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  1. We need a powerful person to help tell everyone everywhere in the world who Sikhs are and what they believe in.
  2. How about asking DT to educate Americans about who Sikhs are not? Looks like he has the power to do so! They listen to him.
  3. As people become more educated about their own history they start to appreciate and understand more. They teach the right things to their children too. Christian people are more literate about their religion and observe everything if they are devout followers. The Catholics are very devout so it is not surprising they celebrate Easter and Christmas every year with prayers and meditation. They try in their hearts to feel the message of their Messiah.
  4. Just learn horse riding or pony riding first if you are a small child, then take up fencing lessons!
  5. Mongolians loved their horses. Horse riding was an essential part of their culture, the training started at an early age. The Mongolian youngsters were taught how to tie, groom, lead, Saddle and bridle the horses very early on. "The Mongolian wild horse is known in the West as the Prezewalski horse after the Russian naturalist, Nikolai Przewalski, who first sighted several herds in 1879. In Mongolia it is called Takhi and it is purported to be largely unchanged since the time of Genghis Khan (ca. late 12th - early 13th century). The word Takhi means "spirit," a reference to the horse's fierce independence and untameable nature." https://www.fei.org/news/landlocked-yet-plentiful-%E2%80%93-mongolia%E2%80%99s-rich-equestrian-history
  6. There is a difference, an 'assault' would be to strike someone but I am not sure about the 'abuse' bit!
  7. How can you say this? Do 'JATT' controlled gurdwaras have a notice hanging outside their (main) entrance door which says only jatts are allowed? You are so obsessed with the castes. Go to all the gurdwaras, no gurdwaras prohibit anyone from visiting. Rise above the caste system. Teach yourself how to get on with everyone.
  8. Parmahansa Yogananda ji told his followers he will be going into Maha Samadhi on a stage in front of the congregation who would be gathered there to listen to his discourse. He told them the exact time, place and day of his Maha Samadhi. The day arrived and he was in the middle of his discourse and lo and behold, he drifted into Maha Samadhi right before the very eyes of his congregation listening to his discourse. He left his body there on the stage. In his autobiography he tells the reader how he met his Guru. He says, when he met his Guru, his Guru told him his time had arrived for his darshans and no one ever meets a Guru unless his time is right and ripe for spiritual guidance.
  9. Sikhism does not preach conversions but deras do. For them it is, "more the merrier."
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