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  1. Start with your inner first, read and understand Gurbani. Read more about Sikh history. It is okay if you start wearing Kara and Kachehra but you have to promise yourself and the guru that you won't do bad things with your hands and control your lust (don't panick if it takes time, many people hve a hard time with this, just build it up gradually). If you chant in your mind it is good too. If you do good deeds it is a form of worship too. Waheguru knows what is in your mind and heart, so meditating silently is perfectly fine. I would also recommend you to watch some of the BasicsofSikhi vid
  2. There are proofs they met Guru Nanak Sahib and accepted his as his Guide, Guru.
  3. The biggest shame is people like JSinghNZ who try hard to remain ignorant despite being given more than one solid proof: a) Gurdwara Guru Ka Bagh in Ayodhya where Bhagats met Guru Nanak Maharaaj b) Meharbaan Janamsakhi confirming above sakhi c) Bhagat Bani Ithaas with detailed historical research plus indepth analysis of the Gurbani. All he has is 2 websites haha. Open your eyes, who needs enemies when we got our own Sikhs turning Bhagats into Hajj loving, Ramadan loving Muslims and Casteist idolater Hindus.
  4. Try to understand Guru Granth Sahib, Guru Sahib is in fact condemning the 5 Namaj and telling them to substitute them with virtues. Again, don't think you know it all by reading a few internet pages like Sikhspectrum or Sikhs.org, laughable sources.
  5. If they were Muslim or Hindu and achieved highest spiritual status then whats need to be Sikhs lol? I don't care about internet links written by tom d*cks and harries like yourself, quote books by renowned authors. You have failed to quote a single book and I have given you two books, one dating back to the 17th century and one written by a renowned scholar some time ago.
  6. Moorakh, keep ignoring historical proof. Spend less time on internet and read a books or two before saying our Mahaan Bhagats were Hindus or Muslims (what a beadbi).
  7. You are truly ignorant. Right from 17th century in MEHARBAN JANAMSAKHI till Gyani Gurdit Singhs book Bhagat Bani Ithas recently it has been TIME TO TIME proven again that JAGAT Guru Nanak gave Naam to Bhagats and they were his disciples. Read some Puratan books. Reading one is better than none brother, and take the good stuff out of it. Ignorance is condemned in Gurbani in the harshest possible ways. You read few articles on Internet with made up birth date of Bhagats (made up in the 20th century by authors like Max Macauliffe) and your the scholar? Don't base your Sikhi gyan on Internet onl
  8. Jadenbliss, welcome to the forum and hopefully you will realise the importance of following The Truth. Lets adress your concerns: 1. Sikhi was not created to fight Aurangzeb. Aurangzeb came in the 17th century while Guru Nanak Sahib revealed Sikhi in the 15th century. 2. Aurangzeb was not the fight tyrant who was condemned by the Sikhs. Even tyrany Babur was condemned by Guru Nanak Sahib in 1521. 3. Sikhi was not created to protect Hindus. If Muslims were being persecuted in a Hindu rule, the Gurus would have defended the Muslims. We defend the opressed, down trodden and the ones too weak t
  9. GURU KI NINDA SUNEH NA KAAN, BHET KARO TIS SANG KIRPAAN is a quote dating back to the early 18th century, nothing has changed. We are still read to chop off heads for Guru Maharajs beadbi.
  10. Funny, are you so uneducated in Sikhi that your taking websites as sources? Get educated brother, ignorance is not good. Bhagats were contemponaries of the Gurus. As I said read Meharban Janamsakhi, do you even know what that is or whom its written by? Waheguru bless our qaum with people like JSinghnz, who always are first ones to condemn Moneh but haven't read ONE puratan Granth. The bhagats met Jagat Guru Nanak in Ayodhya, theres a Gurdwara there too. Sikhs.org is not a puratan source. You can't get knowledge about Sikhi by reading a few sites only, deep knowledge in the Puratan scriptur
  11. You talk big of history, have you read history? Read the Meharban Janamsakhi which names the Bhagats and how they met Guru Ji and accepted him. You are the one trying to rewrite history by saying Bhagats were Hindus or Muslims. Bani says Hindu Anna Turku Kana. Na Hum Hindu Na Musalman. EVERY single author in Guru Granth Sahib was united under one mindset, this applies to the Gurus, Bhagats, Sikhs, Bhatts.
  12. Panj Pyare did not exist at Guru Nanaks time, but several learner Gursikhs have said that this was a hint towards it - the Guru residing in 5 Khalsa (before even 1708 the Khalsa was Guru Khalsa such as in the Battle of Chamkaur) The five senses do not really make sense in the context. Im thinking more into the 5 Shabad. Did anyone find Baba Gurbachan Singh Bhindranwales Katha about this Pauri in the link?
  13. lol sure the guy in the video is nothing. Show me one person in Punjab doing this at the moment? Who got anakh in the mainstream ? Any ankhila Sikh leader speaking against problems Punjab is facing? Goes where Sikhs are attacked, beaten by police, immigrants, deredaars?
  14. Who cares about that. See their Robh, their control, how the politician is backing his community, the POOR folk of his community. Which Sikh leader in Punjab would stand up for the rights of Sikhs? Which leader goes to sites of sacrilege? Which leader goes to place where Sikhs get beaten up?
  15. Radical Muslim MPs and MLAs have been elected from Hyderabad. Look at their Badmashi openly, how police is afraid of them. People in Punjab need to wake up and elect Kharku minded MPs and MLAs.
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