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  1. Wicked Warrior


    I think this comes down to kusangat or bad sangat. Spend enough time in bad company and even a good person can become bad. Add into the mix what hollywood and bollywood portray, what’s in social media etc - they all promote the wrong stuff. Kids will then want to be “normal”, cut their kes, do drugs, get drunk, have lots of sex etc. They want to live the western lifestyle. i would hope that through paath and simran, kids will become toughened against this kusangat. Otherwise how else will kids become Sikhs of the Guru? Sikhi will die out if there no one to keep it going.
  2. I witnessed for the first time when I went to a wedding in Punjab last year. There were many people at the Kurmai. There was only immediate family at the Gurdwara. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say there were 1000 people at the party. For me, the Anand Karaj has always been the important bit. The party less so. But I see even here in the UK, people will turn up to the reception party and not bother to go to the Gurdwara. They come for the opportunity to get drunk. I’m leaning towards this more and more too. Especially with the prospect of there being same-sex marriages in the Gurdwara. It’s bad enough that sham marriages happen between gay people of opposite sex. Again, first time I saw it last year and I could not believe how sexually suggestive the dancing was. It was horrifying.
  3. Maybe my exposure is limited, but I’ve seen many Sikh girls on Instagram who essentially <banned word filter activated> themselves out as “influencers”. They were make up or clothing to “advertise” but are dressed completely like sluts. Many of them seen to be based in Canada. Have they so integrated into Western culture that they have forgotten Sikhi?
  4. Wicked Warrior


    I completely agree that it comes down to parents instilling Sikh values into their children. There are apne in their 30s who can’t name all 10 Gurus, the Panj Pyare or the Char Sahibzadi. They are raising children now who are also clueless about Sikhi. Little effort is done to teach Sikhi in Gurdwaras. Most kids don’t understand Punjabi at all or not at a level to understand what’s being taught in the Gurdwaras. Things are slowly changing and I hope improving with modern technology, social media. They are tools to spread Maya but can also be used to spread Guru Ji’s teachings. Everything one might need is there in Sikh history. But one needs to have the desire to take a look and learn.
  5. Honestly had no idea this existed. I knew some Indian girls go down this route for whatever reason but I genuinely had no clue apne will sell out apne like this. This makes me very angry. I’m guess I’d technically second generation Immigrant as my grandad came over in the early 60s, and my dad came over to the UK in the late 60s when he was about 8 or 9. I know my grandad lived in cramped conditions and worked his backside off until he could afford to buy a house. In those days, they’d help each other out with money and stuff. From my family in India, most of them would now shun the UK and prefer Canada. Some are looking to Australia. Some would love to emigrate but won’t be able to. I know Dubai treats non muslims (and even non arab muslims) as second class citizens, even though a lot of Indians did the labour in making Dubai.
  6. Isn’t it maiyaan and not maya? The haldi paste is meant to cleanse/purify the skin.
  7. Doesn’t surprise me. Alcohol probably involved. All it takes is one person to look at another in a funny way, or an accidental push/shove, or a small remark and things can blow out of proportion.
  8. No different to muslims wearing karas and pretending to be Sikhs to lure Sikh girls IMO. My concern is that, as with any cult, bad stuff happens and word gets out. Suddenly all Sikhs will be painted the same and that will drive people away from Sikhi, and dissuade those who might have followed Sikhi from doing so. Is there an official statement from the Akaal Takht that 3HO are not recognised as Sikhs?
  9. Where I work, in the UK, 40% of my income goes to taxes (NI and PAYE) and pension. That’s quite a chunk and means there’s even less to donate. But I pay a small amount to BoS and to SAS because they are important. I know some wealthy Sikhs will donate large sums and often make a grand gesture of it. But for most who earn an average amount even daswandh or 10% goes beyond affordability. Every few months, a new charity will knock on my door asking me to sign up. They’ve moved away from one-off donations to subscriptions. Both BoS and SAS do this but I don’t think it’s heavily pushed or promoted.
  10. As you develop further into Sikhi, bring your family into it too. Explain what you’re doing and why. I agree about Sakhis. Children can be very rebellious if you try and force them to do something. It’s better if it comes from within to keep their kesh. But they can be very understanding so teach them about Sikhi. Inspire them.
  11. Precisely this. I’ve been thinking and wishing for such a leader for the last 10 years. Someone who is spiritually advanced but also can navigate the political minefield of the world. We lack unity and focus within the Sikh Quam.
  12. Having a surname can help differentiate individuals. Look at how many bhai sahibs are introduced or named as bhai [forename] singh [location] wale. Even though there’s no surname, a location has to be added to avoid confusion and differentiate from others with the same name. On the other hand, look at the many singhs and kaurs on instagram who have no other surname but openly flaunt their anti-Sikh behaviour. I would much rather they didn’t keep Singh/Kaur. It should be a name bestowed when one has taken Khande de Pahul, not used because one grew up in a Sikh family or “identify” as a Sikh.
  13. Sadly, yes. I’ve seen apne (mone and pagh wale) grow, trim and shape their beards like the hipster trend. But they don’t let it grow naturally and openly. No, that would be unfashionable.
  14. Not just weddings. The whole “modern” trend has come from Bollywood and bollywood celebrities. Having boyfriends/girlfriends, getting married irrespective of religion and then divorcing, drink, drugs, nudity/porn. All of them are rejecting the “traditional” (or religious) way of life, and the masses follow them like sheep.
  15. Whilst you and I know this, many apne don’t know or (more likely) don’t care. They want to date. They want to drink, smoke, do drugs, have sex etc. They want to copy what everyone else around them does, what they see on TV. The way of the world has such a grasp on apne that they don’t care about values such as modesty, self-control. They have no idea about building their spiritual selves, making their souls pure. They look outwards and act in the same way.
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