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  1. Wicked Warrior

    Coincidence or higher sence

    When I used to do “a lot” of Paath as a teenager, this happened to me every single day. Talk about a funny scene in a show and it would come on TV that day. Crave a particular food during the day and when I went home, my mum had cooked it without me having said anything. On several occasions, I might have the urge to walk a slightly different route to wherever I was going and I’d find money (least was £5, most was £50). I don’t think it’s magical power but might be more in tune with the world around you. Sadly when I went to uni, I did not keep my paath up and it’s been almost impossible for me to build up to what i used to do, mainly due to time constraints, work pressure, family commitments etc.
  2. Wicked Warrior

    Operation blue star and Israel

    My understanding is that names in military operations have military meanings. A quick search found that it was meant to represent a minimum loss of lives. Blue stars in the American military means people who are serving (gold stars are for people who died). But I don’t know if means just Indian military or Sikh casualties or both.
  3. Wicked Warrior


    These are “magic mushrooms” that cause a hallucinogenic effect when you consume them. No different to taking other recreational drugs. In the UK, their sale is banned.
  4. Wicked Warrior

    Gender of baby - Modern times

    From an evolutionary perspective, humans will produce more boys during times of stress (eg famine, war etc) because survival of the race is important; and more girls during times of rest (lots of food, relaxation) to allow more reproduction and increase the population. Given that the man determines the sex of the child, there have been thoughts that modern lifestyle has caused damage to men: contraceptive pill is present in drinking water, plastics and chemicals are having an oestrogenic effect, and there had been a drop in sperm quality of men.
  5. Wicked Warrior

    will I have to take amrit again

    My understanding is that this is not a bujjar kurehit but you should still do ardaas for forgiveness and for help to overcome this weakness.
  6. Wicked Warrior

    Maharani Jind Kaur's Gutka in British Library

    Whilst it hurts me that Sikh treasures like this have been taken, in some ways, they may well be looked after better than if they were in India. If they were kept in a Gurdwara or museum in India, at some point, they may end up being destroyed or tampered.
  7. Wicked Warrior

    Which Shabad to do

    Do your ardaas daily to Waheguru Ji.
  8. Wicked Warrior

    Why do females not like us fat MEN??

    My point is that the dietary needs are individual. It’s more than just “DNA”. You can override your programming. Many people who are overweight need to eat less, move more, or do both.
  9. Wicked Warrior

    Why do females not like us fat MEN??

    That will be down to things like metabolism and caloric intake. In some parts of the world, food is in plentiful abundance. Combine this with a change in levels of physical activity and you have a recipe for obesity. I agree that some of it will be predetermined - if your mother had a particular lifestyle and diet whilst pregnant with you, it will activate some genes and deactivate others to set you up for the same lifestyle. But this can then be compensated by diet. I’m going to use me as an example. In the UK, the average adult man should consume 2500 kilocalories a day. Due to a combination of my build and deskjob, if I were to eat that many calories a day, I would put on weight. My “maintenance” used to be 1500-1700 kilocalories a day. Since going to the gym regularly, it’s now 2000. If I eat more than this, I will gain fat.
  10. Wicked Warrior

    Why do females not like us fat MEN??

    There might be some genetic disorders eg prader-willi where the man has an inability to feel satiated. But they will be far and few between.
  11. Wicked Warrior

    Why do females not like us fat MEN??

    Mostly conditioning. Remember that once upon a time, in some cultures, being an overweight man highlighted your wealth because you were able to afford large meals, whereas being lean and muscular meant you were a manual labourer with little income. But as Sikhs, we should avoid gluttony. Being overweight can affect your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.
  12. Wicked Warrior

    Are Sikhs a different kind of Muslim??

    Some people will respond positively when enlightened about Sikhi. Others choose to remain ignorant eg “all brown people are muslims and therefore bad”. Not everyone will open their minds. I have, in the past, taken a similar approach and explained that the Abrahamic religions are linked, whereas Sikhism is distinct.
  13. Wicked Warrior


    Fasting for health or weight issues is fine. Fasting in order to believe it provides spiritual benefit is pointless. Besides, if she doesn’t fast prior to surgery, there is a risk the stomach contents will end up in the throat and cause your bibiji to choke and possibly die. Remember she is likely being anaesthetised and would be unable to protect her own airway.
  14. Wicked Warrior

    Is it ok to listen to Nitnem?

    You know how you have that inner voice? The one we all use when thinking about things? That’s the voice we should use when doing paath or nitnem. It doesn’t matter if your tongue moves or not but it matters whether you listen. If you can listen to the bani and the recorded voice is focussed within as much as your own inner voice, then it’s fine to listen. If instead you’re watching youtube or on instagram or whatever whilst bani is being recited and you’re not listening then you may as well not bother. I remember being once told that Guru Ji is inside of us and that when we do nitnem, we should be reciting as though we are reciting it to Guru Ji inside us. With perfect pronunciation and complete focus. Only then does it “count”.
  15. Wicked Warrior

    Chips no fish?

    Why would you eat chips cooked in the same oil as fish? I normally ask the chippy. They’ve got no reason to lie. There are a few places who use a separate fryer for chips. As someone who used to eat fish, chips cooked in the same oil taste different. Chips cooked in a separate fryer taste better.

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