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  1. Wicked Warrior

    Parent's are setting me back in my Sikhi

    That’s utter pants. I can’t believe your parents are holding you back. Parents should be guiding their children in Sikhi, and if they are failing in this, they are doing a disservice to Guru Ji. Do your own Ardaas. Do it daily, morning and night. If you have prem for Maharaj Ji, He will hear your prayer no matter where you are.
  2. Wicked Warrior

    Breaking Amrit, Yes or No?

    Then why was he not aware of kaam and its danger? Why did he not stop himself or yourself from doing the wrong thing? Remember that the only true love is for the Lord and all other love is false.
  3. Wicked Warrior

    Height and Race

    Indians are generally short. Yes, you have some tall Indians but they are the exception. In general, men are stronger than women (due to more muscle mass). That doesn’t mean all men are stronger than all women. The difference is small but measurable. The Dutch are the tallest supposedly due to their calcium intake. They eat something like 25% more dairy than the typical UK, American or German. Who says black people are tallest? All of the black men and women I’ve trained or worked with have been of average or just above average height. Saying “black” is no different to saying “whites”. It is too broad a label. Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in determining height. The average for a man in the UK in 1870 was 5’5”. It’s now 5’10”. The same will be true for Indo-Pak population who have migrated to the UK - better diet and lifestyle will mean better health.
  4. Wicked Warrior

    What would you do if you were God for a day?

    Give everyone a glimpse of their past lives, a summary of their actions in this life, what lies in wait for them after death, and a short experience of what it would be like to experience the ultimate reality. Edit: remember that everything that happens in this life occurs only with the permission of Waheguru.
  5. Wicked Warrior

    How do i beat up ghosts??

    To defeat ghosts, you must first become a ghost.
  6. Wicked Warrior

    Can Sikhs Celebrate Birthdays?

    I remember when i was young that the “thing” to do when a child reached their first birthday was to celebrate at home and all the men would get drunk. Compared to this, having a sukhmani sahib path, sangat, langar and cake cutting seems a few steps forward. Eggless cakes have been around a while but there’s a few like Cake Box that have popped up locally in recent years.
  7. Wicked Warrior

    Can Sikhs Celebrate Birthdays?

    Which maryada? Puzzled is correct that birthdays were not celebrated or even recorded. My dadi ji was from the pind and back then no one recorded anything. She does not know when she was born. Her age is 89 based on her passport but even that is an estimate and she could be older or younger.
  8. Wicked Warrior

    Can Sikhs Celebrate Birthdays?

    It was your first birthday. Your parents wanted to celebrate this moment with Guru Ji. What’s wrong with that?
  9. For the tenth gate to open. For liberation.
  10. Wicked Warrior

    Emotional Character of Khalsa

    Emotions come from the mind. Sometimes we’re happy. Sometimes we’re sad. Up and down like a rollercoaster. Unstable. Unsettled. The truly perfect Sikh is free from the emotional tanglements of the mind. They are lost within the blissfulness of the Akaal Purakh. Neither happy, nor sad. Neither angry, not depressed.
  11. Wicked Warrior

    Pressures of Marriage

    In the end, you will be the one living with your spouse. You will need to get along with them, to have similar ideals and goals in life, to live in harmony. Who asks you to shave? Your family - ignore them. Potential rishtas - avoid them. You want somebody who accepts you for as you are. The only “change” should be the change of being better in your Sikhi, to be closer to the Guru. Time is a factor. Some find rishtas quickly. For others, it can take longer to find the right person. That can add pressure because suddenly you’re 30 and still not found anyone. Then you get the added pressure of having children whilst you’re relatively young and healthy. Let Maharaj Ji guide you.
  12. Wicked Warrior

    Can Sikhs Celebrate Birthdays?

    Meh. I was in my midteens when I realised the futility of birthday celebrations. It’s more important to commemorate how many years of naam simran and seva has been done. But even then, these things should be kept gupt.
  13. Wicked Warrior

    200 year old sikh build being demolished tonight!!

    An apology does not make everything right. There was the desecration of an historical structure, and now it will need to be rebuilt. I’d expect muslims and hindus to attempt to destroy Sikh history. Not Sikhs themselves.
  14. Wicked Warrior

    200 year old sikh build being demolished tonight!!

    Really sad that they’re doing this. What is the purpose of it all? Is it all funded by donations or are people being paid to demolish and rebuild, just so money can be moved around? I agree with comments about renovation but you need people who are specialists in this area.
  15. Wicked Warrior

    Taking relationship further

    Premarital sex, irrespective of whether you intend to get married or not, is still premarital sex. This is not condoned in Sikhi. There have been countless threads on here about people who have been in relationships, had sex, and then not ending up getting married for whatever reason. Maybe the parents didn’t agree. Maybe it just didn’t work out. How would you feel about it all if it turned out you two didn’t get married?

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