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  1. Bro I think your being a bit harsh man. I think it would be wrong not to say fair play to the genuine attempts that the Sikh Council has made for the Panth since its inception. I have been a Khalistani for nearly 12 years now a lot longer then some of the fake ones who used to diss people like me but now claim to sympathise with Sikh independence but even I would say that you would have to be a fool to think that we can get self determination without talking to the Indian state. Its just a fact of life. I dont think the Sikh Council would have held a meeting if it didn't feel it was for the be
  2. With that attitude you'll get nowhere. It's a two sec job so please do fill the higher the better plesse!!
  3. Do one on wifi and one on your mobile network with a different name/email as due to different ip addresses it will be logged as complaints from two different individuals. I have already done so and posted it below as a guide for you: https://ssl.bbc.co.u.../?reset=#anchor --> Complaint website My Complaint: I would like to express my anger and frustration with an incident that occurred during Sunday Morning Live. My anger is divided into three parts: the clear misrepresentation of the Sikh faith and its principles by the BBC, the constant undermining of Jagmeet Singh by S
  4. My first post in a long time, just a shame it is in such sad circumstances. Anyways, not sure if anyone has already done this, but Ive just sent a complaint to the BBC. I thought Id post it on the forum to allow you guys to use it as a template for putting in as many complaints as possible. I really feel that we should at least to get as many twitter/facebook users as possible to complain, maybe 70k? Surely BBC will have to listen then. Please spread the word!! https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/complaints/forms/?reset=#anchor --> Complaint website My Complaint: I would like to express my anger an
  5. i dont know why you lot are wasting your time with uk london. Even I had a good go but couldn't crack him lol
  6. I find it sickening that the population of constituencies in Anandpur Sahib, the home of the Khalsa Brotherhood, votes in scum like Ravneet Bittu who are anti-sikh and anti-sikh rights, what a joke!!
  7. compare against giani jarnail singh ji's (damdami taksal granthi) chaupai sahib, on youtube, giani ji's chaupai sahib is shudh to each letter
  8. your totally right, the great general shabeg singh ji's role has not been clearly illustrated to sikhs up until today
  9. who on earth do you think you are being so brash and bold and saying "im going to give you a history lesson". Subjects like Air India require a balanced argument, Sikhs have canadian-government based sources that tell us what whatever happened wasn't as black or white as people may think, and that video Ujjal Dosanjh "the temple was interfered with?" IT WAS A LOT MORE THAN THAT MATE.
  10. lies in that program, One geeza said "bhai nand lal wasnt amritdhari" that is a lie. Second, just because it isnt written in the great 11th master about interfaith, what about hukam 38 of 52 given by Satguru Sahib Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj, isnt that strong enough proof?
  11. as far as I am aware, Rakhea De Shabad is not compulsory though cannot hurt to do it, especially since it is really short. Kirtan Sohila, yes idea is to do it before you go sleep as you go to bed with thoughts of the meanings of the path you have just done. In terms of health, im seriously surprised that you are finding your physical state to deteriorate after doing path, I find it difficult to believe the two things could be related. What I would suggest (hope it doesnt sound pompous) but doing more path not less will sort out any pains you are having (along with ardas of course). What do you
  12. which campus is it at? Is it the one by Aston University or the main one in Perry Barr?
  13. following on from the locked thread, please can someone provide a proper translation to this shabad so that everyone is aware of the significance of holding weapons as told by the great, amazing 10th King As Kirpan Khando Kharag, Tupak Tabar Ar Teer Saif Sarohi Sai Thee, Yehai Hamare Peer Teer Tuhi Sethi Tuhi, Tuhi Tabar Tarvar Naam Tiharo Jo Japai, Bhae Sindh Bhav Bhar Kaal Tuhi Kali Thui, Tuhi Teg Aur Teer Tuhi Nishani Jeet Ki, Aaj Tuhi Jagbeer please apoligize for any mistakes made in my spelling, i believe shabad is out of Shastar Naam Mala?
  14. see above, maskeen ji provides simple yet great explanation. The reason for why SDG was not inserted into the great 11th master can be mainly due to the composition/type/meaning of the banis. Whereas the great 11th king houses 1430 limbs of praise of the almighty and gives the characteriscs/qualtites of God, the SDG handles the translation of hindu mythalogy, an autobiography of the great 10th master, and praise of the Khalsa etc.
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