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  1. Ipad measurd for wifi radiation with wireless on http://youtu.be/snt2uaQd_Ps?list=UUOIFSCCP0FqRgmZPvgjMGiA
  2. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh I would just like to share some info about some radiation that is emitted by a lot of products in our homes. These include your wireless router for Wifi. cordless phones and mobile phones Please have a look at this video http://youtu.be/ICA19oKPi5I Cordless phone shows radiation emitting without making a call, even while on the base: http://youtu.be/2V4AmkMKg_0 Very High amounts coming from a mobile phone: http://youtu.be/GOgo0z_98JQ?list=UUaLwcpzmAp9cYPmMdKmhb9g From a laptop http://youtu.be/fCp8itdHYxg Please take the time to have a quick
  3. I have also heard of that story of Guru Nanak, Heres some websites which talk more about it, there is a Gurdwara there now called Gurdwara Khand Sahib http://www.sgpc.net/historical-gurdwaras/nanak.asp http://www.historicalgurudwaras.com/India/Punjab/Gurdaspur/GurudwaraShriKandhSahib/gallery.php http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Gurdwara_Kandh_Sahib
  4. Giani Maskeen Singh's katha is amazing, illuminating and very easy to understand He speaks in simple terms and gets his messgae across to the listeners very well He also visited Baghdad, where Guru Nanak visited on his travels Check out this info on Sikhiwiki website http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Giani_Sant_Singh_Maskeen He has loads of material for download at the following http://www.maskeensahib.com/
  5. yes, i agree, I have watched alot of Bhai Sahibs videos, they are just what is needed right now here is a link to the youtube page where you can find all the videos, i love the way they are really easy to understand http://www.youtube.com/user/basicsofsikhi/videos
  6. the mind can be a great trickster when its allowed to go unrestrained, thinking all sorts of things I would say there is a need to keep the mind occupied, either by work, seva, bani, simran etc, keep doing something dont be inactive and especially do not let the mind become inactive, always work on a project, Or, get a line from Gurbani and dwell on it over and over again and contemplate the meanings of it, this might help the other thing I would say is, try bringing the mind inward, into the heart,, dont let it 'outside' so to speak feel the heart, the love, think of the Guru and keep it
  7. Going to the Gurdwara at anytime is a great experience, but there will probably be a larger congregation on friday evening, saturday morning, saturday evening and sunday morning. A service normally starts between 5pm and 7pm called Rehras, you will have to check what time it starts at your local Gurdwara, this would be a good time to check it out as they recite hymns and also have musicians called Kirtanees playing hymns to music. Hope you enjoy your experience,
  8. I would say its about experience, we want to have the experience of Waheguru. So thats what we practice, having a real experience, once its real, then you know it, until then its an idea But in order to have an experience you need traning/teaching on what to do and what not do. In the same way you want to drive a car, without an instructor it would be very difficult to pick it up, even harder if it was a huge truck, even harder an aeroplane! Reaching Waheguru is even more complex, but the Gurus simplified the method for the people so that a layman can reach God if he does the right things.
  9. wow, very enlightening, answers alot of questions I had and helps with a lot of things i didnt understand
  10. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh (thats the sikh greeting by the way) Hello, nice to see you have an interest in Sikhi, and you have taken the time to find a sikh forum, thats a great effort you have already put in. You are allowed into any Gurdwara in the world. There are no restrictions to entering, regardless of race, religion gender etc, so pop in to your nearest one. I would personally say if you want to know about the sikh religion, is to read the main hymn of the Sikhs which is in the Guru Granth Sahib called Japji Sahib. Japji Sahib contains many beautfful teachings abo
  11. Be humble and do good deeds Drop the ego, drop the 'i did this for someone' or 'i did this seva' Control your kaam, krodh, lobh, moh, ahankaar as much as you can dont get into arguments, follow hukam, feel what you should be doing in the moment, be sincere, dont do things for any material or worldy gain, think of seva as a gift you are allowed to do and just keep going, as the rest is all kirpa/prasad
  12. Waheguru Ji Ka Khlasa, Waheguru Ji i Fateh bro, try and stay calm, if your mind is like this the first thing you need to do is some simran, it will help control the mind and stop all of these emotions getting to you, if you dont know what to do, try this link http://www.sikhnet.com/news/how-to-meditate I think you should get back to doing something, like studying, I think most of your emotions are coming from this. If you're only 18, please try and get back into some sort of of course, even a simple uni nearby or just enrol on any course for now, it will keep you busy, and give you some dir
  13. I would say do your Nitnem if you are not already, keep going to the gurdwara and doing Naam Jaap for at least 5 mins a day to build up a good sort of spiritual shield everyday, otherwise these minor thoughts can creep in and basically drown you in themselves You've got to get a boost everyday to keep you high and untouchable, so try that as far as the job situation goes, I would say on a career level, can you do a course of some sort to boost your prospects? I know you haven't worked in a while and a course can be quick, but might cost a bit but still look into it, might be a quick way to g
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