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  1. VJKK VJKF! To the original poster .... I am Amritdharee and I'm going through alot of the same that you have described. I usually bottle everything up and try to forget about it but in this case I feel that it might be better to talk about it or try to see things from someone else's perspective. If you wish to talk then please don't hesitate to contact me either on here via PM In the meanwhile I pray that your situation improves and that you begin to feel stronger. VaheGuru Kirpa Karan. Kind Regards K Kaur
  2. VaheGuru, does anyone know where Gianni Jee will be doing Katha after the Coventry Divaans?
  3. VaheGuru Jee Kaa Khalsa VaheGuru Jee Kee Fatheh! Would anyone kindly suggest some practical tips on how to learn and how to get started with a Saaj ... I'm particularly enticed by the Taus and Dilruba so would preferably choose to learn one of the two. Can a Taus/Dilruba be obtained in the UK? If so where can I find one, if not then could you please direct me to a suitable Website or provide contact details of where I can get one. Is there anything I should be looking for in my Saaj, I remember someone mentioning that the height of the Saaj should be particularly longer if the musician is tall in height just for comfort purposes? I just want to get started and prepare myself before joining a class or Ustaad etc. Please do share any information in regards to preparing to learn as a beginner in these beautifully divine classical instruments. Sri Akaal Jee Sahae!
  4. I don't see nothing wrong in what they're doing ... Everyone's so quick to label and judge something as incorrect and 'anti-Gurmat' just because they're doing something that's not familiar to you or your Jatha ... You try reciting Jaap Sahib and bowing down to every Namastang, bet you can't do it!
  5. Great recipe ... Thanks for sharing Jee. Note: Use turmeric in it's raw form (root form - looks like ginger) rather than powder as alot of the nutrients and 'good stuff' is lost when in powdered form ... This applies to all spices, use it in their raw form for beneficial nutritional results
  6. VaheGuru Jee, Just want to share what my relatives in Panjab say/think about Lohri. Many say that Lohri is just a time of the harvest season of crops like Barley and Wheat. Then some say they remember the legend of Dhulla Bhatti as he saved the Sikh and Hindu girls from being forcibly taken away by the Mughals at that time of the reign of Akbar. There are many Dharmik Geet based around this legend. I'm not sure when and how Lohri started to be celebrated for the birth of a boy as traditionally Lohri was simply just a cultural festival in Panjab. I know Amrith Dhaaree's celebrate the day after Lohri as Maaghi as well as Sangraand (Maagh) ... the Nihang Fauj have a Mela each year to commemorate the Shaheediya of the Chaalee Mukhteh in Muktsar.
  7. http://www.sikhsanga...-december-2011/ Also, got a message about the following programme that's due to take place tomorrow: Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Ji parkash and 12hr Chandi Di Vaar Jaap in Remembrance of Baba Zorawar Singh Ji n Baba Fateh Singh Ji. Wed 28th Dec @ Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji Gurdwara, Coventry Street, Coventry. Chandi Di Vaar frm 4am-4pm followed by Kirtan n Katha. Pls attend n listen 2 Kalgidhar Patshahs Bir Ras Bani. Akaal
  8. VaheGuru Jee Kaa Khalsa VaheGuru Jee Kee Fatheh! This topic reminds me of the Prem and Devout Devotion that Sufi Khwajas had for Akaal Purakh/Allah/Rabb/God ,,, If you read some of the Kalams of Sufi poets you may notice that the nature and prose of their work is quite romantic and passionate and many of these Poems have been adapted in old-school Bollywood Classics whereby they're shown to be singing or dedicating the song to their Beloved, i.e. Husband/Wife, life partner etc. Though the Sufi Khwajas would devote these Kalams to Akaal Purakh as they were at such a stage whereby their whole Breath of Life, Soul, Spiritual and Mental State were immersed in that Piaar for their Beloved Rabb ... They would pour their Heart out into these Poems and express their desires to meet Akaal Purakh, to have Their Darshan, and go to the lengths of describing their visions of Him, etc. Check out the below Kalam from my favourite Sufi Poet and you'll know what I mean - Khwaja Ghulaam Farid Jee - Meda Ishq Vee Thoon Mera Ishq Vee Thoon - Khawaja Ghulaam Farid Jee Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon Mede Farz Fareezay, Hajj, Zakataan Soum Salaat Azaan Vi Toon Meri Zohd Ibadat Ta’at Taqwa Ilm Vi Toon Irfan Vi Toon Mera Zikr Vi Toon Meda Fikr Vi Toon Mera Zouq Vi Toon Wajdan Vi Toon Meda Sanwal Mithra Shaam Saloona Mun Mohan Janaan Vi Toon Meda Murshid Haadi Peer Tareeqat Shaikh Haqaa’iq Daan Vi Toon Meda Aas Ummed Te Khattaya Wattaya Takia Maan Taran Vi Toon Mera Dharam Vi Toon Meda Bharam Vi Toon Meda Sharam Vi Toon Meda Shaan Vi Toon Meda Dukh Sukh Ro’wan Khilan Vi Toon Meda Dard Vi Toon Darmaan Vi Toon Mda Khushiyan Da Asbaab Vi Toon Mede Soolaan Da Samaan Vi Toon Mera Husn Te Bhaag Suhaag Vi Toon Meda Bakht Te Naam Nishaan Vi Toon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon Meda Jism Vi Toon Meda Rooh Vi Toon Meda Qalb Vi Toon Jind Jaan Vi Toon Meda Kaba Qibla Masjid Mimbar Mushaf Te Quran Vi Toon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon Meda Deen Vi Toon Eeman Vi Toon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon - Aaa Ooo (Chants…) Meda Dekhan Bhalan Jachan Jochan Samjhan Jaan Sunjaan Vi Toon Mede Thadray Saah Te Monjh Munjhari Hanjroon De Tofaan Vi Toon Mede Tilk Tilo’ay Seendhaan Mangaan Naaz Nihoray Taan Vi Toon Medi Mehdni Kajal Misaag Vi Toon Medi Surkhi Beera Paan Vi Toon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon Medi Wehshat Josh Junoon Vi Toon (Aaa) Meda Garya Aa’h O Faghan Vi Toon (Aaa) Meda Awwal Aakhir Andar Bahir Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon Tooon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon Aaaa Meda Waal Aakhir Andar Baahir Zahir Te Pinhaan Vi Toon Meda Badal Barkha Khimniyan Gajaan (Aaa) Barish Te Baraan Vi Toon Meda Mulk Malir Te Maro Khalra Rohi Cholistaan Vi Toon Je Yaar Farid Qabool Karay Srikaar Vi Toon Sultaan Vi Toon Na Taan Kehtar Kamtar Ahqar Adna La-Shay La-Imkaan Vi Toon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon Meda Ishq Vi Toon Meda Yaar Vi Toon. Translation: You Are My Ardour You are my ardour, my friend, faith, creed. You are my body, you are my spirit, heart, soul. You’re the direction towards which I pray. You are my Mecca, my mosque, my pulpit. You are my holy books and my Koran. You are my religious obligations, My Hajj, charity, fasting, call to prayer. You are my asceticism, worship, My obedience and my piety. You are my knowledge and you’re my gnosis . You’re my remembrance, my contemplation You are my tasting and my ecstasy. You are my love, my sweet, my darling, my honey You are my favourite, and my soulmate! You’re my spiritual preceptor, my guide , You are my Shaykh and my Enlightened One You are my hope, my wish, my gains, losses. You’re all I see, my pride, my deliv’rance. You’re my faith, my honour, modesty, glory You’re my pain, sorrow, my crying, playing You are my illness and my remedy. You are what lulls me to a peaceful sleep. You are my beauty and my fate, fortune, fame. You are my looking, enquiring, seeking You are my understanding, my knowing You are my henna, my collyrium, My rouge, my tobacco, my betel-leaf! You are my terror, my passion, madness You’re my crying and my lamentation. You are my Alpha and my Omega, My Inner, Outer, Hidden, Manifest. If, O’Belovéd, you accept Farid You are my Sovereign and my Sultan. On a Sikhee level, read Shabad Hazaare Paatshaahi 10 - Mittar Piaareh Noo ... Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jee composed that Beautiful Shabad filled with Bairaag and Prem for Akaal Purakh. These Shabads and Kalams that were composed in such high Avasthas/state of mind, the prose and nature may seem rather 'intimate' but when one's at such a state their whole being is totally immersed into Akaal Purakh; their gender, passions, thought processes, their existence are totally forgotten and they're just in total Mast/state of bliss, as if they're flying in another World with their Beloved Rabb. So to answer your question, when one's at such a state then anything and everything will remind them of Akaal Purakh, even Kaljug won't disturb them from their Anand as they're in deep concentration and constantly enjoying their time with Him. We can only just imagine what it may feel like, but only our Guru Sahibaans, Sanths, MahaPurakhs, Sufists, etc really and truly know. Apologies for any mistakes or going off topic. Sri Akaal Jee Sahae!
  9. VaheGuru Jee Kaa Khalsa VaheGuru Jee Kee Fatheh! Saadh Sangath Jee, Are there any Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee programmes being held in the UK this month and in January 2012? There are usually a few that take place in the Midlands at this time but haven't noticed anything as of yet unless I've missed them all Kindly share any information on any upcoming Sri Dasam Granth Sahib Jee programmes in the UK. Dhanvaad Jee. Sri Akaal Jee Sahae!
  10. VaheGuru, http://www.sikhsangat.com/Index.php?/topic/63671-your-questions-for-sant-jagjit-singh-ji-harkhowale-toronto-trip-2011/ According to this thread Baba Jee has gone to Toronto now ...
  11. Managed to find a Sri JapJee Sahib recording that's about 11 minutes long ... http://www.rajkaregakhalsa.net/audio/Prayers/Jap%20Ji%20Sahib/DDT%20%28short%29%20-%20japji_sahib.zip
  12. I love this composition too ... It's beautiful ... If you find the full version then do send it my way please
  13. VaheGuru Jee Kaa Khalsa VaheGuru Jee Kee Fatheh! Saadh Sangath Jee, I was wondering whether there are toys that have been created that are Sikhee orientated ... I.e. Dolls/characters dressed in Sikhee atire, Dhumalla etc? Or any games that have been designed of a Sikhee context/theme? I'm looking for toys that are preferably aimed at children from the ages 3+ Please do post any information/links available. Dhanvaad Jee
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