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  1. I thought it was the same guy. Unexplained fever in anyone is unusual. In pregnancy, there are additional causes. As I said, I’d want to know why there is an underlying fever.
  2. I’m going to wade in here. I’m a doctor. I’ve done my stint in obs and gynae. Let’s say you terminate this child and have another one. Baby appears to be born perfectly healthy. Autistic traits don’t show until around age 12 months so it would be that long until anyone would notice an issue. What then? Do you plan to kill your child? Termination of a pregnancy is not problem-free either and complications can develop. Would you be happy if your wife died because you pushed for a termination? Your wife has a right to carry her child to term too. You can either choose to stand by her or run away. At least find out the cause of the fever.
  3. I completely expect it to happen. Either through “acceptance” of such things, or due to legislation ie illegal to discriminate even in religious places. I wonder if Sikhi will even exist in the future or whether it will be morphed into something entirely unrecognisable or absorbed into something else.
  4. Wicked Warrior

    How to stop drinking

    What’s triggered this change? I’ve never drunk alcohol but I’ve seen others in the wider family start drinking more heavily after a turning point - ill health, depression, redundancy or work issues, marital issues, financial problems etc. There’s always something that causes the change. If you address the underlying cause, the drinking will stop.
  5. I think the nature of the Earth means there will be borders. The Earth is round and there are land masses separated by water. These are physical boundaries. Then you have areas of desert and of ice. The people who live in these areas would be very different, even if they were Sikhs and practised Sikhi. What you grow in one area would not be suitable for growing in another area. Even with worldwide transport, food would be largely based on local produce. The climates are different so the buildings would be different. Even the Gurdwara designs would be different. Look at how different the English language is spoken across the globe. Accents develop and change. The way Punjabi is spoken would be subtly different across the globe. What I’m trying to say is that even if the whole world were Sikhs practicing Sikhi, there would be differences in local culture and customs. This in itself might then give rise to factions or groups. Further, how would you govern or manage such massive populations even at the continental level? You’d need to divide and subdivide into manageable chunks. Now you have borders. Add that to differences in culture and you’d have populations that could be distinguished as separate groups or nations.
  6. Wicked Warrior


    First things first, so speak to someone - your physician/GP for example. Things I suggest to my patients: 1. Sleep and sleep hygiene. Duration is not as important as quality of sleep. Read up on sleep hygiene and reduce modern tech use (smartphone, tablet, laptops, desktops etc) 2. Eat healthy meals 3x/day. Avoid any caffeine or fizzy drinks. Caffeine can drive the adrenaline and worsen the fight-or-flight response. Skipping meals also makes this worse 3. Exercise daily. Some people find it “burns off” the adrenaline. You’re doing the “flight” bit of the “flight-or-fight” response 4. Get out of the house and get an hour of daylight each day. Even if it’s cloudy, overcast or raining. 5. Mindfulness, meditation, simran. Some sort of calming activity daily. Obviously simran has spiritual benefits. 6. There are apps and websites that offer self-guided CBT to help with dealing with anxiety (and depression). TED talks can be useful too. Sometimes it’s easier to speak to someone in person and work through what’s driving your anxiety and panic attacks 7. Medication has its place but I tend to avoid until you’ve at least started doing the above.
  7. Wicked Warrior

    How do i stop wanting attention?

    Attention seeking is part of the ego. "I want everyone to pay attention to me", "hey look at me", "me, me, me". It is all ego. If you can control your ego, the attention seeking will subside. Paath, kirtan, seva and simran. These tools will help eradicate the ego.
  8. Wicked Warrior

    Taus instrument - Guru Hargobind ji

    I remember seeing Bhai Harjinder Singh Lallie in Southampton about ten years ago. It was the first time I was introduced to it. After that, I never saw the taus or dilruba in use until a couple of years ago when I saw the taus being played around the bhog of an akhand paath. It wasn't kirtan, just someone playing the taus as a solo musical instrument.
  9. Wicked Warrior

    Naam Simran/Jaap Naam

    The precise technique is not there in didactic terms but it is there in metaphorical terms. There’s a great thread on sikhawareness forum about it which I’m working my way through.
  10. Wicked Warrior

    Amrit and dishonesty/fraud

    He does not earn honestly as taught by Guru Nanak Maharaj. What use then is his Amrit?
  11. Wicked Warrior

    Taus instrument - Guru Hargobind ji

    The sad thing is these instruments created by Guru Ji have largely been forgotten about. They are not used regularly in kirtan in most Gurdwaras in the UK. The harmonium has replaced them. Yes it is easy to learn and to do kirtan with but it’s almost like forgetting what Guru ji did.
  12. Wicked Warrior

    Parent's are setting me back in my Sikhi

    That’s utter pants. I can’t believe your parents are holding you back. Parents should be guiding their children in Sikhi, and if they are failing in this, they are doing a disservice to Guru Ji. Do your own Ardaas. Do it daily, morning and night. If you have prem for Maharaj Ji, He will hear your prayer no matter where you are.
  13. Wicked Warrior

    Breaking Amrit, Yes or No?

    Then why was he not aware of kaam and its danger? Why did he not stop himself or yourself from doing the wrong thing? Remember that the only true love is for the Lord and all other love is false.
  14. Wicked Warrior

    Height and Race

    Indians are generally short. Yes, you have some tall Indians but they are the exception. In general, men are stronger than women (due to more muscle mass). That doesn’t mean all men are stronger than all women. The difference is small but measurable. The Dutch are the tallest supposedly due to their calcium intake. They eat something like 25% more dairy than the typical UK, American or German. Who says black people are tallest? All of the black men and women I’ve trained or worked with have been of average or just above average height. Saying “black” is no different to saying “whites”. It is too broad a label. Diet and lifestyle play a huge part in determining height. The average for a man in the UK in 1870 was 5’5”. It’s now 5’10”. The same will be true for Indo-Pak population who have migrated to the UK - better diet and lifestyle will mean better health.
  15. Give everyone a glimpse of their past lives, a summary of their actions in this life, what lies in wait for them after death, and a short experience of what it would be like to experience the ultimate reality. Edit: remember that everything that happens in this life occurs only with the permission of Waheguru.

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