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  1. Sangat JI can anyone please advise if the kindle supports Gurmukhi? Are there any Gutkaa saabs available to download? Ate there any Panjabi books available? Thank you
  2. Fateh JI Could the sangat please advise what we do with old dastars and kacharey please ? Thanks
  3. Is there audio available for full chaupai sahib please? Thanks.
  4. Wolverine5


    Guys I need some guidance please I was told that we must collect any Kesh that fall off our body. I have been collecting these now and need to know what to do with them please. Could someone please kindly advise me to what needs to be done? Pull Chuk Maaf.
  5. Many Thanks for yuor response. It's greatly apprecaited. I do wear the Kirpan over my clothes rather then under the vest. Could you please advise where I am able to purchase a kirpan like the one you mentioned and is it known by a particular name? This one I purchased from the Taksali stall was supposed to br Sarbloh. Thanks Thanks for the advise. He prescibed me some creams which clamed it down, but is hasn't got rid of it totally. I will mention the below to my Dr and see what he can do for me. Many Thanks.
  6. Sadh Sangat jio I wanted some advice please. I recently had a body rash and this was identified by my GP (Sikh GP) as eczema. He couldnt say what caused the reaction. He said it could have been a humber of things. He later saw that I had a Kirpan and said that the metal casing could have potentially kicked it off as the coating around the case may have potentaily been cheap mateiral. I did recently change it over for a new one I bought from the Taksali stall in Amritsar. Can anyone advise if there have been cases of this? If so how do I get round it please? Is there a particular type of kirpan that I could purchase? The one I have is Sarbloh. I want to try this to eliminate the possiblitly of this being the case. My diet hasnt changed and I haven't introduced anything new. Hope the above is clear. Pull Chuk Maaf.
  7. There is a book by Bhai Jarnail Singh which might a fgood source. Its both in Panjabi and English. Sikh Missionary in Soufhall should have a copy. Or you may want to contact Mr H S PHOOLKA (think thats how you spell his name). Lawyer from Delhi. He also wrote a book. When a tree shock Delhi. Also UK based Bhai Satnam Singh the Barrister or even the SOPW guys. Hope this helps.
  8. Guys I am looking to find Shabads by Giani Baldev Singh Southall Wale. Done a search on the Google Gaggle and got no joy. Does anyone now where I can get hold of his Shabads please? Panjab radio play his shabads quite a bit. Thanks
  9. Please do not hesitate to speak the Truth. Please also remember, we are accountable for all out actions and have to answer to Guru Maharaj when we depart from this world. If she doesn't want to listen, well then that's her own fault and as you have rightly said she is blinded. It takes just One phone call.........plain and simple! Pull Chuk Maaf :waheguru:
  10. The Sikhstuff guys are bad news Full Stop! I ordered two lots of kacheray and they turned up Filthy. Dirt marks and dust all over them. The box was filthy and they hadn't even packed them. They did replace one set, but awaiting a refund on the other set. I have been waiting for a Taksal Kirpan (The only thing missing from the order) since Dec last year. I have lost count how many times I have chased these guys. They left me no choice but to raise a case via Paypal. This is pending investigation at the moment. They are a bunch of Jokers. I wouldn't waste my time with them. There is another website opening up here in the UK, they have advertites on here. Please try them, I am sure there service will be much more Professional and desdicated - www.sikhistore.com (BTW I am not from the website lol).
  11. WaheGuru Ji why do we hesitate to speak the truth these days? Just generally , not aimed at you. We need to let the Sangat know, it's simple. There are already so many Paapi's out there that mislead Sikhs away from the real Sikhi. Just remeber we have to answer to Maharaj. Benti in your Charan, please do not hesitate to let the truth out. We are all one family and we wouldn't want any harm to come to any individual. Maharaj Kirpa Karan. Pull Chuk Maaf :waheguru:
  12. Total No No to Steroids! You are changing your body and it also plays with your mind. There is a youtube video on a Singh who took steriods, he tells you how it destroted him! Putting on all that weight may look good, however if you don't know how to put that to use, then you are in trouble. Bulking up slows you down.....mix it with cardio and the results are tremendous. Pull Chuk Maaf....... :waheguru:
  13. Moderators, I thought there was a Total Ban on this Baqwas?!
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