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  1. I never came here hating on any1, and as u can see from my posts i gave respect to my sikh dharmic brs. i haveen shocked by the Hate many sikhs here hav for hindus, which is wrong and unjustified. hwvr people like jassa, warrior gunman hsdh hav been great. peace
  2. Inqlabi my friend if you read my post carefully you will see muslims hav no reason to celebrate lohri. ps its a hindu punjabi festival mainly
  3. Big Tera said- If people want to go astray let them., We dont need them. who cares if such people exist. I disagree, if people are going astray they need to be helped and I commend the Sikh Unit for having the guts to have at least TRIED
  4. Inqlabi LOHRI is a HINDU festival, u have only wirtten half the story behind it, I will finish it off.. YOU said : . We celebrate Lohri to remember Dulla Bhatti (Muslim) who used to protect girls from muguls - HERE ARE THE FACTS: Dullah Bhatti was from a large RAJPUT tribe, full of Hindus and Muslims (consisting of Bhattis and other rajputs). Dullah Bhatti led an army of Hindus and muslims to rescue Hindu girls that had been kidnaped by Mughals from HISt tribe and were going to be raped and forcefully converted to Islam by Mughals. To save the honour of his tribe, Dullah Bhatti raised
  5. Apology accepted. In truth Humgareeb what the hell are we all doing labelling ourselves? at the end of the day we are all going to do die and to god we are all the same! All this im better than you nonsense is BS, live and let live!
  6. Hazoor penji, good points which are fairly made. I just cant believe what that girl Preeti and others like her have written, its like they have no self respect, they are like or worse than wild goriya. The girl has even posted a picture of herself on the sikh unit site, depsite admitting to such disgusting vile sexual acts to Pakistani men, if these accounts are true then things are a lot worse than I thought, this NEW generation of British Sikhs/Indians are much worse than my generation! ps : I have never seen Sikh / Hindu guys using religion as an excuse to USE/Abuse Muslim girls
  7. Just read the accounts of the girls in the links, this makes me angry and sad, I cant believe the stupid BESHARAM attitude of todays Indian Kuriya, how can that girl Preeti and other sikh girls talk so openly about such sexual acts on Pakistani men?? This is DISGUSTING!!! How can girls have gotten so low? are these accounts 100 per cent true?
  8. If your going to do a thread about it, at least spell the word right its spelt Sanatan or Sanaatan! Sanatan Dharma means the eternal/spiritual truth/path. This has been around from the begining of time. The spirits reunification of with the eternal supreme power - known as Brahma Vsihnu Mahesh translated as the Generator Organsier Destroyer - GOD I have nothing against Sanatan Sikhs or Sikhs like YOU. Whether Sikhs see themsevles as santan sikhs or just sikhs is neither here nor there, just love god and concerntrate on being a spiritual person Just to be clear: A HINDU is someone who f
  9. Kluivert, I agree with you when you say : But seems to me, there is not much difference between the Sikh faith and many other main stream religions. There is so much hatred for other faiths being posted on this forum, especially Hindus and the paranoia built up relating to this. --------------------------- I honestly feel that there are trolls on this site dead set on creating tensions between Hindus and Sikhs, MANY Sikhs on here need to ask yourselves 1 question ; DO you want Hindus who have no ill feeling towards to you, AND ACTUALLY ARE SYMPATHETIC TO YOU,and YOUR fight for justice ( l
  10. Sad and disrespectful to burn a holy book, no matter from what religion, (except Islam in my view, as I dont perceive the koran as Holy). PS who is 'they' singh 559, I hope your not inferring Hindus, as the last time the SGGS was burnt or thrown in the well, there were threads on here blaming Hindus and RSS when infact it turned out to be a Sikh. the disrespect that happens is usually by a drunk, a criminal or someone that is depressed or has HIS/HER own problem with god, not by a gorup targetting Sikhs, ( im talking about todays India)
  11. RIDICILOUS, Punjabi girls told to act like gangsters/ black girls ! then again thats what the so called punjabi singers, especially the ones from the UK / Canada/USA do ( ACT BLACK ) ! Come to think of it the singers/dancers ( MEN & WOMEN) from the west are even worse! the singers and video makers in India, just try to emulate what they think the people on the west will like, when in reality they should promote their OWN culture in videos as its richer and far more DECENT
  12. Ridicilous thread, with mostly one sided views by poeple who who have absolutley ZERO knowledge about HNDU dharma! Lets get one thing straight, The word Hindu, was around 100's of years before Islam ,and the word was first used to describe the SAGES/Saintly people who lived between the Himalayas and Indus river. Yes Persians referred to Hindus as theives, when they entered India, later on, IRONIC when infact it was Persians themselves who were trying to thief HINDU land! Go figure??? Hindus lived in Peace with Buddists, thats why the empire of Asoka flourished. DOGRA ji's posts is gre
  13. Excellent post dal singh, would be nice if u post more extracts. What a waste of lives these wars were
  14. In reality the corrupt leadership in India couldnt care less about the persecution and dwindling numbers of hindus and sikhs in Pakistan, or the abduction of 2 to 3 sikh hindu girls a week. They only care about their seats, money and power. Im glad Anna Hazare EMBARASSED them.
  15. Good post genie veer, except I think majority hindu leadership are just as daft as the sikh one. They are corrupt, lazy and cant see the problems in the future, and just care about MONEY.
  16. Inqalabi if you re read my post, I didnt say khatri aroras are warriors, i said they are business people. I said sehdevs, dhunna, kanda, verma, karwal, shin are from sunyar rajput, warrior caste. Anyway lets not discuss caste anymore, as it makes it look like we are promoting it. I was just answering your question and i hope u meet a khatri arora, that u get along with, they ALL cant be bad.
  17. A fellow member of this forum, very nicely asked me a question on another thread about a hindu Punjabi surname and caste, which has led to me question that maybe many of my Sikh brothers and sisters are not aware of what Hindu Punjabis and their caste, backgrounds or even way of life are. So I will attempt to write as much information as possible here now (15 minutes break time, and update it periodically.) Disclaimer If your not interested, fine, just try not be offensive. (Ps I have used wikipedia in some parts) Punjabi Hindus ( the original Punjabis, lol) are a group of people that fo
  18. Wikipedia : Pakistan's estimated population was 172,800,000 in July 2008,[1] 96% Muslim, with Christians (1.6%) and Hindus (1.85%) making up the largest minority faiths, according to the last census taken in 1998.[2] Sikhs, Zoroastrians, Buddhists, Ahmadi Muslims and some adherents to animist religions make up the remainder. ----------- Nice to see how the Hindu/sikh population in Pakistan has dwindled in the last 64 years, whereas the Muslim population has increased IN INDIA from 12% to 18 % , est 180,000,000.00, more muslims in India than Pakistan. In Pakistan we finally get a Sikh meme
  19. SIKH IN PAKISTAN - After the creation of Pakistan <>Panja Sahib Gurdwara in Hasan AbdalNationwide, there are no reliable numerical figures for Sikhs in the country. Estimates vary, the US Department of State estimates 20,000. The largest Sikh population in Pakistan is found in <A title=Peshawar, /Khyber_Pakhtunkhwa">Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, which was spared the scale of violence during partition that raged in Punjab. There are small pockets of Sikhs in Lahore and Nankana Sahib in Punjab. The (West) Punjab andSindh provinces of Pakistan were mostly emptied of their Sikh and Hindu popu
  20. Here is some information from wikipedia. Hinduism and PartitionSee also: Partition of IndiaWhen Pakistan was formed in August 1947, over 7 million Hindus and Sikhs from what was East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) and Pakistan's Punjab, Sindh and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwas were forced to leave this new state for India, and a similar number of Muslims chose the other way. The reasons for this incredible exodus was the heavily charged communal atmosphere in British India, deep distrust of each other, the brutality of violent mobs and the antagonism between the religious communities. The fact that over 1 mi
  21. Inqlabi, I have knowledge in this area and will answer your question thus : 1. Sunyar - Mair Rajputs Sehdev (meaning Sher) are Hindu Punjabis from the Sunyar ( goldsmith) sub caste and are Mair Rajput. They are one of the highest castes in Hinduism as they are RAJPUT, and are respected as Warrior Kings. Dhunna, Shin, Bagga, Verma, Karwal, Kanda are all - Sunyars ( Goldsmith - sub caste) - Mair Rajputs ( Caste) These peiople were described as among the tallest, fairest and well built in the whole of punjab by Ibbetson in his book the tribes and castes of the North western frontier ( 18
  22. Musicman I ignore foolish comments from peeps like khalasthan86, the majority of people here are good. Im not trying to make relations, my relations with most people of all walks of life are good. I asked a pertinent question, and MY VIEW IS MOST OF THE HINDUS/SIKHS that got left behind in Pakistan ( whether they are 10 million or 20!), have been FORCEFULLY converted,as hindus and sikhs are not allowed to have jobs in the civil service and are HEAVILY discriminated against to this day. It was a big deal when they had a sikh traffic warden, or inspector at the lowest level for the first time
  23. No disrespect Mods, but thsi quality control thing is adversely affecting the flow of conversation for me on this and many threads.
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