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  1. This is quite an interesting question, my personal opinion on this would be maybe god wanted to create separate religions so that people can learn the concept of god in different ways, and in some cases certain religions like Hinduism do not focus upon one god. Yet each religion relate to each other and do have certain similarities. If there was one religion in the world It would be very hard for everyone to focus as each and everyone of us have different views which might have an impact.. ultimately there is one universal creator but we have different religions but each and everyone of them sing waheguru, Allah, etc. Everyone is from the one creator but different people follow their religion to get to the one creator be it Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam etc. For example religion brings out good in a person it gives them guidelines and rules to obey by. Having a number of religions is not a bad thing as certain people can find out god in a different light. It doesn't mean that the teachings in other religions are correct as we do have some differences huge in Sikhism I think overall those religions are an illusion because they focus too much on rituals which Guru Nanak Dev Ji already told us it's meaningless nothing in rituals. You want to reach god reach te creator on the true path and not by illusions because everything that is created is created by a purpose...
  2. I don't want to sound harsh here, but if your old enough to engage in sexual intercourse then your old enough to marry the girls whose purity you took... Actions have consequences, one day that girl if she marries another guy he will find out.. Solution deal with the consequence and marry her...
  3. This is exactly like feeling about pocessions, for example Mr A just brought a new car, Mr A was very excited almost in love with this car people had to wash their hands just to touch it... As time went on he got bored the car became old and tired, Mr A was like is that it? Things in life a temporary we must realise this and not get attached to possessions family not that it's not important god doesn't say abandon family and posessions he reminds us that these will fade and don't forget the creator of the universe before it's too late. Love will fade why don't you just concentrate on important things in life because if your family won't agree why cause heartache?
  4. I have never seen one bollywood film in my life I have had some so called Sikh 'friends' come up to me and say I'm strange because of this fact, rather I replied I'm not strange, you are weird for watching such filth which iv heard... What is with such dramas that people watch I don't even understand Hindi... I think it's mostly those show off type girls that get excited when watching bollywood films almost like a tradition.. If your a Sikh you shouldn't even be watching these movies full stop. Contains nothing but hindu related business.
  5. How can anyone even like this video, the number of likes on it on YouTube is high quite shocking.. Iv seen this video before, someone said it's in America, I'm not sure where but in daylight in front of everyone he is obviously touching women and these naive women don't question as to why he is touching them. Disgusting weirdo!
  6. m4ndy


    Everything in life is a risk... it's all about thinking in your mind what you feel is the right thing to do.. Finding your own partner is risky as you wouldn't know that persons intentions or what might happen especially if you are seen with the person and it gets back to your family that would look like you were hiding and keeping lies.. I would suggest you talk to your family about this and ask their permission to find your own potential partner if you don't want to go through te traditional route. However also be sure that the person you find their family know about it. I'm not saying that finding your own partner is out of the question but traditional ways are much safer as families know best so in terms of that sense they might know about the family background, what kind of people they are.. Some families allow 'modern' ways others simply prefer traditional.. Be careful though if you choose the method of finding your partner be sure not to fall into any traps.. hey everything is in gods hands Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
  7. That article should be enough to realise as individuals of what effect lust has on society. I think high % rate that more men will engage in lust looking at other women in the wrong way simply to do with characteristics.. It is seen that a woman has more to lose than a man. it's about control keeping the eyes the direction they should be in and not the direction they shouldnt be in. We all have choices some people don't they are the chosen ones from a young age to be exploited for sex what can be worse than that? developing HIV in children and young teenagers because they are forced and don't have a choice, a voice... we take too much for granted in this country yet we can't control urges of sexual desire try looking into a Childs eyes whose effected with HIV due to forced and being sold for sex..
  8. I can understand the difficulty in that, if a couple got married and they were NOT amritdhari at the time but one partner after marriage wanted to take Amrit and the other did not that's where the problem would lie. This would change everything because now we have two very completly different people one has become pure and taken Amrit and the other chose not to, so how can a sexual relationship take place this would be like water and electricity together. Plus why would you want to have sex if it's not engaging in that activity for children? I know some people can't control such feelings but it's quite disgusting really, when one learns that everyone out there is like brother/sister apart from marital partner one cannot even begin to think about lust. Lust is wrong but turn it around to use to get a child but don't get addicted. It's like with food the more you indulge the more you want the more it looks appealing to the eyes the more you want, but if you refer to science actually engaging in sexual activity has an impact on health same way the other 4 vices Guru ji tells us it's linked with science and has a huge effect on health. Kaam will cause you to do things a Sikh is forbidden to do = effect on religion... if kaam takes over one can engage in sexual activity with many people before marriage= effect on health diseases.. Everyone has there own way of dealing with it but really the problem lies within yourself and not society it's up to individuals to tackle it and see the world as all gods creation all brothers n sisters together to achieve the same objectives in life...
  9. m4ndy


    If everyone follows Guru Granth Sahib Ji teachings we wouldn't have problems. The world is becoming worse because individuals choose to make it worse, the environment, relationships, families etc. arranged marriages set a purpose to avoid sexual relationships before marriage and to remain in a respectful way give respect, recieve respect. Your situation simply shows that you wanted a relationship with a girl because before you were different and now you changed for the better. Now ur wife doesnt like what you became because she prefers the person you used to be, now you must realise that your views clash with each other based in terms of religion. How can you live a life with someone who wants the exact opposite of what you want. You can't force someone to be who they are not that's up to Guru ji to lead people in the right direction bit if people don't listen then it's their lost and another gain elsewhere. In regards to family that's tricky parents should alwaysstick by their children if they are doing good, let's face it what can be more rewarding than being a Singh? Of course people have opinions but if your parents don't support you then really who are they? This is all just an illusion families friends wives/husbands we just need to pass from this world but how can we do that if we dont get support from our own families? Simple read gurbani to guide you through difficult times and if your wife don't want you because of what you believe in then shame on her, it's her loss it's not the end of the world... Explain to your family it's a bit hard to communicate if the other simply communicate the opposite causing problems just like your parents. Tell each and everyone of them to respect who your are and deal with it if not show them the door they can't deny that!
  10. That video just looks like a club atmosphere with people dancing and singing. promoting various types of wrong doings and anyone with any sense would know that, that sort of behavior is not right. Those who perform such acts should know in their own minds that this is wrong but still carry out these practices. You want to dance go to a mandir! no disrespect Intended here but that's what is done in a mandir not gurdwara.
  11. Shocking, never see anything like it, i find this video quite disturbing to watch I can't believe how blind people are who find this kind of behavior acceptable... He practically beat that woman, humiliating her in front of everyone..
  12. The above is true only a Sikh can marry a Sikh in a gurdwara unless the person has converted to Sikhism and has taken Amrit then it's allowed. Many gurdware allow inter religious marriages and they shouldn't but society just turns a blind eye and accepts while ignoring the basic principles of sikhism. This is a mock when clearly the person getting married in a gurdwara who isn't a Sikh, carried out the anand karaj without realizing the true importance of it. So why do gurdware committes allow this might it be money I wonder? I see many gurdware creating massive halls for weddings, but really shouldn't we be focusing on using these 'massive' halls for the youth to educate lost youth out there? Instead of confusing people it's ok to marry someone who is not a Sikh in a gurdwara :s
  13. Iv never heard of this and I'm a Sikh girl. I have an equal balance of right and wrong and don't follow ridiculous rituals that have no value in society. The only true practice I perform is the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji :D
  14. what do you mean by what ya say gal? lol

  15. It's a 50/50 blame, the families requests it the granthi organises it
  16. I agree!!! Does anyone remember that video that was aired on raaj tv where the anand karaj took place in the party hall and everyone got exposed on TV? Just to add how can families not know the importance of taking the sacred saroop of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji anywhere other than the Gurdwara complex? Those granthis that carry out such an act should be exposed for doing beadbi and sacked on his duties.
  17. Ok kool :D Just to add I thought jhatka meat was a Hindu ritual? regardless of what went on we are not living in war times... vegetarian food is widely available. ''Sitting on a cushion, a distinctive seat, a chair, a stool, a cot, etc. or in any distinctive position in the presence of the Guru Granth or within the congregation is contrary to gurmat (Guru’s way)''
  18. I totally agree with mandela's views on this subject. I don't like how some gurdwara sahibs have benches and chairs in the main hall for example Baba sang gurdwara smethwick and Soho road gurdwara it looks highly insulting. When it's less busy you get young people sitting on chairs/benches, whats the future chairs line by line in the darbar sahib? If someone is really disabled they will be in a wheelchair I understand about the disabled issue, but really how many are there in our community who cannot sit on the floor? It's ignorance it's nothing to do with discrimination people don't even sit for long 5 minutes at the most. Personally when I see the chairs/benches I find it insulting and intimidating when every other member of the sangat is sitting on the floor we have people behind us sitting higher I found that strange when they can clearly walk why not just sit on the floor, sitting on the chairs makes them seem inferior to others, more people come and sit to gossip.
  19. I am a girl but I thought I'd help you and answer. It depends though, sounds like you have had a few bad experiences through meeting girls in the UK and that's probably why you came up with the conclusion should I marry a girl from the UK or India. To be honest I think it's personal choice, whether you think that you would be better off with a girl from other country and what or how you want her to be. Not all marriages are sucessful both in the UK or India it's just how you feel best suited. I'm not married so I can't really offer my experiences.
  20. Seen the YouTube video on the first page images and what I saw was shocking! Women were drinking water while that fake guy had his feet in the bucket! I mean seriously did you see the pile of money they had behind him? Disgusting!!!
  21. I have a job interview, I'm not like everyone else I have a shy side especially around people I don't know and I fear that this will let me down, somtimes if I'm put under pressure my words don't come out. Since I found out about the interview I have been having nightmares about it and can't sleep properly. Does anyone know what to do and what not to do. Thanks Waheguru ji ka Khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!
  22. Actions have consequences, if she is old enough to have sex and produce a baby then she is old enough to suffer the consequences as obviously she was fully aware before commiting this sin. There are people out there who can't even have children, and this girl decides to abort because she can't live with the shame of telling her family, I'm not being crul it's reality she deserves to have the suffering and now she shall live with it. The guy she has been with is just as bad if not worse.. No more comments to add.
  23. Thanks! No problem, although I lost my way through understanding it so I thought forget this can't read anymore my head hurts LOL.
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