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  1. Areas of sutton coldfield, great barr are good, parts of walsall are good and same goes for wolves. Smethwick is over populated and the schools are not the best. Each area has its benefits, and within an area there are good parts and bad. Smethwick e.g has a big sikh population however its crime ratea and housing may not be the best, likewise parts of handsworth have very nice housing and schools but again parts have a very high crime rate. It depends on what you are willing to sacrifice. Its best if you come and see the areas yourself depending on your budget
  2. It really depends on two things, House prices? Children - schools, and what type of house your looking for How far are you willing to travel to get to main sikh areas? And also do you want to live in a nice quiet area and travel 20mins or 30 mins to a event on average or live in main sikh area and have too much chaos If you answer them it will help.
  3. Some got infiltrated before the attack by the longawal friendship going against sant ji and some after. They all are infiltrated in one way or another
  4. Lool at video carefully its a party hall. Thatd been divided by curtains. If you look through them making the video still, you can see the tables and chairs through it.
  5. I dont think it was a gurdwara wedding, its a pisstake. look at guru jis takht- the chandoa sahib. There is no satkaar at all. Thats not a sikh wedding at all. They doing flowers of girl and guy in guru jis hazoori, he wearing sehra etc. Definately find out who these agianis are
  6. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh The Annual Barsi of Brahmgiani Baba Santokh Singh Ji (Joti Saroop) Vale will be taking place on 16-18th February. Arambh Sri Akhand Paat Sahib 5pm - 16th Feb Bhog Sri Akhand Paat Sahib 5pm - 18th Feb. Followed by Mahaan Smagam **Amrit Sanchar of 18th at 10am** For more information please watch this space. Baba Santokh Singh Ji was a very gupt mahapurkh who did immense bhagti and continuous seva in langar. They were known as one of the pillars of sirhand and had the utmost nimrata. They were a real Sant and a true sevadaar of Satguru Jis panth.
  7. Baba santokh singh jis barsi tividale. 18th feb 10am
  8. 3ho typical, are they trying to do some yoga exercises to it
  9. Please contact the numbers on the poster for transport details. Also an updated list of events and dates will be posted soon to clarify a few typo mistakes and new events
  10. Gur parmesar iko jaan. Guru sahib ji is parmeshar ji.
  11. Katha and kirtan are both as important, however as stated kirtan is of niroal gurbani whereas katha is interpretation of gurbani and also of ithaas. Its sad to say but in todays age both can be changed and edited to suit an individual, kirtan can be sund of half shabads giving half interpretations, different tuks can be read becoming confusing and possibly meaning different things. Leaving the individual unable to understand what guru ji is saying. Likewise in todays society and especially some of the newer jathas- the katha vachiks have different motives and sometimes do anarth rathet than arth. Therefore confusing an individual further. At darbar sahib katha does occur in the complex of manji sahib divaan hall, which is part of darbar sahib. And throughout gurithaas guru sahib has done katha or also told wise gursikhs and those of other religions to do katha to the sangat for knowledge. I personally feel, in todays society everything is a distraction from god, even at times the things that are meant to take you closer due to kaljug turn into arguments and disagreements, a kathavachik doing anarth, a kirtani not following raags, doing kirtan to fast to understand, reading gurbani incorrectly etc are all distractions. Satguru sahib ji mehar karan. Just to add, whats more important is your surat concentration whilst listening to both.
  12. Its a shame as they were related to such a high jeevan vala chardi singh
  13. The taksal from day 1 followed bikrami, in 2003 when purewal calender was introduced, government sgpc put pressure on some other jathebandia/sampardas that they should adopt purewal calender. At the time baba ji phoned heads of sampardas telling them that the old traditions were best. Whether some did change or not im not aware, but do remember this happening.
  14. Just for the information of the sangat the event of the 28th january is starting at 6pm, im not sure whats happening with the above event as it seems to be a bit random and none of the organisors have been made aware of it. The event is in rememberence of dhan baba deep singh ji shaheeds janam divas. Boss is british organisation of sikh students, and has nothing to do with taksal. Singhs of boss associate with all jathebandia. So can syp or whoever is confusing the sangat please stop, nimrata sehat benti hai charna de vich, and in the future please contact the singhs and im sure they will be more then happy to do joint events. Thank you
  15. The uk events taksal calender follows bikrami dates.
  16. As per the taksal 2012 calender its been advertised as a smagam in rememberence of baba deep singh ji ans there is also a poster of this being advertised on facebook, is this the same smagam as the times seem to have changed or have i got it wrong
  17. Im sure the gursikhs doing tjis campaign are aware of what they are doing, bhai sukhraj singh is a respectable singh and im sure he knows what to do and what not to do. even if its not a faith school im still aure they will do alot more then what half the faith schools are doing.
  18. 2012 calenders can be found at Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Gurdwara Tividale, Sikh Temple Chapeltown Leeds They will be distributed to all other areas within the next few weeks and also available online on www.saintsoldiersounds.com and damdamitaksaal.org shortly. - following puratan dates - similarities to the new nanakshahi calender on ithasic dates Akj calenders have been said to be available at Singh Sabha Gurdwara, Cross Roads, Coventry - im not sure which dates they follow
  19. Veer Ji, Its an initial approach of doing more gurmat smagams throughout uk, we are sorry if the programs are not equally balanced and hope in future years, with the help of gursikhs such as your self and others wanting to do parchar, we can have more events, in london, midlands and north aswell. Saintsoldiersounds will be released shortly. Vjkk Vjkf For more information, or to help organise or with events please pm me
  20. ‎**2012 EVENTS ** 28 Jan - Baba Deep Singh Ji Smagam - GNP Coventry 17-19 Feb - Barsi Baba Santokh Singh Ji Joti Saroop - Gurdwara Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Tividale - B69 2PG 10 March - Holla Mohalla Smagam - Sikh Temple Chapeltown Leeds - All day Gatka event and evening Kirtan Smagam 21st April - Vaisakhi Smagam - Gurdwara Guru Harrai Sahib Ji (dumeli) West Bromwich 2nd June - National 1984 Shaheedi Smagam - Leicester 28-30 June - Barsi Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranvale - GNG Smethwick 21st July - 30 Years Since Start of Dharam Yudh Morcha Smagam - Tividale 23-25 August - Barsi Sant Kartar Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranvale - Gurdwara Baba Sang Ji Smethwick 17 Nov - Gurta Gadhi Divas Smagam - Wolverhampton 24th Nov - Parkash Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji - Southall 22-24 Dec Barsi Baba Thakur Singh Ji Khalsa ** Please check posters closer to dates and websites for any updates or changes - Damdamitaksaal.org and saintsoldiersounds.com
  21. Why are they showing such personalities on tv
  22. Can sangat near dashmesh darbar and all over stop him now then and boycott all his divaans
  23. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZBPasbluoD8 Attachment
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