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    Khalsa = is the way foward !

    Than Than Than Mata Sahib Kaur Ji Much Love <3
    Than Than Than Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Much Love <3
  1. Paji or Penji what you said is 100% true.. But were in Kaljug what can we do.. People first give thier Maya (which is wahegurus anyway ) but they give thier money then ask for thier money which is stupid But Guru Maharaj says " Jo thou Prem Kilan Ka chao, Sir Thar talle gali theree meare ouu, It marrag pair therraji sir deedai khan ka keejai ! If we give our head how can we dare to ask for it back ? Akaal
  2. Sadh Sangat ji Thier will be a " Last Akand Path " at the The Mata Sahib Kaur Sikh Academy ! Friday 19th August Aramb: 5pm .. Bhog : Sunday 21st August 5PM All sangat please come and take Laahha of Than Than Than Than Akaal Purakh waheguru- -Ji
  3. Than Than Thab Sant Baba Thaukur Singh ji <3

  4. All the money that gets raisied in the Academy goes to the interest of 1.2million the owner didnt pay anything from his own pocket.. And the money is thier just in case Guru Maharaj wants to test by shutting this amazing Academy just so all the Sangats money can be repayed as it should be !!! So Paji or Penji please dont post all these Negitivty about the academy if you dont have the FULL FACTS please!
  5. Imagine your Dad had Cancer he only had 7days to live ... Wouldn't you go around the country and look for the BEST doctor to save your Father's life ? Well in the same way GOD ON EARTH ... AKAAL PURAKH WAHEGURU WILL HAVE TO LEAVE THEIR OWN HOUSE ? Please i beg you Save the Mata Sahib Kaur Sikh Academy if not for the kids FOR THE GURU ! One simple thing we can ALL DO IS ARDAS ! A Ardas never gets wasted in the Lord House .....

  6. Ive been at the academy from the start ... I remeber painting the doors and when the Darbar Sahib was being built I got all my TRUE sikhi from The Mata Sahib Kaur Sikh Academy ! The academy gave us such a Sikhi that no other Gurudwara offered with Guru maharaj's kirpaa At the academy me and so many others took Amrit with Waheguru'S kIrpa ! In other Guru'kars in the kids eyes especially the Singhni'ya ( i use to think like this aswell ) But we all used to think and some still do that Singhni dont have a equal right ddoing Seva ... in the Academy Singhni are put on higer level beacause thier
  7. With Than Than Than Mata Sahib Kaur Ji's kirpaa... Many singhs & Singhni got together these past couple of days & the academy will NOT be shutting down on Monday 15th August 2011 With Gods grace there will be an Akand Path on Friday 19th August 2011 : Bhog: Sunday 12st August Please all sangat get Than Than Than akaal purakh waheguru's Dashen as this will be " The last Akand path " But this is all up to waheguru beacause everything is in Gods hands !
  8. Sant Baba Mani Singh Ji <3

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