11. Dude idk. Scamming gene is in all Indians DNA, depends on what triggers it for it to reveal itself lmao.
  12. Lmao that’s funny af. Ukrainian women are happy to have sex for money. They literally happily marry 50 yr old balding grandpas as a 20 yr old even before the war. You think women are innocent. A lot of them will falsely claim things and the media is pro women. Sikh male fascination with foreign women never cease to amaze me
  13. I heard Gypsies came from Punjab and apparently Gypsies are scammers in europe
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